Maze Craze(log)

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Maze Craze(log)

Post by allock » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:15 pm

[16:56] Pitfall stretched out before the arriving heroes is a jumble of shipping containers and pallets, nearby rests two air-plains smoke rising from there cock pits , the place is quite the entry way hangs open there are no guards save a lone figure standing a short way past the gate , the air around the base ripple and seems slightly brighter then just outside it, it moved as if a form of fog or steam but was definitely light . the man on the other side of the gate raises a finger in a gun motion and says " bang!! glad you all could show.... but honestly im not really set up for guests right now... how can i help you?"

[16:58] Flare: "To be honest, the intel was scarce. I'm asked to show up, I did. Now what the hell are we doing here?" she snaps angrily

[16:32] Mythos warps out to the wastes a couple hours ahead and sets up a rendezvous point for everyone, keeping herself well out of sight and relying on the local animals to observe the base while she waits

[16:41] Mythos has a rendezvous camp set up a ways from the base to park the transport and let everyone ready themselves before making final approach

[16:42] Raigeki: " So. .. Who exatly knows what we are doing here, and what the plan is, Because I only have vauge idea.

[16:43] Rain saw the craft as she cut a creatures arm off and decided lunch could wait! She bounded after the craft and waited patiently for it to land before approaching the people coming out of it with a genuine smile soft voice and a wave with her normal arm, "Hello! What are you doing so far from the city?" She wasn't noticing the radiation effects to much, once in awhile she got sick but it was more like a cold then dying!

[16:44] Jaron takes a few step closer to the base, looking at it and trying to get a reading on whats inside

[16:44] Kapi D. Lucy cracks her knuckles and puts her hat on her head "We find the bad people and kick their asses. Simple" she grins

[16:44] Mythos looks to Raigeki and gives a small nod "I'm Lady N's contact point... she traced the craft that were dropping supplies for Tiz and the other groups selling weapons to this base... so now we need to catch the leader here so the trail can be followed higher up"

[16:44] Raigeki nods " Anvil The door please. "

[16:45] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Rain, her four sensor lights scanning over her. "We are here to colonize the wild desert, and to subjugate or eliminate all natives." She pauses. "That was a joke. I am still developing humor, I apologize."

[16:45] Rain giggled a bit and stretched, "Need some muscle? I'mwilling to help for a ride back to the city!"

[16:46] Flare: isn't sure she should be here. Her heart wasn't in the proper place for a fight.

[16:46] hero persona: wild thing: waves happily at flare saying "happy you could make it flare! are you feeling ok?"

[16:47] Mythos gives a small nod to Flare when she notices her presence "Glad you decided to give things another shot... my offer still stands"

[16:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks up to Mikoto, her jetpack nozzles flexing. "Orders, Miss?"

[16:48] Anvil: mme takes a deep breath. and channels his kinetic energy reserves into his his strength. Taking his breaching saw in both hands he brings it up over his head then murmurs " The shield strong's face. The shield is strong's face... " Then takes a step froward and brings his breaching saw down onto the shield with the force of an angry god, Depleting his entire kenttic energy reserves in one blow

[16:50] Pitfall: (( theres no shiled just a veague ripple in the air at the moment

[16:50] Perrin Ashbourne: ( lllll

[16:50] Hannah DuMont (hannahyagami): (( thats why dont attack til scene is set ))

[16:51] Anvil: looks and feels stupid... but at least he hadn't wasted that energy since there was no contact.

[16:52] Flare: "I'm ok, i guess. Thank you for asking." but her voice didn't sound convincing.

[16:56] Pitfall stretched out before the arriving heroes is a jumble of shipping containers and pallets, nearby rests two air-plains smoke rising from there cock pits , the place is quite the entry way hangs open there are no guards save a lone figure standing a short way past the gate , the air around the base ripple and seems slightly brighter then just outside it, it moved as if a form of fog or steam but was definitely light . the man on the other side of the gate raises a finger in a gun motion and says " bang!! glad you all could show.... but honestly im not really set up for guests right now... how can i help you?"

[16:58] Flare: "To be honest, the intel was scarce. I'm asked to show up, I did. Now what the hell are we doing here?" she snaps angrily
[17:00] Mythos glances at the man "You can help us by having everyone in this facility lay down their weapons and surrender... would save us all some time, and you quite a bit of pain" meanwhile summoning up a swarm of spiders off around the side of the base to start inspecting it further

[17:02] Raigeki: you can help us by putting up a fight so that I can beat your worhtless carcass into the ground for what you did to Kat. "

[17:03] Rain's spines hummed a little loudly as she walked forward and drew her sword, she walked up next to the man in armor and nudged him with her elbow, "I got your back little man," She whispered to him and got ready to spring forward, "We can get in there and clear the way."

[17:03] Kapi D. Lucy smirks and cracks her knuckles performing a few stretches. "You can actually be a challenge. Im sick of weak fights dammit. Oh also give me all your meat" she nods

[17:04] Jaron stares a bit longer towards the base "i cannot detect anything that makes sense beyond the boundary of that anomaly, i advice caution" he says to the group before taking off, starting to hover above the group, on the lookout for any anti air defenses he may have to avoid

[17:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR frowns at Allock, beginning a scan of the odd rippling fog or steam surrounding the base. She wasn't quite sure what was going on, so for the moment she kept her weapons and cooling wings stowed. Being as she was, in this unknown situation she would defer to Raigeki. At Rai's....colorful threat, she hummed, her wings expanding as she expected combat to soon break out.

