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Alicia has been busy, not only working for Lady N but doing side work for business to help her people with supplies. After a particularly grueling situation clearing a place out for a business owner the announcement came through for evacuation. Racing back with supplies she was ready to gather her people and prepare to leave planet. As she rounded the corner she sees a large portal in the outland. Running up she sees the last of her tribe going through. She leaps to catch them when a large hand comes through the portal catching her by the face and slamming her to the ground.

Ma'ang steps through the portal and looks at her."Your people are mine now. Go, go tell your other tribe I am watching them and will be making my presence known in the future."

Alicia gets to her feet, her fists balled up and she is ready to fight when a voice behind her speaks." Sleep." He focus on Ma'ang her will power not ready for Daddys power, and she crumples to the ground. Daddy walks up to Ma'ang and bows." I am ready." He says before Ma'ang motions for him to enter the portal. Ma'ang steps through the portal. "Tell them warrior, tell them I will return." AS he walks through the portal as well, which quickly closes behind her.

"F.... Fucker!" She growls before succumbing to the sleep order from Daddy.

I am leaving this open in case Precious wants to come with Daddy, she is more than welcome to do so.
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Re: Tribeless

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Lucy walks behind daddy, dressed in her school girl from hell costume she skips after him pausing to look at the crumpled woman on the floor. Unable to help herself she pulled back a foot and kicked her into the ribs and then giggled manicly for a moment turning to thoughts of murder, her pink eyes glowing.

"Precious! where are you?" From inside the portal daddy's words bounce and echo in her mind like a pinball sending little ripples of pleasure through her.

"Coming Daddy!" She called pausing only long enough to Steal the heroine's wallet before skipping though the portal looking forward to new adventures with her Daddy.
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