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[13:21] Alicia Frakture finishes unloading her makeshift carrier and looks at the stack of bodies as she lights a cigarette."Damn I missed this."
[13:22] Archangel Claudia would be flying over the city when she spots the significantly large mass of bodies outside PAE, and comes down closer, covering her nose "Umm, miss, why is there...ugh that smell....large pile of dead bodies here?" she tries hard not to gag
[13:23] Alicia Frakture doesn't look up in the direction of the voice as she takes a drag, blowing smoke out of her nose."I was sent out to get meat... I got meat."
[13:25] Archangel Claudia looks at all the 'meat' then at Alicia "Who.....ugh I'm gonna puke......." tries her best not to "Who told you to get meat?"
[13:26] Alicia Frakture looks up."Lady N said we need meat for the city. I got meat."
[13:26] Wild Tango (Malevis Resident) eyed the pile of bodies on her way by, her bike slowing as she turned toward it, mounting the curb and sitting, staring for a few long moments before throwing out the bike's kickstand and standing off of it. 'That is a -lot- of meat,' she muttered, moving closer. Corpses she didn't even recognize. 'You know you should ration meat out until you know how much you will need so none of it spoils, right?'
[13:26] Tunguskaa did that^
[13:29] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."Figure there has been time for refrigeration to be put in place for it. Maybe I should have brought more.. The ant is delicious barbecued."
[13:30] Archangel Claudia still struggles with the smell, trying to stay above it and flap it away " long have you been out of the city?"
[13:31] Alicia Frakture chews on her lip for a moment."Been about a month. These guys were gathered over the past week. the rancid ones were fed to... I don't know, some kind of shark things."
[13:33] Archangel Claudia looks at her "THESE aren't the rancid ones?" she nearly vomits "Ugh the smell's gonna get stuck on my wings. You need to take that away, go take it to the mayor's office."
[13:33] Alicia Frakture nods."And where is that? I kind of left before the major construction began."
[13:34] Archangel Claudia blinks and looks around "Ummm...." she looks down at Tung "Hey do you know?"
[13:35] Tunguskaa shook her head. 'No, no, you need to clean it and separate the meat in the first place. This is... excessive. And--' she paused, shook her head, and sat back down on her bike. 'If these are already a week old, then you should toss them. Meat needs to be cleaned, dried, and stored immediately. You're not in a place these can just be left out in the cold. It's not cold enough for this.' She looked up to Claudia, and shook her head. 'I do not.'
[13:37] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."I've been picking at them and they're fine. This city needs meat i get them meat. at the very least one of the egg heads can get some cloning done so it's fresh meat! and I'll toss these guys out."
[13:39] Archangel Claudia gags again "She's right, you can't leave meat out for even a few hours without proper care. This pile is probably just toxic, even if the meat was edible. It needs to be disposed of. PAE is up and running and we're handling food."
[13:41] Alicia Frakture finally looking up a slight look of annoyance on her face."And how much meat doe PAE have? You want me to start over I can do that, bring in meat every day, but these ass holes were difficult to find to begin with."
[13:41] Tunguskaa started her bike, and drove off, shaking her head.
[13:42] Archangel Claudia glares at Tung for leaving her alone with meat girl "Look I'm not in charge. I'm on coms trying to get someone who can make that decision. Hell I'm not even on shift right now." she moves to try and stay up wind
[13:44] Alicia Frakture grabs one of the bigger beasts by its upper jaw and proceeds to fling it out of the city, watching where it lands."Fine I'll use these guys to bait more meat closer. Don't want to upset all you fancy pants people."
[13:45] Archangel Claudia watches the corpse get flung "Oh no that's worse! It'll attract predators to the city!"
[13:46] Alicia Frakture smiles."which bothers you more? them..." As she rips off an ant leg and takes a bite."Or me?"
[13:47] Archangel Claudia looks at the woman, wide-eyed "Ummm, please hold." she starts talking on her comm more urgently
[13:49] Alicia Frakture nods as she chomps on the ant leg like it was a chicken leg.
[13:53] Archangel Claudia just watches the woman eat the monster bodies "What the hell are you lady...."
[13:54] Alicia Frakture smirks."You want the long answer or the short one?"