[17:09] wild thing: smirked and said "its boring standing here though can someone please just go in and less start this already " she then yawned fidgetting in place like usual she then begins to switch to her peacock mantis shrimp form

[17:10] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu):

[17:11] Anvil blinks and looks to the side. used to being the biggest dude in the room he grunted a bit. Then turns to stare down Pitfall. Bringing his saw up to the side slightly, he charged through the ripple, Planing on being the guinea pig for whatever this thing was, He abandoned all pretense of defense and he looked like he was going to attempt to bisect pittfall horizontally in one swing.

[17:14] Faith Celestia sighs and watches the ongoing happy for once that she had something like this to let off a little steam.. mikoto said to hold back. too wait.. she fought the urge to do what was in her mind and simply draw her gun unhinging it and slipping in a bullet with a red dragon emblazoned along it slipping it into the reciever she took aim adjusted to the side of Anvils form. and pulled the trigger the entire barrel lighting up as a vortex emitted around it charging. whatever was about to fire would be one hell of a show. at least. it would be next round.

[17:18] Pitfall The Man on the other side of the gate just laughs at flares angry words , his stance becoming even more arrogant , as the mayors spiders wander around the side of the base the find more containers and a few walls but of the area there able to cover during this conversation they encounter no other entrance not even a service door, the man that some knew as pitfall just stands there listening to there words " with so many conflicting desires , i guess asking you all to leave is out of the question?" he turns his head and sneers at the rubber girl" sorry were all vegetarians here" as zep scans the swirling light she learns what jaron just did , the scans return to her a jumbled confusing clatter of errors and false information. Pitfall sighs as anvil charges and turns on his heel away from the man running head long away as he dos he snaps his fingers ,turrets pop out of the nearby containers and begin pelting the man with a gloopy glue shot he calls back over his shoulder as the mans

[17:18] Pitfall: blade swings by just inches from his turned back..though it looked close almost moe then close " nice helmet buddy... i appreciate my fans imitating me.. but at a social function like this its a bit.. trashy don't you think?"

[17:20] Pitfall: (( just a heads up theres going to be a lot of movment in this event so if you see me move go ahead and move to keep in chat range))
[17:20] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) left chat range.

.57 m).
[17:25] Pitfall: pokes))

[17:26] Rain was right behind Anvil as he charged in, her strides were powerful and as he swung she was bounding past him! She noted the turrets popping up and threw her sword at one, the sword itself was about a ton of un-earthly metal and sharp enough to dent things severely... It wasn't sharpened to be sharp, merely to swing a little easier, think giant wedge...

[17:31] Kapi D. Lucy stretches her arms out gripping onto the top of the archway and attempting to slingshot herself upwards and into the weird structure the weird place to search for meat or a fight

[17:31] Jaron locks his eyes on one of the turrets, opens his mouth and fires a solid beam of plasma at the machine, trying to melt it down in a hurry

[17:33] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR hums, pumping her fists as she "Negotiation appears out of the question." She says, frowning again at the fog not giving her anything useful. "Careful, Miss." She says to Rai. "That fog is doing something to my scanners. I cannot seem to penetrate it at its current state, and I cannot predict what will happen if it is entered. She aims her pulsers at Pitfall, but blinks as her warning is discarded and Mikoto rushes into the fog. "Miss! Wait! Precations should be taken!" She shouts, following but raising an arm to fire a burst of pulse projectiles at Pitfall.

[17:35] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: happily goes "finallly!!! something to do!!!!!!" she then starts firing her super heated bubbles at the turrets to try and melt them into slag and possibly short circuit anything there connected too

[17:36] Perrin Ashbourne: /ME laughs out loud " HA Glue you can't stick what you can't grip." Absorbing the kinetic energy that the glue would exert on him he takes a step forward.. but it was a foolish decision. While the glue slipped from him as if he were covered i grease, he suddenly went forwards as he was now frictionless. A bad choice indeed since he slid right b past pittfall and kept going until he slammed face first into a container

[17:36] Anvil: ME laughs out loud " HA Glue you can't stick what you can't grip." Absorbing the kinetic energy that the glue would exert on him he takes a step forward.. but it was a foolish decision. While the glue slipped from him as if he were covered i grease, he suddenly went forwards as he was now frictionless. A bad choice indeed since he slid right b past pittfall and kept going until he slammed face first into a container

[17:40] Faith Celestia took aim with her gun a reticle appearing over the top of it like a sniper shot as a beam of pure focused energy fired from it at pitfalls back. lancing forward it was enough to cut a tank in two if it hit. if it missed it would go forward and possibly slice into or slice open one of the containers.

[17:44] Pitfall the turrets go down and one by one under flame and swords, as the spiders go over the wall they find he place empty long corridors with nothing in them no people or animals its eerily quite , lucy easily enters the gate pitfall just a bit ahead of her he turns and stops at a fork in the path then blinks as the big man shoots past him into the container the bubbles blasts in alongside the plasma and other attacks the turrets smoke in a heap of slag and junk he raises his middle finger and darts down a side path and as he dos the pulse blast slams into his back knocking him off his feet and further down the path , faiths beam blasts out boring into the falling pitfalls foot and through several containers, as he falls out of sight down the side path to the left (( at this point every one should move up to the fork ))

[17:48] Flare: sees Pitfall fall. She could probably finish him with a superheated fireball. But she can't take another life. Instead she flies upward to recon the area. "No sign of life except us." she calls down.

