The Fate Of The Infected Imposter And The PAE Security Team

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The Fate Of The Infected Imposter And The PAE Security Team

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This is an alternative to the infection's demise (a better option than just letting it be killed off just like that, if i had to get creative to get it this far im going to be creative on how it is dealt with) This Story takes place Soon after Xavier suspects Braxton and before the results of the DNA test had come in.


Xavier Left the PAE after reporting his suspicions the DNA being ran through the system. Hed make his way to his car as he sighed looking to the building then to transport. Stepping inside hed shut the door before placing his head on the steering wheel. Hed then look to his watch before exhaling hard as he reached for his phone and began to dial a number.

"hay bud nows not a good time." The voice on the phone would exclaim.

Xavier simply replied "Yeah...i know, listen man we really need to talk, not just you and me but the rest of the squad, its about Braxton...." He was cut off by the voice on the phone.

"What about him? Hung over again? man i told you hes a big boy he can handle himself...what are you his mother?"

Xavier rolled his eyes as he spoke. "Dude its serious, you know i wouldnt call you about him if it wasnt important..."

there was a slight silence before the man on the phone responds. "Alright..fine fuck, where we going to meet?"

"My place, come armed."

Xavier hung up as he began to dial a new number as he began to pull out of the garage.

Xavier sat in his apartment, hed take his lucky gold plated flip lighter to his cigarette as he lit it, though as soon as he did he would hear a knock at his door.

"its open." Xavier spoke with the cigarette in his mouth before taking a big drag.

"Sup Xavier? the fuck is so important?" A rather tall man stepped into the apartment followed by a rather pretty blond women with striking blue eyes and two other men that looked Identical, both with African features sporting buzz cuts and tight fitting shirts that they wore over there muscular bodies.

Xavier motioned them to the nearby couch as Elizabeth the sole female of the group spoke up.

"Are we doing an..intervention Xavier?" Shed tilt her head as she made her way to the couch as Xavier reached for the case of beer beside him and tossed her a couple of cans. Shed catch both then toss one over to Thomas. Xavier would then toss each twin a beer as he called out "Daniel Adam heads up!"

Adam cracked open his beer first before taking a swig. Exhaling hed look over the beer. "Shit going cheep again i see." hed huff as he felt a strike at his chest from his brother. "Dude, its free. Stop bitching." Adam chuckled in response. "You know im just fucking with him." Thomas spoke up. "Guys enough..." Hed look to Xavier. "Alright you got us here, whats going on with Braxton, why invite us and not him?"

Xavier Snuffed out his cigarette as he blew smoke from his nostrils.
Xavier spoke of his suspicions about Braxton, something wasnt right about him, something was a miss, he looked and sounded like Braxton and he seemed to behave sortof like him, but then again he didnt, Passing up things hed never pass up before, acting strangely to situations hes normally accustomed to, He even snubbed a hot redhead, something hed never do. He tried to convince his squad that there fellow squad mate had been replaced, he had to be.

Hours would pass and night would fall as the Five Pulled up to the bar near the lower city.

"You sure hes coming?" Thomas looked to Xavier as Xavier tapped on the steering wheel looking about in the streets.

"Yeah he is, or atleast i hope so, he said hed be here, Yall got brought your guns right?" Hed look to Elizabeth as she pulled out what appeared to be a desert eagle. Adam's eyes would go wide.

"Holy fuck whered you get that shit?"

Elizabeth smiled as she looked the magazine over. "Had it before i ended up in this city, my favorite side piece, figured the dickhead that replaced Braxton should be introduced." Shed wink as Daniel Gave a look of approval.

"Shit look theres his punk ass now." Adam would point to Braxton as he made is way to the bar with a blank expression on his face.

The five made there way out of the car as they tucked there pistols under there jackets s they casually made there way towards the bar.

"Braxton my man!" Xavier would call out as they approached him with a friendly smile s he attempted to give him a high five.

Braxton would look to him with abit of a smile his eyes looking to Xaviers hand then to Xavier then the hand again. Hed then Finally gave Xavier the highfive he wanted.

"You ready for the party?" Xavier smiled as he took his seat as well as the others.

"Party?" Braxton gave a slight look of confusion as Xavier chuckled.

"Dude dont tell me you forgot, my bachelor know, im getting married in a few days, hello? how much have you been drinking man?" Hed laugh as Braxton smirked.

"Oh of course man you know i wouldnt miss it." hed look to The others with a smile.

"Elizabeth youre joining us? arnt Bachelors parties for men?"

Elizabeth smirked. "Guess not, explains why you got invited."

Thomas, Xavier, Adam, And Daniel all hollered and laughed as Braxton's eyes darted about before he began to chuckle.

"Alright fair enough! Lets party!"

The group smiled as they all cheered as Braxton shouted "Ill buy the first round for the man willing to lock himself down!"

The group had a ball cracking jokes and having a grand old time, drinks were bought spilled tables overturned, the usual shenanigans brothers in arms would have. Thomas laughed aloud as he called Xavier to pass him the lighter. Xavier tossed his gold plated lighter to Thomas as Thomas laughed and light his cigar.

