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Opening some minds

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:53 pm
by DeuxBlackthorn
[13:10] Dr. Ann Eliston checks her dress and hair in her mirror, then slings her purse over her shoulder and pushes through the front door, not entirely comfortable being in the center of a gathering of metas without her thugs and knockout devices... but at least this request might give her a chance to scope out some more easy victims. She looks around the lobby, trying to find a map or something to direct her to the office for her appointment
[13:11] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: walks through the lobby of the school, watching random students on their way to classes, when he notices the new arrival. He had let the appointment slip his mind so he pauses." Hello, can I help you?"
[13:12] Dr. Ann Eliston glances over at the sound of the voice and gives a small smile at the distinguished gentleman, having expected to see nothing but skimpy bodysuits and clown colors here "I certainly hope so... I have an appointment today with the headmaster, and no idea where his office is"
[13:14] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods as he thinks for a moment."Oh yes... You're early. Come with me please, my office is still being worked on."
[13:16] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) enters the office and motions for her to sit as he moves behind the desk."Please forgive me as I was told I had an appointment but was not told the purpose."
[13:16] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: enters the office and motions for her to sit as he moves behind the desk."Please forgive me as I was told I had an appointment but was not told the purpose."
[13:18] Dr. Ann Eliston widens her smile as she follows along "Ah, of course... I should have known you would be him... and I do try to err on the side of being early. Quite the lovely facility you have here" giving only a brief momentary glance of annoyance as she sees the wooden chair before slipping into it, obviously a bit more used to a pampered lifestyle "Oh, I'm surprised, I thought you had requested our services. As one of the senior doctors on staff, I was sent by the asylum to begin doing periodic mental health check-ups on any potential problem students here... make sure they don't have breaks that could create new supervillains after they graduate..."
[13:21] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: Shakes his head."It wasn't me. It is quite possible it was the ... previous headmaster, but that's neither here nor there." He leaned forward a bit."I think you being here is beneficial, and can only help the students." He pauses."I only wish I had helped that Condiment Kid, before he disappeared from the school, then passed on. A darn shame."
[13:25] Dr. Ann Eliston nods slightly, not letting the smile leave her face, though it takes on a slightly more professional tone rather than entirely genuine "Indeed, I heard about that on the news, though wasn't aware he was a student here. I do hope that our services can be of aid... we all want to see the city's young metas become happy and productive members of society. I don't think any sort of permanent staffing will be needed, but was thinking perhaps monthly or bi-monthly check-ins, where you provide a list of any people you think may need some counselling... if I see significant risks, then I might have them moved to the asylum temporarily for more in-depth treatment"
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[13:27] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods as he notices the smile."I do not believe the students will need to move to the asylum. None of them seem at that level." His power flowing out slightly
[13:30] Dr. Ann Eliston relaxes a little bit as it hits her, though her face remains the same "I would hope not... I just wanted to make you aware of the possibility, if any were to reach that point. We have very advanced facilities there for the treatment of metas"
[13:57] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: leans forward a bit, his power cutting off."If you don't mind I would definitely be interested in hearing about these facilities."
[14:00] Dr. Ann Eliston chuckles softly "Well, of course we have all the latest state-of-the-art treatment equipment. I personally am responsible for some experimental therapy testing that's done there, which has shown great promise, utilizing heavy restraint and mental conditioning to tame even highly problematic patients. We have a riot suppression system that's capable of handling most metas if they become violent, and breakouts have been virtually nonexistent in the entire time we've been operational"
[14:03] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: perks an eyebrow at the mental conditioning. Aside from that his face is impassive."It sounds fascinating, as though you have everything in place to make even the worst person a productive member of society."
[14:04] Dr. Ann Eliston notices the interest and her smile shifts a bit more genuine again "Indeed, that's certainly our intent at least. We try to maintain an outlook that nobody is beyond saving with enough time and effort"
[14:06] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: smiles slightly."I agree. with the right...methods, anyone can be a productive member of society." His power beginning to flow a bit stronger than before."You and I would work very well together to reach that goal."