[17:49] Mythos stays outside the base, backing off into a small rock outcropping as she finishes her casting, slapping her hands to the ground when it completes, and suddenly a very minute earthquake rolls through the area, just enough to knock small loose objects around

[17:51] Raigeki looks at pitfall and realises that he probabally wanted them to follow him. Even though she knew there would be traps the other way. She diced to let others deal with pitfall for now and tried to slip down the other corridor. Touching her wrist her armor seemed to change, becoing more sleel.

[17:51] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( sleek

[17:54] Rain went up to her sword and yanked it out with her left hand, then tossed it to her right, "Geez lets just vaporize the guy right?" She paused as everyone charged in and shook her head, kind of miffed that this was what super heroes do... She would have liked it if her sword wasn't super heated by plasma and bubbles! But oh well! She noted the smaller one sneaking off and hummed softly as she followed, unless everyone else went with her, then she would love to stay and play with the little man they were apparently after...

[17:55] Kapi D. Lucy bounces with a squeak landing in the structure. She looks around and follows Pitfall before leaping out of the way doging the incoming attacks "eep!" she squeaks out and lands. Coming to the fork in the road she tilts her head and the goes down the left path "Ok meat would be in the kitchen and the kitchen will be in warm place so that would be south" she muses to herself as she runs off

17:56] Jaron advances and flies above the group, outside of the anomaly and calls out "i see discs on the ground ahead of you, probably mines!" he then fires a few plasma pulses in the path of pitfall, trying to force him to slow down temporarily

[18:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR pushes onward with Mikoto, trying to keep up. She applies power to her sensors, opening up her ECCM suite and trying to counteract whatever the sensors were doing to her systems. It was hopeless to try and get a whole picture of the base, but she hoped she could at least see around the next corner to prevent being taken by surprise. "We should use caution." She said out loud to pretty much everyone. "This invididual is known for setting traps, and we are on his turf, to use an expression." She ejected her magazines and reloaded from the canisters on her hips. "My mobile equipment projector is still enroute..." She mutters. "I'm stuck with my pulsers until it gets in range...." She looked up. Though...with this fog, it may mess with the guidance systems. She would have to be careful, she mused, moving after Mikoto but keeping her distance so not to crowd up.

[18:04] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: quickly went down the left path after lucy trying her best to keep up she decides to switch to start to switch to her mite form to better keep up and hopefully avoid traps

[18:10] Pitfall: ((its anvil and faiths turn))

[18:12] Faith (darkestdesire.destiny): ((Perrin. your rp tool may need adjusting.))

18:12] Anvil: sees Mikoto going down the right path so he taks the left. he approaches Pitfall catiously this time, because the guy is a stupid jerk what does jerk things like make slippery glue

[18:14] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( I usually don't but i had him on at the time and it didn't make sense for him to bail

[18:14] Faith Celestia exhales slowly as she walks forward following the group ejecting her previous shell and giving the gun time to cool down as she slips in a new round. just casually out for a (whatever time of day it is) stroll

[18:15] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): `((which group?))

[18:15] Pitfall Pitfall crawls totally out of sight down the left path, theres a rumble and things rattle in the containers , as mikoto rounds the bend a turret opens fire at her but none of the shots hit her instead the hit the ground and containers around and behind her theres a whirring sound as they buzz and drill into the surfaces then twiping sound as tentacles emerge from t e spots hit attempting to wrap around and bind raigeki, as lucy heads deeper she runs into more and more corridor its quite and a bit dim until as the last person enters theres bszzt and blaze of light as a dome of light covers the place the rippling fog solidifying into the dome trapping the heroes inside as the shield goes up an arm extends from a container a buzz saw attached and swings down at lucy another one with a chemical gun emerges and takes aim firing a green smoking fluid at her the air above the containers inside the shield is suddenly full with a pulsing charge turbulent mist like energy..who

[18:15] Pitfall: knows what would happen to any one flying through it , wild thing doesn't set off any traps or so it seemed .. but there was a low buzz from the roof of the containers and two drones silently descended behind her on almost silent buzzing propellers , among the main group the containers along side suddenly open arms extending and traps activating a buzz saw swings down at Perrine while a pounder swings towards zep and a chemical gun blast a line of acid at rain

[18:19] Anvil laughs under his helmet as the buzzaw came at him " Thats riiiiight Come at me bro. and actually leans into the hit as it comes for him. The buzz saw grinds against him and he absorbs that sweet sweet kenetic energy shunting it into his reserve for when he needs it later

[18:24] Flare: Treat the worst thing first

[18:24] Flare: cries out "Drone!

[18:26] Flare: and fires at the ones nearing Ellie

[18:29] Flare: but is battered as she flies into the pulsing charge, it throws off her aim.

[18:31] Mythos stays in her cover outside, directing the spiders into a perimeter to alert her if Pitfall tries to make a break out of the base, while her main summon barges onto the battlefield, exploding from the dirt outside the base, a massive worm with a gaping maw, starting to serpentine its way towards the base to try to smash through the outer wall and start laying waste to the base, her senses shifting into it through the mental link to make sure its path of destruction doesn't engulf any of her allies

[18:31] Takamachi Mikoto mutters "ninja vanish.. " and activates her new suits cloak. she shimmers and becomes invisible to optical and heat sensors, except for a slight preditor shimmer when she moves. then begins to creep down the corridor in stealth.