Hours would pass as the bar began to close at 3:am

"Shit i think i had too much to drink man." Thomas exclaimed as the others chuckled and braced Thomas as they began to walk down the ally.

"Thomas why the fuck would you park all the way over here man shit!" Daniel smirked as Adam spoke. "If i didnt know better id think hes being shady as fuck!" The group laughed as they turned the corner to an opening in the ally." Thomas would cough ad dry heave as he haunched over.

"Dude you alright?" Braxton called out as he made his way closer to thomas patting his back. "Let it out man shit!"

Braxton smiled as he continued to pat. After the fourth pat Thomas would turn and deck Braxton Square in the jaw knocking Braxton towards the brick wall.

Braxton shouted in pain as he yelled out. "What the fuck man!" as he attempted to run at Thomas only to get struck in the Gut By Elizabeth's boot knocking him back abit allowing both Adam and Daniel to grab a hold of each arm to pin him to the brick wall. "The hell? What do you think your doing?! what the fuck is this i thought were were friends!" Hed shout in anger as blood ran out of his lips unable to pull away from the muscle twins grip.

"Yea were friends, of Braxton." Xavier pulled out his pistol along with Elizabeth as he spoke. "You thought you were so clever and ill admit you were, however youve made too many mistakes, I know Braxton we grew up in the same world on the same street, we enlisted together and again when we joined the PAE, You are not Braxton."

Braxton Glowered at Xavier as his lip continued to bleed. "Bull shit im not Braxton, Come on! you know me!"

Thomas Interrupted. "Enough! we all know youre not Braxton, We figured out Xavier was telling the truth during the party, You're just some sniveling Copycat" Thomas reached and grabbed Braxtons hair pulling his head back. "You're going to tell us where he is, how much pain you suffer through until then is up to you."

Braxton paused before chuckling, hed then launched a bloody spit wad right into Thomases face. Thomas Kept hold of Braxtons hair as hed attempt to rub the bloody spit out of his eye and off his cheek. Adam and Daniel would deliver an underhand punch at Braxtons stomach causing him to heave as they both continued to pin him.

"Looks like he wants to do this the hard way." Xavier scowled.

Elizabeth lowered her gun as she pulled a large combat knife out of her boot and handed it over to Xavier.

As Xavier made his way towards the impostor they'd hear a loud shout above them as some meta landed.

Drop it all of you." Hed Clench his fists. "I wont ask again."

"Jesus fuck.." Daniel would mutter to his brother Adam

Thomas stood aside as he called out. "Look this isnt what it looks like you.." He was cut off as the meta flew towards him with a blink of an eye knocking the Big guy off to the side like it was nothing.

Daniel and Adam released Braxtons arms as Adam spoke. 'No dude seriously yuve got the wrong idea! Thats not!" Daniel was cut off by the meta

"Enough! im turning you all in! You street trash think you can do what you want when you want?!" As he spoke he made his way closer to Braxton. "Im getting you out of here let me..." His words were cut off as he let out a pained scream.

The group jumped back Thomas scrambling to his feet as he looked in disbelief.

Braxtons arm came off as the meta made his way closer the palm of his hand splitting open revealing rows of re purposed splintered and broken bones for teeth, fleshy and bony spiderlike legs jetting out of the arm as it latched onto the Metas face.
The metas Muffled screams could be heard under the palm as blood began to pour between the fingers and from the sides of the palm. The bony spiderlike legs impaling the metas spine over and over and over again. The meta attempted to pull the hand away but only managed to pull it an inch back as flesh was torn from his skull revealing bone and torn meat. The spiderlike legs impaled the spine once more causing the metas arms to go limp as he continued to scream unable to move.

"Oh shit! oh Shit!" Xavier yelled out as he scrambled to get to his weapon. Braxtons body would twitch the torso splitting open ribs breaking forming a new mouth with rows upon rows of teeth charging the meta head on. It bit down and shook the meta violently before it ripped open a manhole cover and dove in it meta in toe.

The group shouted and scrambled for there weapons.

"Holy fuck what is that thing!" Elizabeth shouted her face gone pale

"Oh shit..oh shit Braxtons dead..holy shit hes dead!" Daniel began to pace Before Thomas grabbed a hold of him and began to shake him. "Relax! We dont know that!"

"Bullshit! did you just see what happened, there is no way Braxtons Alive! There is no way!" Xavier Shouted in return. Hed go teary eyed at the thought of his best friend possibly getting torn up by that thing.

"Look there is nothing we can do for him now, not until we deal with this thing." Thomas Look to Xavier who had gone to his knees placing his hands on his head as he shook it.

Thomas made his way to Xavier as he helped him up. "Listen im sorry, were all broken up about this, hes our friend too, but we have t go after that thing, we cant let it get away with it, and we sure as hell cant let it wonder in the city, were the PAE Were trained for this, now lets get down there and kill this thing."

Adam made his way toward the manhole cover as he spoke. "Shouldnt we contact The PAE? they have people who are better suited for this.."

The rest of the group looked to Thomas before Xavier spoke up. "We cant..theres no time."

