No turtles in this sewer

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No turtles in this sewer

Post by Timberwulff » Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:28 pm

This is the transcript of the first lesson for the students of C.U.M.

[14:08] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks at Red and smiles."AS you are the first one here you will be in charge of whatever other heroes arrive.."
[14:11] Red nods with enthusiasm, "Yes sir! I'd be honored!" He can see she takes great pride in accepting his orders.
[14:12] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks at the two beings in front of him."I see, well it would seem we need to start small and build from there. He looks at the new arrival."And you are?"
[14:14] Ranou: "Ranou. Naleen" She replied to Bochs while giving him a toothy smile before laying down on the warm pavement to relax from her slither sprint to make is here on time.
[14:15] Red gives Ranou a friendly pinky wave.
[14:16] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: nods."Well welcome. I hope you are willing to take part in this lesson."
[14:17] Ranou: "Well wouldnt be here if i wasnt willing." She stated the obvious while returning the wave to Diannah
[14:18] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: shakes his head."Well, it is time for the lesson to begin. Follow me."
[14:18] Red grins and follows him happily.
[14:21] Packrat: followed along as sneakily as she could. Which wasn't entirely so, but wasn't entirely a failure at being sneaky.
[14:22] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: arrives at the manhole and looks at them."Here is the lesson. I am going to lead you down into the sewer, and lead you to the location, where a "Villain " Is aboutt o add something to the water which you must," AS he reaches into his jacket pulling out a vial."You are to add this to the water to counteract what goes into the water. Remember this is all a lesson but you are to treat it like a real situation."
[14:23] Red grabs the vial eagerly, "Understood sir! I'll do it!"
[14:25] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks at her."Not alone this is also to teach team work." Now follow me.
[14:25] Ranou: "Sounds fairly simple...i can bet it wont be as easy as it sounds through." She spoke while raising her codex and activating the personal shield.."Careful with the vial. might just be H2O its still important to the test." she was only assuming it was water int hat vial but you may never know wtih this city
[14:26] Red: /,me nods at Ranou, "Of course!" Then she follows Bochs down into the sewer.
[14:27] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: hands the vial to Red once they reach the sewer."Now I will lead you to the area but I will not be interfering this is to teach you to work as a team as well as find ways through a situation." Come with me."
[14:29] Red follows him eagerly, taking the vial from him once they reach the designated area.
[14:30] Ranou: Ranou on the other hand pulled up an sensor app on her Codex and began doing a quick sensor sweep of the surrounding area. last thing she wants to do is go in unprepared.
[14:30] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: upon arrival he makes the Shhh gesture and points to the water processing area, before whispering. "The lesson begins."
[14:32] Red nods at Bochs, and begins watching the area closely. She clings to the vial as if it was a lifeline.
[14:35] Ranou: Watching her bulky tablet closely she could see a few pings for activity. couldnt really get a good count but somebody was there for sure. "Hmm...cant find any wireless networks...i guess cant hack anything yet..." She muttered to herself before putting the Codex away and getting her [black light] laser rifle out.
[14:36] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): **One person is near the water supple there are three beings standing and waiting**
[14:37] Red turns to Bochs, "What do I do sir?'
[14:37] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks at her as he steps back into the shadows."You lead."
[14:38] Red gulps nervously, then tells Ranou, "Um...attack?" She aims at the guy near the water with her free hand, firing a blast of energy.
[14:40] Ranou: Ranou just rolled her eyes as the woman went offensive without waiting for her reply. "Fine the loud way it is." Her targetting eyepiece picked u multiple targets Reds energy blast revealed and she decided to aim and fire at the one on the square water tank instead.
[14:41] Mamotizer grunts and turns at the sound of gun fire " ladys.. we have some uninvited guests to the party.. show them the door!! ohh yeah!!" he turns and points his mamotizer beam at the group and fires a peppering of shots, he lifts his targe to intercept the shots aimed his way
[14:42] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The henches begin moving towards the heroes, except the one being fired at. SHe jumps slightly and tries to draw a weapon taking aim at the heroes.
[14:43] Packrat: snuck down, following carefully in an effort to not be noticed by the students and teacher.
[14:45] Ranou: Ranous personal shield crackles but holds. it was clear its energy was getting drained as its color changed from blue towards a greenish tint. "take cover!" She called out and was now regretting she didnt pick up the instant wall projector. Switcihng to full automatic Ranou kept aiming at the one on top of the tank and firing at her. for now her shield was still fine so she could afford a bit longer being out in the open.