[18:32] Rain saw the line of liquidy stuff coming at her and spun quickly to try and dodge! She was mostly successful! A splash of the acid managed to get on her spines, a tiny amount, the roar that followed was ear piercing as she cried out in pain! She arched her back as her sword landed in the sand with a loud WHUMPF! And she scrambled around to try and get the acid off, slamming her head into the ground and roling back and forth in the sand! Her echolocation was going haywire as she suddenly went still and growled at the nearest person... She was angry and couldn't see very well, instinct took over and now she was a monster ready to kill anything close enough! She unfortunately turned her head towards Faith after she stood up, her claw turned into a giant fist of doom and she swung with enough force to punch through titanium! Demi-Gods were no joke!

[18:35] Kapi D. Lucy eeps and dodges the weird liquid by stretching her arm out and grabbing onto the arm controlling the saw "That was close" she laughs as she see's the acid eat through the floor. SHe eeps and looks around as she stands on the saw "Now where is the kitchen. or someone to punch. Or maybe someone to punch who is in the kitchen" she nods as she grins and starts spinning around the saw arm to send herself flying further down the corridor

[18:36] Jaron is trapped outside the shield bubble when it activates and tests it by firing a large beam at it, without being able to break through, and assuming comms are blocked he simply flies off to a distance to make sure nobody leaves the base above ground, or to spot potential ambushes coming in

[18:36] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR narrows her eyes, raising her pulse guns and firing at the devices that drill into the containers, trying to blast them apart at the base to help free Raigeki up. Then her proximity warning kicks on, and she looks up, eyes widening as the pounder rushes at her, lighting off her jets and leaping forward to roll and come up up with her pulsers raised and firing at the hinges and movement mechanisms of the pounder. Not seeing Mikoto any more but sensing her signal nearby, she starts retreating backwards down the corridor, her head on a swivel, keeping her pulsers pointed at the pounder and mindful of the alliteration.

[18:39] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: waves happily at flare yelling "thanks!" she then finished her mite transformation then speed over and did a flurry of mach speed punches on one of the drones

[18:39] Anvil laughs under his helmet as the buzzaw came at him " Thats riiiiight Come at me bro. and actually leans into the hit as it comes for him. The buzz saw grinds against him and he absorbs that sweet sweet kenetic energy shunting it into his reserve for when he needs it later Even going to far as to give the thing a bear hug so others can get by

[18:42] Faith Celestia sighs as she sees the red-head go berserk. rolling her eyes as she mutters. "This is why i hate working with amateurs " she says teleporting behind the woman as she throws her punch firing the round she had just loaded into her gun, a mass of frozen material heading for Rain trying to briefly encase her in a solid shell just long enough to hopefully get her calmed down.

[18:47] Pitfall one drone gos down under flares attack , the sand worm slams into the shield and it bzzzsts and fitzs but stands strong for now, the coils stop trying to grasp mikoto as she vanishes traps seemingly unable to find her and destroyed by zep. now the pounder drops to the ground its hinges smoking as the pulse rounds hit the chemical gun turns its aim toward Perrine and fires two streams of acid at him ass lucy sails through the air traps open below her and conceal them selfs though if she gos to high she might encounter the roiling energy up above a single turret tracks her peppering glue shots her way pitfall is no where to be seen though his laughter rolls out around the base mocking them

[18:52] Flare: stabilizes her flight. Things are chaotic. "I'm going after Pitfall!" she cries out, having to fly at roof level now. Her armor was making odd noises. 'Marvelous, just what I needed.' she thinks
[18:53] Mythos grins as she sees the shield shimmer under the impact, the expression mirrored on the worm's face, a rather terrifying sight if anyone were to look. She directs the creature to redouble its efforts, slamming into the outer barrier repeatedly to try overwhelming its power supply

[19:00] Takamachi Mikoto contunes to creep forward playing the mission impossible theme in her head. She relays her co-ordanes to zeph so that her companion knows where she is, and continues to creep creep forward

[19:02] Rain was encased with the material, which made her angrier! Her claw clenched and the ice snapped and crackled around her as she tried to get out! The acid made things very painful, and the only way to escape the pain was RAGE! Shee needed something to dilute the acid so the pain would go away, and it was a good thing ice encased her! The acid on her back melted some of the ice, which turned it into water and diluted the acid! Now the ice was soothing the wound, but her echolocation was fucked! Her tactics were gonna change to 'run until hit something then smash!' But first this ice had to go! She growled out a "Thanks..." Before cracking the ice further!

[19:03] Kapi D. Lucy strteches her arms out to stop herself from flying. Gripping both ends of the corridor. SHe begins flipping and twisting herself as she keeps grip of the containers. The turrets glue globs hitting her as she smirks "Thanks for the idea earlier" and begins spinning like a saw "Dolly Dolly Buzzsaw!" she laughs sending the glue flying then launches herself forward still spinning like a saw as she laughs squeaking annoying with all the spinning

[19:05] Anvil gets hit by the blast of accd and soon feels the burn " oh crap oh crap oh crap crap crap! " as he began to strip off his armor, large splotches of reddened irrated skin showing he starts rolling arond in the sand to start nutralizing the acid "ow ow ow ow ow ow ow " shunting the kenetic energy he had gotten from the saw into regeneration, slowly starting to heal. Standing there in the emperor's new armor. he picks his pistols up off the ground and fires several shots at the acid spitter.

