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Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:19 pm
by Timberwulff
[16:07] Michael Bochs: finds himself taken from the cubicle to the interrogation room. He is sat down and is made to wait until an officer came for his questioning.
[16:11] Precious walks out of the elevator, looking like a middle aged dective a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. "Evenin mike, I"m here to interview the perp." he pauses and hitches up his pants a little bit and waits for the guard on duty to unlock the door for "him"
[16:13] Michael Bochs: the Guard nods and hits a button unlocking the door, opening it. The security camera inside the interrogation room clicks on the moment the door opens
[16:15] Precious walks into the room with the cup of coffee and takes a "Sip" Of it. "Well hello there Mister Bochs, I"m Dective Kane, with the Meta squad." He smiles and moves closer sipping his drink sizing up the man his back to the security camera he looks down at BOch's and winks at him for a brief second his eye turning a vivid bright pink before going to it's normal gray
[16:16] Michael Bochs: nods as he sees it, but no out of the ordinary movements."I have to say Detective Kane I turned myself in peacefully, the handcuffs, are they necessary?"
[16:18] Precious walks forward and nods. "Standard protocol for suspected meta's sir, once you answer my questions you won't be int hem long." He smiled and sat down on the edge of the table. "What can you tell me about...the entity known as...>"Daddy"
[16:19] Michael Bochs: shakes his head and shrugs as best he can."Only that I am being accused of being him. I really don't know him.. or her if they're being ironic."
[16:24] RLV Interrogation Chair whispers: Releasing timberwulff Ivanovic.
[16:26] Precious chuckles as he moves closer and puts a boot between his legs, and the man tilts his head to one side his body starting ot morph. "Oh is that so? Well..I have a secret to tell..." Teh face leans forward melting and changing to the liquid maven herself. "Daddy....dosn't like...liers..." SHe glares down at him. "and you..are a lier...Daddy says so! "She laughs and reaches up kicking him under the chin hard enough to send him sprawling on his back. "Hi!" She grins down at him
[16:27] Michael Bochs: as he is handcuffed he takes the kick right to the chin and is knocked back."I'm not, I swear!" as he can only lay there
[16:30] Precious grins as she turns and kicks the table over and slmas it into the door keeping it barred form people getting "You say that, but your lying face says otherwise!" She girns a sshe punches him in the gut, and then tosses him across the room.
[16:32] Michael Bochs: finds himself hit again and slammed across the room, this was working with the plan but damn it hurt."Please... please."
[16:33] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the officer outside hit an alarm as he hears the crashing sound
[16:34] Precious shivers as she hears him beg, running a hand down her body. "Oh it's hot when they beg...beg more for me Teacher..tell me you will be a good boy and not a nasty little lier." She grinned as she stalked twoard him, reaching into her belly and pulling out a kitchen knife. With her face turned from the camera. she mouthed the words. "Sorry and love you." And she straddled his hips grinnning wickedly "Tell me your sorry! LIER!" SHe barked for the cameras.
[16:36] Faith Celestia due to the alarm a very irritated blonde strides into the main room, looking on a screen she checks to see where the alarm was activated from and sighs. muttering to herself. "fucking hell this is annoying" she states heading for the elevator and hitting the call button
[16:38] Michael Bochs: nods slightly."I, I.. I'm sorry. I'm not a liar, I swear! "His glasses broken as he lay there, still handcuffed.
[16:39] Precious rubbed her hips along him holding the knife like a psycho in a movie, and shakes her head. "Your not even trying! Your not even crying!" She glares and stabbs him in the shoulder narrowly avoiding his lung, she pulled it out and grinned her long rubber tongue licking along the blade
[16:40] Precious looks down at Michael and giggles and balls up her fist around the knife and knocks him in the face a few times, hard...again pulling just enough to keep him from getting any perm damage but making it look good for the camers.
[16:41] Faith Celestia sighs having connected into the protectorate security systems and the camera systems she mutters and inputs a code most of the protectorate has long since forgotten, the building wide lockdown protocol. suddenly the windows walls. every section of the building would be closed in by Anti-Meta reinforced metal plates and security lasers capable of cutting through most defenses. large heavy powered turrets would reveal themselves along the protectorate building itself.
[16:43] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) cries out as he is stabbed and then punched a few times he lay there bleeding from the attack."N... not a liar."
[16:48] Precious giggles and looks down. "MAybe...but it dosn't matter when your dead!" SHe laughed and kicked him in the knee cap and then lifted up the knife and buried it in the same side of his chest, punching it deep in his lung laughing like a crazy person. She flips him over and kicks him a couple of times, giggling. "Llier pants on fire!" SHe shrieked completely loosing the shreds of sanity she had as she grabbed his tie and started to "Strangle" HIm with it, leaving enough airway to keep him alive but leave a nasty nasty bruise around his throat. She leans forward and whispers, her pink eyes blazing a little bit of drool leaving her shiny latex lips., "This is so fucking hot.." SHe giggled as she moved the tie around to the back still strangling him but kept the blood pooling under him, "That's it..go to sleep teacher man so Daddy can send you to hell.."
[16:50] Michael Bochs: does not take long before he loses conscious. the twinkle in his eyes for her view only through his goggles as he passes out, his blood pooling on the floor.
[16:50] Faith Celestia the elevator ringed again as faith stepped out of it shaking her head and walking for the interogation room. taking hold of the large door she tore it clean off its hinges tossing it aside like a frisbee before looking to the two in the room. the door definately not meant to open in that dirrection the table did little to stop it. she sighs and kicks the table slamming it into a corner of the room as she says "so which of you is the prisoner again, and which of you was from the escort service?"
[16:51] Michael Bochs: would answer but he was bleeding and unconscious
[16:53] Precious hears the wail of the hinges and melts, spreading herself across the floor and taking on the color and texture of the concrete, hopefully concealing herself completely as she takes the dimensions of the floor.
[16:59] Faith Celestia walked into the room past the door that was now torn off its hinges and the table that had shattered from her kick spewing wood dust into the door. obscuring her vision a bit as she turns and looks to find mostly only the male. muttering as she reachs into the shirt and takes out a hypo of medi-gel like substance walking over to it and injecting it forcefully into him unless stopped. it would act as a coagulant for open wounds and then try to reinflate his lung after. though wouldnt replace bloodloss. just act as emergency triage.
[17:01] Precious 's tenticle would reach out to snatch the stuff out of Yuri's hand, reuardless of weather she passed or failed, she would continue to flow out of the room, her body still liquid but with the look of concrete and make her way to the elevator shaft,, if she wasn't stopped the entity would slide into the shaft, using the door to break the Possibly pilfered syringe, forcing the woman to call for emergency services if the Latex maven had been successful.
[17:04] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): **I'm gonna let you two hash that out before i post for him.**
[17:05] Faith Celestia looked on in irritation as the nab had been successful. though even with it broken she just sighs and looks to the guy muttering under her breath something to the effect of. "why should i have to deal with this" before hefting the male onto her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. grummbling.
[17:06] Precious continued to flatten herself out and flow down inbetween the cracks of the elevator making her way down into the dark dingy shack, eventually landing with a plop int he sump system, finding the drain, one too small and too vial to be locked down she started to pour into it, making her way down into the sewers to make her esscape
[17:08] Michael Bochs: would say something in response but his body was seriously injured., is carried off by the woman. his blood leaking on to her
[17:09] Faith Celestia mutters something about a drycleaning bill. as she heads for the elevator, figuring she couldnt stop the ... thing.. that had attacked her.
Daddy was taken to the hospital where he is being treated for internal injuries and multiple broken bod parts.