[14:48] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: stands back watching the situation. his body moving only to avoid any stray shots.
[14:48] Red gasps in surprise as the mamotizer beam hits her shield, immediately knocking it down as it protects her from the beam's effects. She immediately begins firing her own energy beams at the Mamotizer.
[14:49] Raffia Kiryuin (RaffiaKiryuin Resident): ((welp then Ranou will feel right at home hahaha reminds of the sneezing tits virus she contracted once))
[14:50] Mamotizer ducks back behind the water tank the blast from the shot throwing him forward, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a grenade and presses a button chucking it at the group the elf like woman moves to the front and begins to charge the heros a fist drawn back as she prepares to use her super strength
[14:52] Red leaps across the sewer, half-flying as she lands on the other side to avoid the grenade and the punch, even as she fires a poorly aimed blast at the strange woman.
[14:56] Ranou: while she still had time. the grenade came in Ranou dove right into the water of the sewers.Her shield absorbing most of the blast and going into the orange immediately as it drained nearly half of its energy.
[14:59] Packrat: stayed back, well away from the firing and the grenade, not actually seeming to notice what the blasts did. She covers her face with one hand, looking unsure if she should even attempt to be there with them. Some chick rushing at the naked lady and snake... wait... -SNAKE- lady. She stared for too long to be acceptable at the naga woman.
[15:01] Mamotizer grunts and scowls " hold still chick.. this might even improve your day!!" he glances up at the woman on the tank as she falls to the blasts " protect the device you bimbos!! the vial from our client is being added as we speak!!" he peaked around the tank again swearing under his breath and opening fire the elf like woman is blasted from her feet and growls as she lands on her but in the water , the winged woman lifts her own weapon joining in , though hers was simply a normal gun, Mamotiizer stops for a moment as his helmet alerts him to a les defended target a woman in black in the back, adjusting his aim he fires his beam at her
[15:05] Red fires her energy beam at the winged woman, yelling at Mamotizer, "Stop what you're doing now! I have an antidote right here!" She holds up the vial to show him, even as she grips it tightly.
[15:06] Ranou: Ranou coiled her tail up like a spring as her targeting eyepiece plotted a course. "You IDIOT! dont show them that!" without as much as a warning Ranou suddenly lept forward at the knocked down elf. her mouth wide open with a clear intent to bite her.
[15:08] Packrat: gripped tight to one of the ink bombs, debating its use internally. She didn't know she was being targeted, she didn't even realize any of the combatants had noticed her, so the beam struck true and she omphed and fell back, expecting pain and discomfort. But... not expecting her breasts to grow. "Fuck! Seriously?!"
[15:11] Mamotizer tilts his head in confusion , as the antidote is flashed , the winged woman takes the blast from reds gun and stagers mean while the elf is driven to the floor mamotizer grins and throws there grenades at the elf and naga , the elf lunges and attempts to wrap her arms around the red naga, meanwhile behind them the purple naga sparks and explodes , Mamotizer fist pumps as one of his shots land true , and begins firing a barrage of plasts at Red and packrat " ill be taking that what every it is.. baaaaybe!!"
[15:14] Red covers up the vial as she sees the blast head her way...only to feel her breasts suddenly grow as she gets hit, "Huh? Ok, this isn't funny!" She returns fire at Mamotizer with her energy blasts.
[15:14] The Wikked Prinsess swoops intpo the hamber,landing a bit away from the konflikt as she draws her flaming spear, Illuminating everything within the walls as she surveys the situation.."So you mind? some of us are sleeping..."
[15:14] Ranou: Ranou didnt care if the elf had grabbed her....hell it made her task far easier as she bit the elf in her shoulder and pumped her full of paralyzing venom. the grenades land a solid hit as they thre punch right through her shield which collapses in a spectacular show of static lightning.
[15:16] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: noticed the effects on Packrat but says nothing just watching.
[15:17] Ranou: yikes
[15:19] Mamotizer as ranou bites down her teeth pierce metal and plastic the elf in her coils suddenly revealed as some sort of toy, mamotizer turns and looks at the new comer and points is Mamo beam at her firing a steady shot of his boob growing beam " how about you butt out eh?!" the elfs spasms and lays still no longer able to function leaving just mamotizer and the wounded demon woman " yeah get some!!"
[15:20] Packrat: winced sharply as her shirt and bra were now much too tight, and making it difficult to breathe. She wriggled around to unhook the bra from the back to relieve some of the pressure from the now overgrown breasts, cussing as she did. "Fucking stupid ass shitnard..." Free of the confining piece, and only mildly more comfortable, she looks at naked lady, then toward snake lady fighting elf-that-punches before looking at the demon and the shithole-in-a-suit. "The fuck are you trying to -do-?" She half shouts toward snake and naked ladies.