[19:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR sees the pounder out of commission and turns around to face forward again. She doesn't see Miko, but gets her coordinates, wordlessly nodding and edging up to the corner upon seeing the other way was blocked by a shield. She pauses, holding up her hand to signal not to go past the threshold just yet, then reaches her arm around and fires a blind burst of pulse fire, trying to take out or at least cause enough of a scene to trigger whatever trap is waiting for her.

[19:09] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: quickly runs full speed using her super speed to try to catch up to where lucy is hoping to avoid further traps

[19:09] wild thing mite form: quickly runs full speed using her super speed to try to catch up to where lucy is hoping to avoid further traps

[19:11] Faith Celestia gives a brief nod to rain as she ejects the second bullet and starts following the path mikoto had taken calling out "Anvil if you need a quick exit come find me"

[19:13] Pitfall one drone gos down under wild thins punches, the third and final drone takes aim and fires a barrage of bullets at her , from further in the complex theres *Shunt* noise and a missile flys towards flare, the dome quakes again and again under the beasts furry though i it still hasn't pierced it theres a hissing sound from around the complex as black containers spray there contents all around them . pitfalls voice pipes up " better hurry up and find me.. before you and this whole place gos down" the glue flys away before it can stick to her permanently , as mikoto moves down the corridor theres a click under her feet and the containers shudder to lager walls unfolding from them on either side of her rushing towards her in an attempt to crush her and zephyr the shot hitting the the crusher wall as it deploys the turret in the corridor turns and fires three metal balls towards the ground near her they tick loudly as wild thing runs theres another click and spikes begin shooting out of the

[19:13] Pitfall: ground under her feet as a spike trap gos off though weather shes faster then it or not is unknown the chemical gun gos down under the shots (( and we should all move to zep now))

[19:19] Flare: has never had to evade a missile, but had read enough graphic novels to know what to do. She tries to lure the missile in, keeping it just close enough to, as she nears the wall threatening Mikoto, to come to a full stop, doing an semi graceful backflip to evade the missile as it hit's the wall. If she judged the angle right, it may jam it in place.

[19:21] Mythos directs her spiders to start closing the perimeter in to see if they can locate Pitfall, keeping some back to make sure he doesn't get past the moving sweep. The worm keeps wailing away at the barrier with its massive bulk until the duration of its summoning runs out

[19:25] Takamachi Mikoto hears the click just in time and pushes down with her em field using the closing walls like a spring board the walls catch her staff but She valuts forward into a courtyard and looks at the tank. a deep sigh of regret exits her and she murmurs Zepthyr is never ever going to let me live this down. "

[19:31] Rain roared angrily and smashed through the ice! She then turned and held her head,trying to make sense of the images coming to her, they were useless so she made the damaged ones stop vibrating. She was nearly blind, only able to see a faded picture from the two spines that still worked, it would have to be enough! She followed one of these faded images and reached out, gripping a wall and raking her claw along it,"This sucks!" She kicked her sword up to her right hand as she walked into it. She saw the shield in front of her and switched hands before swinging with enough force to break everything! She was still pissed so that helps a little!

[19:33] Kapi D. Lucy laughs sailing through the air still spinning she lands bouncing along the ground in a courtyard as she comes to a stop near Mikoto. She hops up and brushes herself off putting her hat back on her head before frowning as her instinct picks up something "Hey! I know you are here. Come out or I punch you" she speaks to the invisible being

[19:33] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR can't concentrate on saving Mikoto this time as she concentrates on the balls that fire from the drone. "Oh, Balls." She says aptly, and dives for two of the devices, grabbing at the spheres, then trying to toss them at the wooden wall in front of her. She at the very least hoped they'd do something useful for her and possibly clear a path forward, but her strategy still left the last one...She wasn't sure she could do it in time, but she pivoted, spinning around and trying to kick it at the mechanism on the crusher, before putting her hands over her head and hoping her shields were feeling generous.

[19:36] Anvil hears the sound of the crushing walls and vaults up over the container. Dangly bits a danglin he runs and dives for the smashers " Thats right you big smashy walls Come get me! " The now naked maniac looking like he is actually TRYING to get wall smashed
[19:39] Faith Celestia sighs and just keeps walking along whistling a tune skipping past mines and goo for the time being staying at the very back of the pack conserving her energy as told. slotting in a new round into her pistol as she hums a happy tune.

[19:44] wild thing mite form: quickly cycles her arms causing a gust of wind to push the three bombs towards the last drone then runs foward and jumps as high as can using arms to make more gusts as she gets over spike trap before landing on the ground never by panting starting to get very tired she looks around for anymore danger if none that she can find she takes a quick breather

[19:48] Pitfall the missile slams into the wall and detonates in an minor explosion though those in the immediate area might feel some effect the walls stop closing in as the staff gets between them held open by the fact that one was also crippled by the missile attack , the tank sits there save one red light the pulses out scanning those near by " targets identified " a trap launcher off to the side targets raigeki and fires a shiny metal bracelet at her the launcher turns and fires a porcupines worth of needles at the rubber girl a strange substance on there tips , the three balls near zephyer, the balls are tossed and kick and as they hit they open and shoot out a cohort of fletches all around, some of which chew into the the wall damaging it further it sparks and tilts creating a path through , as perin screams and throws him self at the walls he dos get energy but only from his own impact as the walls are long dead the last drone gose down in an exploding wreck , rains blow smashes into

[19:49] Pitfall: the wall adding to the beasts own efforts the shield weakens and its fangs stick in but become stuck the spiders curve around but find no one in the back of the base just a console and a strange huddled metal form
[19:56] Flare: yelps in delight, smiling for the first time today. But the smile fades as she sees the tank attacking her teammates. "No more!" she screams, going into a hover as she concentrates, building her firepower to plasma level. She launches it at the red light.