[14:09] Dr. Ann Eliston blinks a bit as her head feels strange for a moment, but then it passes and she looks back to you, giving a small nod "I do hope so, things here should be simple enough to work out... I'd imagine there won't be too many students in need of any serious counseling... or did you have something else in mind?"
[14:50] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods."I did. I am thinking having something here in case of an emergency situation." The power continuing to flow."I believe, that you and I can work together quite well."
[14:52] Dr. Ann Eliston tilts her head a bit, her body relaxing slightly more, seeming to forget about the uncomfortable chair now "What sort of something did you have in mind?"
[14:53] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: Ponders a moment. I believe you said something about mental conditioning. If someone loses it, fast treatment might circumvent any damage. He looks at her over the rim of his glasses."Of course as it is something of yours you would complete and total access to it 24/7."
[14:55] Dr. Ann Eliston nods slightly "Indeed... I mean, full proper treatment requires a skilled professional, but I could install a subliminal pacification system somewhere on the campus here to take the edge off somebody until a doctor could be dispatched"
[14:56] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods."I think that would be benficial." His powers stopping."What do you think?
[14:57] Dr. Ann Eliston smiles "I think we're very much on the same page here, apart from your concerns about the possibility of students needing to be moved to the asylum. I assure you, though, that that would be a last resort if any were to be in need of serious treatment to prevent a threat to themselves or other students"
[15:00] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: smiles."I can definitely understand that point of view. I think we can work very well together." He pauses."I have a room, it was .." he paused and smiled."Well I am sure you have heard the stories of the former headmaster, Allow me to show you where i believe your device will be best placed." As he rises to his feet.
[15:02] Dr. Ann Eliston stands up and nods "Yes, was quite the revelation in the gossip columns... but it does sound like the sort of place that would work for this. Those sorts of devices are actually similar to the things I use in my more experimental treatments"
[15:04] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: heads up the stairs, hearing that, his power flowing stronger."I would love to hear about those treatments sometime. The pursuit of knowledge is important."
[15:07] Dr. Ann Eliston smiles as she follows along, the agreeability of the situation helping her to relax, making the subtle energies less noticeable "Well, obviously I can't let you see treatments... doctor/patient privelege and all that... but I could perhaps arrange a tour of the facilities for you and explain a bit of what I do" her smile widening into a grin at the sight of the bondage equipment here, but she quickly forces it back down, not wanting to reveal her real interests and intentions
[15:09] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: looks at the devices, turning around after the smile had stopped so he didn't see it."Indeed, I am sure I would find it fascinating." HE looks at the torture devices. "I can get these moved to the side so you would have room to put your device in here."
[15:11] Dr. Ann Eliston nods slightly "Of course, I won't need much room, and it'll take some time to get things set up. The subliminal system itself is just a set of speakers that'll be wired into the room, but I can also bring by a more... comfortable... holding arrangement for the student in question to be kept for a while... the devices here are more suited to a bit of play than extended restraint"
[15:13] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods."It turns out the former headmaster was in to torturing the students for minor infractions." He looks around, even pausing slightly to look at her." this room will be yours to use."
[15:15] Dr. Ann Eliston lets the grin creep back onto her face at that "Very nice... it'll need a bit of redecorating, but perhaps the devices on display will help any students who create too many problems to realize how much worse things can be if they don't reconsider their actions. Of course, I'll need a divider so I can use part of the space as an office as well, without intimidating those that just need a little talk"
[15:18] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: sees the grin this time."Yes well I am quite willing to help along the way. I admit it does pique my curiosity as to how this device of yours works."
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[15:20] Dr. Ann Eliston laughs softly "Oh, it's quite simple, really... subliminal messaging is filtered to the subject on frequencies their mind can't actively pick up. They're kept heavily restrained, and sometimes in extreme cases, under total sensory deprivation apart from the messaging, which leaves their conscious mind disoriented and lowers their mental defenses, and then the messages sink deep into the unconscious mind, over time building up to the point that the person begins believing those are things they themselves genuinely desire"
[15:21] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: and this time it's his turn for a grin to creep on to his face as he hears that.