[15:23] Ranou: "Robots? Well then this is easier then." Ranou said with a wicked grin as she dove into the water. her breasts slwly growing larger fromt eh grenades that she took. in water she was faster as she tried to take cover and hide from the injured woman and the madman with his bimbo ray...only to come face to face with the wikked princess.
[15:23] Mamotizer atumbles back into the tank behind him and looks up " just a little more " his armor sparks and and fitzzes the shoulder visibly cracked
[15:25] Red begins firing multiple energy beams at Mamotizer, yelling at him, "Give up, whoever you are! Bigger breasts won't stop me from bringing you down!"
[15:27] Packrat: "You're insane... you're fucking insane..." She mutters, though she can't precisely look away, as it's like a bad porno, or a train wreck. Aware of shit-in-a-suit now she keeps an eye on him, ready to throw the ink bomb at his face if he takes aim at her again.
[15:30] Mamotizer grins under his helmet and pulls out a weird disc from his back he flings the disc up into the air and down the tunnel in the girls direction as it flys it spins dropping grenades and blasting out beams in a wild barrage of fire at every thng in its path , as he lets the device go another shoot smashes into his Armour and knocking him to the floor his weapon skitters away out of his hands , he lays there out cold, the demon woman beeps and sparks before she to expodes, theres flashes of boob energy explosions and boob lazer fire along the discs path
[15:32] Red gasps as she's hit by multiple boob energy shots, but manages to hold onto her vial. When she looks down, she notices her boobs have grown once more, and she cusses, "FUCK!"
[15:32] The Wikked Prinsess growls a bit as she sees this is a Human konflikt involving mammary glands Her own soon burst out of her suit, as she growls angrily.."OH FOR BAPHOMET'S SAKE...." Turning to Mamotizer, she now has a lear target as she harges with her spear with a growl.."Do you know how long it takes for a demon to shapeshift into the PERFEKT Bust size?"
[15:33] Packrat: ready to throw the ink bomb she ducks down at the disk flying at her. The stupid rays flying all over and just yelps, ducking down and covering her head protectively. "For FUCK'S SAKE! SOME ONE CASTRATE THAT FUCKER!"
[15:35] Red opens the vial and tosses it into the water, feeling proud of herself as she announces to all, "Hah! Now the city is saved from your dastardly plot,!"
[15:35] Ranou: Glad the demon left her al;one Danou used the chance to backtrack while doing her best to avoid getting bimbofied. a stray ray still hitting her from time to time shge returnded fire at the disk, hopefully shutting the damn thing down for good.
[15:35] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: steps out of the shadows. "Now now that will be enough." He looks around."I must say you all did splendidly whether enrolled in the school or not. If you are not I would like to invite you to do so."
[15:36] Mamotizer lays on the ground out cold the disc clangs against a wall and falls to the ground spent and smoking
[15:36] Red looks at Bochs in surprise, "Wait, you mean...I got my breasts grown for nothing?!"
[15:38] Ranou: lowering her weapon Ranou let out a sigh of relief. "Man im not cut out for fighting..." The naleen then looked at Bochs..."im a ware this is a lesson and all please tell me these knockers aint permanent."
[15:38] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks to Red."No my dear you did as you were supposed to you took the lead and showed you have heroic talent. I was very impressed. besides the ... extra endowment is temporary.
[15:38] Packrat: is carefully -not- getting up, arms protectively over her chest and grumbling. "Fuckin' hell... seriously... fucking seriously... I'm gonna strangle him..." She looked up at Bochs' announcement, but kept herself crouched low and small none the less.
[15:39] Red beams with pride at his compliment, "Really? You were impressed sir?"
[15:40] Ranou: "in a real situation this would have been a fail...we were told to add the vial to the purifier not jsut throw it into the sewer."
[15:40] Ranou: She said while looking at the vial with a slight disappointed frown
[15:40] The Wikked Prinsess looks around to the human in the suit.."I hope for your sake this is temporary., Mortal. I have a hard enough time navigating with my massive kok, these breasts are going to be muh more khallenging for me."
[15:41] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: nods."Indeed I was. This was the type of heroism the city needs to see in this day and age. People working together." He paused and looked directly at Packrat, his power flowing as he speaks to her."You should be proud as well." Before turning to Ranou, Follow the water currents they go up into where the contents were to go. It was a different approach but good none the less."