[19:59] Mythos makes a mental note of the strange findings, leaving a few spiders to keep an eye on the area while the rest continue their search. The worm slams into the barrier one last time before popping out of existence. She ponders for a few seconds on the best course, then begins another summoning ritual, the grand spiral lighting up the area around her as her energy spikes up to peak levels
[20:06] Takamachi Mikoto whispers at Lucy "Lucy. the invisible person is mikoto. I'm on your side!" earing the trap next to her she instinctivle throws herself to the ground. finding herslf suddenly disoreted, all of the flying metal bits in random directions acting as a short of chaff for her em sense and givning her a near migrane
[20:07] Rain grunted as her sword bounced off the shield, she roared and swung again! She was done with this guy and his BS traps! She was going to snap his neck and put him in a body cast!

[20:10] Kapi D. Lucy smiles and nods hearing Mikoto "Oh. Oh MY GOD YOU ARE INVISIBLE THATS SO COOOOOL!" She sees the cuffs coming and inflates herself deflecting them from her firend. Though this move leaves her open as the spikes impact causing her to deflate and look like a pin cushion. She stands infront of Mikoto swaying as she rips the spikes out bleeding from the wounds and begins to feel dizzy. Her hat laying on the ground at Mikotos side with the strap sliced

[20:11] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks up through the hole in the wall she made, seeing the launchers. "Paydirt." She says, grinning in her helmet as she gets an idea. Lighting her thrusters she charges forward through the destroyed fence, reaching out to try and grab the ege of one the turrets with one hand, while the other places her pulse rifle gauntlet against the mechanical joints and fires. Continuing to fire to wreck the internals, she begins pulling the turret so it turns towards the other, hoping that the damage makes the missile launcher fire again.

[20:12] wild thing mite form: decides to rest to regain her energy and try a change of tactics so starts shifting to owl form

[20:12] Anvil moves his naked but forward past the crusher wall and up to the wooden one. He saw the rubber girl being nailed-err penetrated-err spiked and frowns. he starts peeking round the wood wondering what the next trap may be

[20:19] Faith Celestia sighs as she turns around and looks to see if any thing dangerous behind them. then shrugs and moves up toward the rest of the group.

[20:21] Pitfall the tank is slammed by a plasma the light winks out the tank says in a deep voice " targets lost, activating guardian system " the plasma burns aways the tanks turrets the shield flickers and drops for a second then comes back but the energy int he sky bleeds away, the spiders creep into the open area, maze of containers gos quite , as the poison work s its way through Lucy's blood stream her mind grows dizzy and floaty her rubber stiffens a bit and strange gidy sparkley thoughts fill her mind the launcher dos indeed fire impacting the other launcher the explosion sets off a chain reaction engulfing zep in the blast pitfalls voice sounds " better hurry.. the walls are closing in " a section of wall behind them slumps and sizzles

[20:26] Flare: 's eyes go wide, seeing Zep engulfed in the blast. she dives in, reaching for her and if she can get a grip on her, will try to lift her to safety. If anyplace in this maze can be considered safe.

[20:28] Mythos completes her summoning, the sky ripping open and giving way to the great whoosh of wings and an earth-shaking roar as her dragon lowers down from the rift and surveys the base with a look of boredom and annoyance

[20:38] Rain figured it out and joined the rest of the group! She shuffled along, angry and needing to punch something, "Move... Tell me which way to go and i'll kill it..." Her sword dragged behind her as she went, she looked right at Mikoto despite her being invisible. She seemed to be waiting for instructions, her two spines hummed really loudly as the other four seemed to be hanging by a thread! She shambled into the large area and looked around, she was ready to pounce on anything that moved despite her appearance... She was seething with anger!

[20:38] Kapi D. Lucy giggles feeling dizzy and stiffer. Movement and thoughts becoming sluggish. She slowly pulls all the spikes out and then looks at the invisible Mikoto with a drugged smile "Everything is floaty" she giggles before falling on her butt with a squeak

[20:38] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR "BAAAAALLLLLLLLSSSS!!!" Zephyr yells as the explosion launches her backward, past the group and through the hole, impacting the front of the tank and bouncing off the shield, coming to a rest on the sand nearby. Her armor sizzles and pieces fall off, beginning to reveal te thin bodysuit beneath, and her "wings" shatter as the shield goes down. "Bollocks...bloody bollocks." She says, One of her pulsers is broken off, but the other still seems to work, and she regards the tank she ricocheted off of, rusting herself off and grinning. "Hello beastie." She says, trying to jump up and grab onto one of the autocannons. Her suit was heavily damaged but still held power, and any traditional metal would bend in her hands like tinfoil.


