Hellers game PT 2 (Synopsis -Computer ate my damn log)

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Hellers game PT 2 (Synopsis -Computer ate my damn log)

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The News was a buzz after Helelr and his men broadcasted on every channel, those at home were mortified as they watched the events played out, the city was in danger.

Heller had alerted the heros to his grand plan, taking the city hostage. He Had three bombs hidden throught the city each capible of covoring the whole city in the fear toxin, the effects perminent. Not only that..but he has 11 hostages. He explained that there were some rules that everyone had to follow or else he or one of his many many switch holders would remote activate the bombs.

Rule number 1. Do as he instructs and when he instructs.
Rule number 2. Do not bother him or any of his men no matter what.
Rule number 3. Do not try and locate the bombs. If anyone is seen anywhere near a bomb without his express permission the bombs will detonate.

Rule number 3 Obey all of his demands to the letter.

All was not lost of course as heller also explained he was going to give the heros of the city a chance to disarm them, explaining that he will give the location of each bomb one at a time and the heros would have to play one of his little games before trying to disarm it, last night the heros that bothered to show up got to know exctly what kind of games he had in mind.

The heroes foudn that each game had to do with a handfull of the hostages..in this case five.

The first hostage was fousn strapped to a device created to break limbs if they answered a question incorrectly, The heroes had done pretty well however they had failed one which resulted in the hostages arms being broken.

Before they had a chance to move to the second hostage an unknown meta stirred up trouble breaking the rules which resulted in Heller getting rather angry even killing the hostage they had just saved.

The remaining heroes had managed to calm the situation before the rest of the hostages were killed and the bomb was activated resulting in the continuation of the game.

The second game had a hostages arm trapped in a device meant to cut the hand off and cauterize the wound. on the other side was a similar divice where heller instructed one of them to sacrifice one of there own hands to spare the hostages.

One hero by the name of Taiyo volunteered without hesitation even going as far as revealing her secret identity proving to us all that she was willing to sacrifice everythign for the people.

The last challenge involved three hostages all with bomb collars around there necks. theheroes were instructed to choose two to die, Taiyo shining above the others attempted to sooth the hostages and urging them to look at fear in the face and spit on it, promising tha they will be avenged no matter what happened. that heller would face justice.

Alas after the heroes took too long to decide heller decided to detonate all three bomb collars killing the hostages immidiatly.

The citizens watched in horror in the events looking in disgust as metas one by one stormed off in a fit o rage leaving behind the hostages proving that the metas were selfish cruel people who only cared abou there own image...however four had stayed three of which worked to put an end to this madness. one by the name of Tayio shined above the rest with her act of sacrifice changing the diminishing views of the civilians, Thanls to her efforts the civilians were starting to rally behind the heros...more specific...Her a shining becon of hope.

Quite the opposit of what Heller had wanted...however he still has two bombs left a madman with many triggers waiting for one wrong move one reason to push his button and send the city in a new age...the age of fear.
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