[15:42] Red sticks her tongue out at Ranou.
[15:43] Ranou: "im not sewer designer." She said with a shrug.
[15:44] The Wikked Prinsess shakes her head a moment.."If youa re planning a training exerise,kould you let the neighborhood know next time? some of us do live down her you know."
[15:44] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: nods."The breast enlargement is temporary it will indeed wear off." As he steps over to help mamotizer to his feet."Now how about a hand for my impromptu teaching assistant. I think it is time he heads for home. I hope he made for a convincing villain."
[15:45] Packrat: still tried keeping herself small and unnoticed. The man's words hitting her a bit from left field and making her tense at the odd sense of pride. She smiles just a touch, blinking in surprise as visible embarrassment overtakes the moment of pride and she claps her arms over her overendowed chest that had torn the seams out of her shirt.
[15:45] Red claps loudly for Mamotizer, "Omigod! You were so realistic!"
[15:46] Mamotizer stands and tilts his head " oh yeaah!! im just a teaching assistant !! like yeah
[15:46] Mamotizer: !!
[15:46] Ranou: "He certainly would match the description where i came from" Ranou said and helped to get Momotizer up wihile in her tail grabbing the fritzed out elf robot. "And yeah im not part of the university here... mind if i take this robot for...research purposes?"
[15:47] Mamotizer waves at them and departs, chuckling in amusement
[15:47] The Wicked Princess (KallistiErisia Resident): She snarls a bit then pulls her armor up to over her breasts...
[15:47] Red flies down to them, waving goodbye to Mamotizer.
[15:47] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: nods to Ranou."Certainly, but if you would like to be a student we do have a sciences area for you to work, we even have an inventor there right now." He looks to Wikked. I will endeavor to let others know. I apologize."
[15:48] Mamotizer tosses packrat a wave on his way by
[15:48] Packrat: glares at the shit-in-a-suit as he passes.
[15:48] The Wikked Prinsess Turns to Big Daddy..snarling a bit as she turns to fly home.."Thanks but I was looking forward to killing something..Next time."
[15:48] Red mumbles to herself, "At least he wasn't the Assotizer. Not sure i could have survived that humiliation!"
[15:49] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks to Wikked "The invitation if given to you as well
[15:50] Packrat: "Hey Scales, you should take him up on the offer. There's free food and board there." She mentioned toward the naga. "And it's safer than pretty much anywhere else with all the fucknuts wandering the streets."
[15:50] Ranou: "Sure id love to join in. this was pretty interesting. seeing others fight was a real nice experience. the fights are way more guerilla than what im used to." She said with a smile while taking the broken robot in her arms and looking the elf over, wondering whats inside the teddy bear
[15:51] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks to Packrat."And what about you?" His power flowing again."I am sure you would be a fantastic addition."
[15:52] Ranou: "Hey there... didnt see you... and im definitely taking him up on the offer! theres jsut too much to learn here. i wont exactly be going home for a long time so il need some place to stay safe," She said with a nod toward spackrat.
[15:54] Packrat: looks thoughtful, arms staying wrapped around her chest. "I dunno how much good I'll be to your school. Not really much of a meta." She shrugged. "Plus... yanno... foul-mouthed and a bad influence on impressionable students." The expression on her face seemed to be considering the offer, though, despite her words.
[15:55] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: nods pouring on a bit more of his power."That is a good thing, free thinking and full of life. I believe you would be winderful. plus free food and board. I bet you would like food and a comfortable bed... wouldn't you."
[15:56] Red is looking over her new breasts, before looking up at Bochs, asking, "You really like them sir?"
[15:57] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: looks to Red raising an eyebrow."What matters my dear student is how you feel about them. I am simply an educator."
[15:58] Red steps up to him, whispering, "You know you're more than that, sir?"
[15:59] Ranou: Putting the [Black light] in its place she let the gray goo armor absorb the weapon and keep it away from prying eyes. "im not liking mine... too big." The said while poking the side of her right boob. Her codex was already reporting slow shrinkage of her breasts.
[16:00] Packrat: paused a moment, nodding. "Yeah... hots and a cot would be sweet..." Concern crosses her features briefly. "Even Mark couldn't argue too much. It's safer than the park..."
[16:01] Mr. Bochs / Daddy: cleared his throat."Let us all adjourn on the street above in case that cranky woman comes back." and then to the school I believe pizza is the food of the day in celebration of your hard work."
[16:02] Red cheers and hurries up to the street and back to school.
[16:05] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Enters, almost getting smacked by the door."I will get those fixed as well."

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