[13:55] Inferna (hythinker Resident) isn't a security officer. She isn't even officially anything but a cook, and a reasonably powerful metahuman. She's wearing her full armor because she spotted something in the wild recently on her short-range foraging that had her nervous. And as she passes through the city. she gets a pretty solid reminder of WHY. She glances at the woman eating them, then up at Claudia, and asks them a question in her unmistakeable voice. "Cook, or cremate, lasses?"
[13:55] Archangel Claudia stares at her for a minute "Short?"
[13:58] Alicia Frakture nods."Alicia Frakture. Bad ass bitch from the old wastelands of Celestial City. there ya go short version. You want the long version buy me beer. " She paused looking at Inferna."Wings up there is scared of the meat i brought."
[13:59] Archangel Claudia yells down "It's the smell not the meat!" she sighs and looks to Inferna "Honestly I don't know, I can't get anyone in charge at PAE and I don't have the mayor's number. Only thing I can think of is go get the flamethrower out of the security room and roast it."
[14:01] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."I don't smell anything wrong here." as she looks around the blood on her mostly dry as she finishes her ant leg.
[14:01] Inferna (hythinker Resident) takes another look over it. "Weel, ah'd tak' thae bugs an' cook 'em more loik a lobster or giant prawn. Boil. Wi' butter an' wild garlic. Thae bigger fellers... depends. Did yer see whether they bae carnivore or herbivore? A'cause ah cin use sic entrails diff'rently." Her approach, despite the heavy accent is detached, almost clinical, as a good forager should be. "Ah appreciate yer goin' oot farther than ah do fer meat. Ah mos'ly collect thae plants ah ken frae thae edge o' thae wild 'ere. Been meanin' tae mak' oop a foragin' party."
[14:03] Archangel Claudia finally comes down and lands "I just have no idea what to do here."
[14:03] Alicia Frakture nods."leaping on the head of one of the beasts prying its mouth open. Carnivores. this one ate my arm before I got him."
[14:04] Alicia Frakture: **And yes she does have both arms right now**
[14:07] Inferna (hythinker Resident) walks over to the creature and draws her blade. With a quick two-handed slash, she opens the thick skin, and peels away the surface plating. She then excises a strip of muscle, and lays it out on the flat of her weapon. The air around her chills as she focuses the heat into the weapon, causing it to glow and start searing the meat. Her free hand reaches into a pouch of freshly harvested ingredients. She pulls out some wild garlic and slashes it on the side of the weapon before peeling out a clove one handed, which she begins rubbing on the meat. "Would yer moind tastin' this?"
[14:08] Lil Vickson (LillianVickson Resident) stops to look, "Dare I ask?"
[14:09] Alicia Frakture smirks."Then let's have a giant barbecue, we can boil up the ants, I'll get a giant spit and we can roast this sucker like a pig." She pauses as she sees the cooking and nods taking the cooked meat and biting in."Oh that is good."
[14:09] Alicia Frakture looks over to Lil."I brought meat."
[14:10] Inferna (hythinker Resident) chuckles. "Yer bring thae bonfire, ah'll bring thae cookery," she offers.
[14:10] Inferna (hythinker Resident): ((And unfortunately, I will need to be logging. I forgot an IRL thing))
[14:11] Lil Vickson (LillianVickson Resident) looks skeptical, "Anyone ever butchered one before? It could be poisonous."
[14:11] Archangel Claudia sighs "Solene told me to handle this, so!" she points to Inferna "You're now PAE's head chef, and all meat stuff is your jurisdiction!"
[14:11] Alicia Frakture shrugs."I've been picking at them for the past month, I'm fine."
[14:12] Lil Vickson (LillianVickson Resident) shrugs and starts on her way again.
[14:12] Archangel Claudia sighs as everyone leaves. She grumbles and grabs an old soda can and throws it so far it just vanishes Team Rocket style
[14:13] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."Look wings Give me a day and I'll clean em and make sure the meat is not toxic, and whatever is... I'll eat myself."
[14:14] Archangel Claudia huffs "Alright, just carve them up and get them in a freezer for now. I'll figure out what to do with it all later. But don't eat anything till it gets tested!" she groans and heads inside
[14:15] Alicia Frakture shakes her head and chuckles. Like that will stop me." AS she takes her axe from behind her and begins chopping at the bodies."
[14:16] Archangel Claudia nods "And please keep the area clean. That building is going to be a medical center." she points to the building being built across from PAE

Alicia soon has all the meat stripped from the bodies and looks at the various remains of inedible body parts."Now i just need a freezer."

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