[15:23] Dr. Ann Eliston notices the grin and tilts her head slightly, having expected a more clinical interest in how she planned to deal with trouble students "You have a personal interest in such methods?"
[15:25] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: coughs slightly as the smile fades."I would be lying if I said I didn't.However I think there is a clinical curiosity to go with it. I believe knowledge is a powerful thing."
[15:27] Dr. Ann Eliston nods a little "Oh, of course... I think the two tend to go hand-in-hand... had I not studied such methods a bit out of personal interest, I'd likely never have hit upon the idea of combining them for treatment of the mentally ill"
[15:29] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods."I believe you and I are on the same level in that area." His power flowing."You and I seem to be kindred spirits. I look forward to working with you."
[15:33] Dr. Ann Eliston smiles again, back to a genuine one, seeming quite at ease now as even her admission of personal interest drew no hostility "Indeed, I do believe we'll work very well together, and ensure that this university puts out nothing but valued members of society. I'll make the arrangements for the equipment, and send along a specification for the alterations to this room to my office here"
[15:35] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods, returning the genuine smile."I truly look forward to it. Also if you have any rehabilitated, or cured metas and need a place to send them. The school is always open to new students."
[15:37] Dr. Ann Eliston hums softly and seems to ponder this for a moment "Yes, I suppose it could make a good interim step on their return to society, and perhaps give them a chance to acquire new skills that will keep them from returning to unsavory ways. I'll run it by the other administrators, but I don't foresee any major objections
[15:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles as he lets his power flow out very strong."There is one more thing. Should you encounter a patient calling herself Toybox, please send her my way I assure you I am capable of calming her... impulses." The power radiating."Everything about that will be explained at a later time, there is no need to rush."
[15:39] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: smiles as he lets his power flow out very strong."There is one more thing. Should you encounter a patient calling herself Toybox, please send her my way I assure you I am capable of calming her... impulses." The power radiating."Everything about that will be explained at a later time, there is no need to rush."
[15:43] Dr. Ann Eliston staggers a little as her head swims for a moment, then she shakes it firmly to try to clear it, bringing a hand up to her forehead "Ugh... must not have gotten enough sleep last night... had a problem patient that kept me up a bit late. Toybox, though... sounds like an interesting story, but I'll keep an eye out if I see her come through and let you know"
[15:45] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: steps forward, a hand out to help steady her. The power shutting off."DO you need a moment to sit?" He listened to her."I appreciate that."
[15:46] Dr. Ann Eliston nods slightly "Yeah, a seat for a moment might be good... just a bit of a dizzy spell. The life of a doctor isn't all fancy cars and big paychecks"
[15:48] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: sighs."I can understand that, the life of an educator has its ups and downs as well. That is why I am glad I have finances saved from my days as a toymaker, and inventor."
[15:49] Dr. Ann Eliston chuckles "Hmm... a toymaker and inventor, with a friend named Toybox... definitely sounds like quite the story you have to tell. What sorts of inventions did you work on, if you don't mind me asking?"
[15:52] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: sighs slightly."Various items. Most of the time I created new toys. Not a lot of toys in the city... or children, but things changed after the meteors."
[15:54] Dr. Ann Eliston nods a little "Well, times do change... and sometimes our needs as well... we just have to adapt and keep moving forwards. You certainly seem to have matters well in hand around here"
[15:55] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods as he straightens up regaining his composure."Indeed, and I have adapted, and was thinking about working on my inventions again."
[15:58] Dr. Ann Eliston smiles as she seems to recover herself and stand up fully again as well "That sounds like it'd be fun, when your duties here allow you the time. Always good to have a hobby. Sadly my work doesn't leave me a ton of time for them... 12-16 hour shifts most days... can't leave the ill unattended"
[15:59] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: nods."INdeed and as I live here on campus, should there be a problem with a student or the school I must be ready, but I feel I will find the time soon enough."
