A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

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A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by Butterfly of Doom »

Cremation remained behind, on the dying planet..peace and quiet at last... The Hero known as Eidelon assisted with the shuttling as well with her ship, and her civilian name settled Her company into the folds of one of Nightmares, given that a maintenance and manufacturing company had no need to put out fidget spinners..

Anna-Kate rebuilt her bar within the ruins themselves.. not really keen on archeology. Her sale of generators and water filters continued, enabling people to live off the established grid.

Whilt Crescendo traveled with the theatre, and could be seen in her civilian state caroling with a group to keep cheer up.

Eventide on the other hand.. made sure those who were on the fringes of society had the opportunity to make it through use of her bridge technology.
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by Drexia »

Went on the ark and after the transport she went out into the wilds somewhere on her own.

She gathered up all her biomatter into one huge grotesque mess of a drone which got transported to the ark, left it dormant and helped rebuild/regrow stuff when they had arrived. She used the mass of biomatter somewhere away from the new city where she could basically have it take root and leech metals out of the ground that would then be refined through various biological processes. Something which helped her corporation "Drexcorp" grow a lot as she had a leg up on the competition. So while Drexcorp still produces various bio-tech clothing and items they are now also a large supplier of refined materials. They are also fairly well known for providing their employees with remote controlled bodies to basically skip any kind of safety in the workplace as those biological drones are very cheap and easy to replace or repair. This tech remains a well guarded secret of Drexcorp however, but at a steep price someone can effectively rent their own drone. (Renting requires signing various legally binding contracts to prevent misuse)

He helped move a lot of materials up to the ark and after the jump he basically did his job as director of OPS at PAE and coordinated large parts of the rebuild effort, a position at which he still remains.

It is unknown what happened to him, but as he was known to be a Nexan like Drexia and Jaron its reasonable to assume he was capable of leaving the planet on his own.

Used her ship to help transport a lot of people onto the ark before setting the course for the new system herself. She boldly went with the few people that remained on her ship for the journey. During the trip they would meet strange new species and alien civilizations, going where no man nor lorea had ever gone before. Giving those with her a glimpse into the endless wonder and horrors that exist among the stars. They eventually arrived at the new world while the city was still under construction and helped by acquiring off-world tech and goods, selling them primarily through various larger corporations. Not to mention licensing advanced mechanical machinery of various types for use in inteference resistant and extremely low power systems. This includes the basic mechanical smartphone "Gear 2.0" which has no dount sold reasonably well due to its wind up power source and general resistance to interference.

(( If anyone is interested in Drexcorp or being one of those on Nirraes ship, give me a poke in SL or on discord. ))
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)


Ever loyal to Miss MIkoto, Zephyr coordinated PAE's and the city's evacuation process. Due to the limited space, much of her heavy equipment was left behind, including her beloved tank, the Sabre. The only piece she could bring with her was one of the hull armor plates, to remind her of what was lost, and to give her hope that one day it would be rebuilt. Overall, PAE was forced to abandon much of their heavy military equipment, but brought enough to equip a decent security force, so to be prepared for what awaited them in the new world....

Little is known of what happenned to the Robotic Russian Rabbit Gopnik known as Devushka. Many recall seeing her calmly squatting on the corner as usual even as the evacuation went on around her, impassively nibbling on sunflower seeds. However, at some point before the ark's departure, she went missing....

Rumor among the civilians is that they witnessed a monstrous robot being packed away in the Ark's hold, noting that it seemed to grumble in Russian whenever its nervous handlers jostled it too much. Not much is known about it, though many speculate it may be some sort of military mech owned by PAE or the government. What is known is that it was not seen being unloaded when the Ark arrived...
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by DeuxBlackthorn »

Lady Nightmare: Obviously at the forefront of the evacuation and rebuilding efforts, using the manpower and tech of Vanguard to speed up efforts as much as possible. Seeming to not sleep or slow down ever over the entire weeks-long process, she was always at the center of the work coordinating efforts, though not directly contributing as she's more useful directing work.

Mythos: Wasn't seen at all in the public eye, or even by other Vanguard members, during the move. After arriving on the new world she was briefly spotted flying off into the wilderness, though nobody but her and N know what she was up to.

Bondagina: Mostly focused on helping with student evacuations and packing up the university's assets. Seen a few times after the trip around the developing arcane sanctum, but mostly laying low

Purgatory: Provided general support during evacuation and helped ensure that riots and such didn't get out of hand. After arriving she set out into the wilds to see about her usual prey on the new world, but returned most days with piles of slain animals to help feed the workers

Jormungandr: Not seen at all during the move, though there sure were a lot of unmarked crates being loaded up at times...

Twinkle: Last seen lingering behind in the old city near the end of the evacuation, but she's been known to be quite resourceful

Shadowstar: Provided his powers to help with some of the heavy lifting during both the packing and rebuilding, working with one of the metahuman crews on the nicer side of town
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by Razputyna »

Taiyo - Formerly believed to be dead, Taiyo showed up during the evacuation to help inspire and direct traffic. Some people may comment that the 'Light Goddess' seemed slightly different, but a near death experience will do that to you. Taiyo vanished into the population soon after arrival.

Jade - Former Neon Knight, the Android known as Jade as found and rebuilt by the PAE. With the return of the Neon Knights to Celestial City, it will be interesting to see what will happen with the recon unit.
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by Timberwulff »

Timber: Helped where he could and rode out the trip to the new world where he began rebuilding

Alicia: She got hammered about the loss of her tribe and pulled up her big girl pants and proceeded to help out making it to the new world in one piece

Johnny Guitar: With the evacuations going on Johnny took initiative and got his guitar back and snuck aboard the craft for the new world, lamenting his lack of a car and limited hair care product

Daddy left planet with ma'ang

Mecha: No one knows what happened to her

An unusual bald man was seen entering the craft as well, looking a lot like the dead hero / weirdo Condiment Kid.
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by Talista Glas »

Hell Guard seemingly went missing just before the collapse. There was eye witness seeing her heading into the club but not out. It's unknown where she went.

Ascendant took time ensuring she was fully uploaded onto the departure ship, not sure if she'd be taking physical form again or not, but wanting to not face oblivion.

Metapool stole all the remaining corndogs, set up a chair, grabbed a corndog and a PBR and set up to watch the total collapse of the galaxy. Finally, at long last, she'd be meeting the Lord of Frosted Tips in the Great Flavor Town in the Sky!
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Re: A few scraps found in the history books ( what did your characters do during and just after the move?)

Post by LillianVickson »

Lil Vickson: Assisted with lower-level evac duties including searching for stragglers and ensuring that no one was forgotten before boarding herself. Now seeking a job in the security field; might join Vanguard.

Flo Ming: Was last seen in the old wastelands, excavating and researching. Unknown if she heard about the evac.

Consuela De La Rosa: Was Evacuated with the rest of the lower-level PAE staff.

Dr. Malevolent: Made sure to get on the Evacuation Vessel, boarding before it was officially ready and hiding to be certain no one tried to evict them. Still disguised as a small plant.
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