[20:41] wild thing mite form: having rested she changes into owl form and flies to the others hoping to avoid traps while in the air in this form she was immune to sound based dectection like sonar so she hoped that would be enough to rejoin the group

[20:44] Faith Celestia starts to feel a sense of dread. teleporting ontop of one of the containers she starts to look for a way out muttering expecting pitfall was long gone.

[20:46] Anvil move up to Lucy and frowns he goes down on one knee and tocuhes her leg, converting the rest of his stored kenetic energy and then transfering it to the girl on the ground hope that it would to some good for the rubber gurl

[20:46] Pitfall flare swoops down and snags zep but not before shes caught int he blast , as the sky rips open and a dragon descends theres a curse over the pa and an electronic shriek before silence reigns again , as lucy falls down her mind fills strangely with images.. rather explicit images of cocks of various sizes and as she dos her body shifts her mind subconsciously shifting her rubber form to softer seeming , her breasts inflate as shes giggles and each time she giggles they inflate again , zeps hands thrust into red hot melted slag as she reaches for the melted guns in the back theres a whirr and chuthunk as a metal figure stands and moves into the open area it raises its weapons and takes a pose " prepare your self.. for attitude and annihilation"

[20:51] Flare: now has pity for the cans of soup she shakes before opening. The armor didn't give much when her soft tissues bounced off it. She had to land. She was feeling the fatigue of flying too long and she dared not wear herself out. "Annihilate this!" she screams, throwing white hot fireballs at the creature's skull.

[20:54] Mythos chuckles softly to herself as the great dragon flies up into the air and then does a loop, letting out a great roar of "Knock knock" as it dives back down, bringing it's full weight, speed, and incredible might all to bear against the shield at once, aiming the dive slightly off-center so that it doesn't crash into the battle in progress

[20:55] Takamachi Mikoto moves around behind pitfall under clcloak. She begins to build up electric energy in front of her but makes sure to keep herself quiet, hoping none of her allies block her upcoming shot. As she bu builds the energy whispers her selef " Ka me ha me........"

[20:56] Rain growled angrily and pounced! Her massive fist might slam into the robot looking guy as he does that ridiculous pose! If she managed to slam into it he would feel what snapping titanium is like! The sword wasn't far behind!

[20:57] Kapi D. Lucy giggles as her body tingles and breasts inflate. Bursting her bra. SHe stands wearily giggling and shaking her head thoughts torn between meat and cocks. SHe groans and presses her fist to the ground pumbing her legs. Steam envelopes her as her blood pumps faster doping herself and burning through the toxin in a dangerous gamble. Her skin tints darker pink and features such as lips and hair turn reddish "Thats...Not the meat...Im looking for" she growls growing annoyed as she disappears moving to fast for the naked eye and tries to punch the mech "Dolly Dolly Jet Piston!"

[20:58] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR curses and stumbles backwards. "Bloody he-" She said, shaking her hands off. Her suit saved her from the worst of the damages though it smarted...she needed to calm down...the events had already excited her emotional nodes, somewhat boosting her return to sentience, but she didn;t like how crazy things were getting. At that point she looked up, seeing the metal figure..."This....redefines insanity!" She shouts, growling and raising her pulse rifle gauntlet and firing off a sustained burst at the figure, empting the magazine into center mass and the joints of the legs, before firing her jets off and charging at the robot, but seeing the physical attention it gets, she diverts and flies past, skidding to a stop..but, missing a boot, her digitigrade foot catches on the sand and she trips and is sent sprawling...but from her position on the ground, she sees something interesting to her left....

[21:02] wild thing mite form: eventually files over to everyone and circles around looking for any clues or info she can get to escaping this place or finding out where pitfall went as well as other useful info

[21:02] wild thing owl form: eventually files over to everyone and circles around looking for any clues or info she can get to escaping this place or finding out where pitfall went as well as other useful info

[21:02] Faith Celestia smiles as she looks down to the mech as it finally shows itself she shivers with happyness as she exhales slowly and then teleports a large ceramic jar over the mechs head and lets it drop. hoping against all hope it would shatter against the mechs head and deposit its contents across the entire mech... 1 ton of dragon spunk.... of which she would absolutly never tell any one what she did to get that jar. just deciding it was her own form of revenge for all the shit this guy had put people through.

[21:02] Anvil haing spent his energy on transfering regeneration to Lucy. the only weapon he had was his pistols. He mutters and shakes his head. "you better not have lied about this " and puts them together. when the don't do anything he shouts out " GUN GATTAI! " Ant the fuse togther. He pulls the trigger and then sighs again. then shouts " SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!" And this time a beam energy lances out from the rifle

[21:05] Pit Guardian the metal figure moves grabing at rains leaping punch and attempting to fling her into the fire ball as flare attacks/ zig zaging a wild course picking up momentum it swings down its fist towards her skull at the same time the missile pods on its back open " targets acquired missiles fly up then down towards each hero in the maze, the barrier flickers and crashes as the dragon smashes through it leaving the air open again the machine is sent flying after its punch as the rubber girl acts slamming into the bot with a sudden powerful punch it spins but reorients its self " that all you got!!hah " parts of its armor spark it flys into the burst laughing its own gun spraying wildly at the group "and in the bak a his of acid touches a console , the jar lands ont he mech and spunk covers it as a barrage of blast knock it int the far wall . it slowly begins to push its self free

[21:12] Flare: Dammit! she thinks as the missiles fly. Desperately, she launches fireballs at each one, It was all she could do at the moment