[16:02] Dr. Ann Eliston nods slightly "Well, even if you have to stay on the campus, there'll be quiet times... I'm sure there are workshops you could use after hours and such"
[16:06] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: adjusts his glasses. They do happen but with some of the chaos even when the city seemed to go quiet i had my hands full. I just hope some of the students will see me as a "Father "Figure.
[16:08] Dr. Ann Eliston smiles and chuckles a little "Indeed, I could certainly see you pulling off that role... I suppose in a way I'm a mother to my charges as well, guiding and shaping them through their recovery"
[16:10] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) hears that and the smile returns."Then I think we can both mold and shape them for a proper future." As he steps forward, his hand extended to her, and his power again flowing."I hope you and I can work VERY closely together."
[16:13] Dr. Ann Eliston takes the hand, gently at first, then squeezing a bit more as the wave hits her once more, looking up into your eyes and smiling a bit more "Hmm... I think I'll enjoy my time here a lot more than I originally expected. You do have to come see my little home away from home some time, it's only fair after you've been so welcoming here"
[16:16] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles as he shakes her hand. His thumb rubbing across an acupressure point gently, more for connection and to is purposeful enough to let her know he is a man of varied knowledge." I look forward to visiting you at the asylum."
[16:19] Dr. Ann Eliston lets out a little purr at the rub, seeming to enjoy the attention despite still trying to clear her head from the odd sensations "Wonderful, I'll be looking forward to it too. It's not often we get such han... distinguished visitors"
[16:21] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smirks as he hears the purr, his voice taking a slightly seductive tone as the power still flows but half what it was."I do hope to see you more often, it is rare to see someone with your... credentials here." His voice slowing on the word Credentials.
[16:23] Dr. Ann Eliston lets out a soft chuckle, blushing very slightly "I'll be sure to make some time to see you when I come by to tend to the students" a little bit of strain in her speech, as if she's trying to hold something back now, but still looking quite pleased on the whole
[16:25] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: hears the strain in her voice. Pausing, but his thumb still light on the spot."I look forward to it." He said his power flowing like a river, from his voice to her ears
[16:29] Dr. Ann Eliston shudders a little, wondering why she feels so comfortable, and even attracted to, this man she barely knows apart from a mutual interest in hypnosis. Chalking it up for now to the lack of halfway decent prospects in her workplace and the inability to really date when most of her free time is spent finding marks to pad her wallet "I... suppose I should get back to the asylum... start making arrangements for everything. It was a genuine pleasure meeting you, though"
[16:30] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: smiles."The pleasure is mine, and I look forward to meeting with you again." With that his power turns off."I believe we have a lot in common."
[16:31] Dr. Ann Eliston nods "Indeed we do... oh, I almost forgot" reaching into her purse and pulling out her business card, complete with name, number, her office at the asylum, and a slew of titles espousing her expertise with the mind
[16:33] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: takes the card and puts it into his interior pocket on his jacket, pulling out and offering one of his own to her with his name and his... skills.
[16:35] Dr. Ann Eliston gives your card a quick look over, then offers another smile, subconsciously fluttering her lashes a bit before making herself turn away, then giving one more look around the room to get an idea what she needs done with it
[16:37] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: smiles as he watches her move around."I will move some things for you then they can be rearranged to your needs."
[16:39] Dr. Ann Eliston nods slightly "I'll forward my requests to your office here... will try to keep the changes minimal. Thank you again for your time" giving a friendly wave and then starting to leave, her hips wiggling a little bit teasingly as she heads for the door
[16:39] Daddy/ Mr. Bochs: is about to say something but bites his lower lip, watchign her wiggle. Quickly gaining his composure."And I will contact you about scheduling my visit."
[16:43] Dr. Ann Eliston doesn't look back, not even consciously realizing she's flirting, though aware of her desire to