The Mysterious Tagger Tags at Midnight.

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The Mysterious Tagger Tags at Midnight.

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A cellphone buzzes in the woman's hands as she cracks an eye and sits up. The numbers on the lock screen reading eleven pm, sitting up she grins and slides out of her bunk bed at the university dorm, grabbing a cola and cracking it as she looks at the city lights twinkling, the night time traffic starting to slow as people make it into bars and dance clubs. She smiled as some of the other students walked over to the spot in the wall that was easy to hop over as they all got ready to break curfew and go party in the city.

But Lucy had other plans besides drinking and dancing with the rest of her classmates, she had a propaganda campaign to win, grass roots to whip up for the sake of wiping them let the general populous create chaos for the sake of chaos. With a skip in her step she pulled off her normal sleeping gear and tossed it on the bed, reaching for a locked suitcase under her bed. Grinning she pulled it out and unlocked it revealing some very grungy paint splattered clothes, a mask and a backpack full of spray cans and some stencils that she had designed in advance. She couldn't wait as she slipped into the grungy clothes, turning to the mirror she used her hands to kneed her features, the features becoming plain flesh colored silly putty for a moment as she re sculpted her features and her hair into a big audacious Mohawk, pausing to sculpt her eyes as the bright pink slightly glowing orbs were fanned with rich sable lashes. "There you go...Lucy Gone, and Jane Doe Gorilla artist in her place." She grinned and reached for the surgical mask she used to obscure her face and then leaped out into the night bouncing like a rag doll off the trees until she hit the pavement, flattening for a moment like a living cartoon character.

She grabbed the back of her Mohawk and pulled her self back up peeling off the pavement little bits of pavement falling out of her features until she looked perfect and normal again, and she skipped off into the night, looking for a wall. Finding a nice big one, she grins reaching behind her back reaching for a pair of spray cans while her body contorts and moves, growing taller and with extra limbs, and then she gets to work, quicly using the stencils to spray out on the wall an anti PAE slogan. She does this many times though the night, grinning as she drags herself to bed in the early hours of the morning making sure her disguise is put away, her paints stowed, but all of the walls of the city one thing is written.

"PAE Posions the water."

her plan was long and slow...but just like anti Vax, if enough people started to say it, eventually the mob would believe it, and then..Sweet sweet Chaos.
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Re: The Mysterious Tagger Tags at Midnight.

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Eventide saw this, and took a photo.
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