[21:14] Mythos directs the dragon into a swoop as the barrier collapses and the missiles fly, a few puffs of steam rising from its nostrils as it aims for the rising weapons, finding a line in their path where noone will be in the stream, it opens its mouth and unleashes a thin but potent stream of hydrochloric acid at the weapons

[21:16] Takamachi Mikoto frowns. All this energy gathered and nothing to do with it. She saw the dragon above... and the big metal lightning rod below below. And she knew what she must do. YEt somehow she felt as if she was channeling some dark, accursed energy. She wasn't sure where, She wasn't sure how, But she knew that there was a being out there who was never going to let her live this down. Still she did it. She sent her charge into the meck giving it a massive negitive charge. calling out " EL THOR! " just the words made her feel dirty as the sky ripsps open wuth lightning traveling down through the dragon with the mech as it's focal point

[21:17] Rain landed on her face as the mech flung her into the ground, she moved quickly and felt the mech punch her in the face... She was a Demi-God! That was her attack! Head butting the mechs fist... She swung her sword at a fuzzy missile and grunted as the explosion knocked her back a few feet! Things were getting stupid fast! She growled and crouched down then remembered her spines were broken and simply readied her sword for the next attack!

[21:23] Kapi D. Lucy smirks seeing Mikotos storm. SHe leaps upwards into it and bites her thumbs blowing air into her fists making them massive. She pulls them back and then sends them flying forward at the same crazy speed also coarsing with the lightning from Mikotos attack "Stuffed Jet Dolly Thor Naildriver!" she yells bringing her fists down

[21:24] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR raises her pulse gauntlet and gives a nearby turret a healthy burst to keep it silent, and is about to do the same to another when she sees the missile come down. She yelps and runs, managing to dodge, but the explosion hurls her even further away, having her skid to a stop under the shed with the console-which was what she saw before. She gets up, sighing as she pulls off her busted helmet and jetpack, looking at the screen and frowning, touching it and trying to access its commands, specifically any sort of universal shutdown command. "There must be an off switch to this madness..."

[21:26] wild thing owl form: would quickly start to switch to beetle mode as she prepared her attack while trying to buy time to avoid the missile even trying to get the fire balls or acid to hit the missile instead

[21:33] Anvil grints and sees the missles laucning he ppoitns his gun to the sky trying to shoot them out of the sky with explosive shots
[21:34] Faith Celestia looks around some and sighs before noticing the shielding unit is down she teleports out to try and check on the distress call that had come through coms back home.

[21:37] Pit Guardian the bot jerks and jolts as it stands the poison burned from lucys system the bot lifts its gun and fires a spray of shots again one or two of the missiles explode in the air the rest are on target until the dragon breathes acid on them, rain deflects the shots of the blast as a large bolt of lighting falls riping through the mech, the turret gos up in a flash of zeps gun followed shortly by the once again flying zep who begins pushing buttons the mech is crushed by the descending rain of attacks no match for the combined assualts coming its way it sparks and dies blinking and exploding to pieces the console beeps and a female vice says " shutting traps down now"

[21:39] Kapi D. Lucy laughs and does a victory pose before deflating like a balloon and falling to the ground near Mikoto once again in her full helpless doll form. Her hat still left on the floor

[21:41] Flare: sees the thing fall in relief. "Its dead Jim." she mutters. Inside the armor, she's trembling, both from exhaustion and relief.

[21:41] wild thing owl form: lands turning back into a default form and picks up the hat placing it on luci she goes over to flare and rain saying "i would love to talk to you sometime later do either of you have cell phones?"

[21:41] Pit Guardian : (( im ending po here ))

[21:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR blinks, but seems pleasantly surprised that the console yielded a positive result, Once she confirmed the hellish labrynth was shut down, she checked a few systems, trying to trace the signals from Pitfall to their origin..was he even here at the facility?
21:42] Flare: nods and recites a number. "Sure, call me anytime."

[21:43] Rain grunts as she turns, "Wheres the guy at?" She pauses and looks down, then pulls out an IPhone with a shattered screen, "I have a cell phone, but for some reason it doesn't talk to me anymore..."

[21:43] wild thing owl form: smiles and gives her the number for her phone and says "Thanks!"

[21:44] wild thing owl form: giggles a bit and gives her one of the legendary nokia phones at survived plantary explosions and says "here try this?"

[21:44] Pit Guardian claping sound on the pae " im sory everyone but your villain is in another castle.."

[21:44] Mythos lets out a heavy sigh as she senses something through the link, the dragon trying to swoop out of the way, sensing the atmospheric disturbance, but not quickly enough to get entirely out of the way, the lightning blast ripping through one of its wings and sending it crashing to the ground nearby with a roar of pain, pushing up after a few seconds and turning to glare murderously at Mikoto, the monstrous creature visibly straining with its control as she struggles to hold it back from eating Mikoto out of rage at the injury

[21:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR continues to idly work on the console, but after a moment's pause, a pair of mylar buckets-as requested- appear next to Mikoto.

[21:47] Raigeki takes one of the mylar blankeds and carefully wraps it around Luccy. Then throws the other one at Locke

[21:47] Anvil covvers up so that the womenfolk can stop swooning

[21:48] Rain would not speak and follow them back to the ship if and when they leave, she had helped out and now she expected to get a ride back to the city!

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