Hospital visit

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Hospital visit

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Daddy walks in to the hospital. almost unseen as his body language conveys that he is supposed to be there and no one pays him attention as he enters Condiment Kids room. He sits down at bedside and sees the hero laying in a drugged state."I know you're not a metahuman but I have to admit, you will be very useful to my plans." He pauses, letting his power flow." You are now going to attend the school, I need a son for this so you will be joining my family. Your entire family will be open to you, except me. Anyone I tell you is family will be open game. You will follow my orders when given. When outside my office you are to act like every other student, inside my office you will call me dad and you will follow what I say. Do you understand?"

He paused a moment until he hears Condiment Kid whisper."Yes, Dad."

"Red is your sister and you slept with her you will get to do so whenever you want. but you both are mine. Do you understand?"

Again a slightly slurred, yes dad. Daddy smiles as he repeats the exact same words three times. power flowing to make sure it sticks in his mind. Soon standing up and exiting the room a few minutes before the nurse enters. He calmly walks out of the hospital after making sure there were no recording devices in the room or other people to listen in.
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