Elizabeth raised a brow. "What the fuck do you mean how is there no time fo." Xavier cut her off.

"Do you have your radio on you?' Hed look to Elizabeth then to the others. "Any of you? Any of you have the PAE on speed dile on your phone?" Hed raise a brow. "It would take too much time to search the number on a website and much longer to get to the car and our radio, it will be gone by then, we need to do this now." hed turn to look at the manhole cover. Hed Get a reassuring smile from Thomas before the others looked to eachother then nodded.

dam patted Elizabeth on the shoulder as he spoke. 'Besides since when did you need some Meta or Android to fight your battles for you hu?" Hed chuckle as he climbed down the sewer along with the others.

"This is a bad idea.." Muttered Elizabeth before she climbed in after.

The sewer was dimly lit the reflections of the stagnant water can be seen all over the walls as the group made there way through it guns drawn, before they spot a junction ahead. Looking to each other Thomas spoke up.

Alright, there is no time to go through one then double back and check the other, id hate to say this because its a movie horror trope but..we have to split up.

"Daniel shook his head. "Naww man the fuck?"

Xavier and Elizabeth looked to Daniel.

"Quite being such a pussy, hes right, if we went the wrong way the damn thing that killed our friend will get away, and most likely kill someone else, do you want that on your head?" Adam glared at Daniel

Daniel sighed then shook his head. 'Aright fuck, but im going with the team that has three people, i called dibs."

The others rolled there eyes before Thomas sighed. "Alright, Elizabeth, you Daniel and Xavier will go down the left Junction, Adam and i are going right."

"Woah man Adams on my team" Daniel exclaimed.

"Daniel...shut the fuck up, we aint got time for this..besides it wont hurt you if we had to split, now get going before i slap you upside your head.." Adam winked then smiled before the three started to make there way down the left but not before Elizabeth Spoke. "Relax Thomas will have his back."

Thomas and Adam made there way through the sewer guns drawn as they watched each others back.

"What the fuck do you think that thing is? an alien? a mutant? some..crazy meta?" Adam looked over his shoulder to Thomas.

Thomas shook his head as he responds. "Im not sure, maybe you can ask it when we find it."

"funny, you know youre quite calm for a guy wh.." His words were cut off when a loud roar was heard down the dark corridor. Both pointed there guns into the darkness. Thomas would signal to Adam both going quiet. Snarles and crunching could be heard far off. They both took a step, followed by another, and another, and another, the sounds of the second groups voices could be heard.

"Hay, the tunnels converge here...Thomas....Thomas?" Adam looked to is right not seeing Thomas, hed then turn around, before hed let out a shout that was cut short his blood spattering the wall."

Holy shit did you hear that?" Xavier looked about before Daniel spoke up frantically.

"Holy shit! that was Adam!" He began to sprint ahead towards the source of the shout.

"Daniel wait!...holy shit hes going to get himself killed." Elizabeth began to run after him along with Xavier.

"Did anyone hear any gunshots? wheres thomas?! Adam was the only one who screamed right?" As they spoke they would turn into a tunnel that seemed to connect the junctions.

Daniel would let out a scream as Elizabeth and Xavier turned white.

Thomas's body appeared broken and grotesque, sharp bony and fleshy spiderlike limbs could be seen protruding out of his spine his legs fused together like some sort of tail. He hovered over Adam. Thomas's skull split open tendrils hanging from the open gaping maw impaling Adams face as blood appeared to be getting pumped into his skull causing the skin underneath to pulsate and bubble. Adams arm appeared to be a few feet away from his body twitching and appearing to trying to animate. Adam's eyes would turn to the group his legs trembling as he gurgled.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Daniel began to open fire into Thomas his blood spattering the walls, Thomas retracted his tendrils Before clamping his massive jaws around Adams skull the spiderlike legs quickly dragging the trembling body off into the darkness then around the corner.

Daniel never stopped firing as he ran after the creature Xavier and Elizabeth firing at the creature as well. As they ran out of bullets theyd come to a stop, off in the distance Thomas would be seen peeking around the corner with a big grin on his face looking as if nothing had happened to it. Hed wink before pulling himself out of view.

Daniel Fell to his knees as he began to Sob tears running down his cheeks as he began to look to the end of the junction anger clearly in his eyes. Hed Slap in a new magazine as he began to stand only to get grabbed by Elizabeth. "Daniel No!"

"No what!?" Daniel yelled as he began to shove Elizabeth off of his person. "That motherfucker just killed my Brother! so DONT WHAT! DONT WHAT!?!?" Hed sob as Xavier began to run up between the two.

"Guys! Cut it out!" Hed Grab Daniels Shoulders. "Hes Gone man! Hes gone...If you chase after him youre going to get killed too! Im sorry Daniel..youre brother is dead, Its using that to lure you in" Hed continue to hold Daniel.

Daniel trembled and sobbed as he began to break down. He attempted to speak but he had a hard time doing it. "I shouldnt have left..i should have gone with Thomas, it should have been me..god damnit it should have been me." As Daniel sobbed Xavier and Elizabeth Went to hug him tears rolling down there cheeks as well.

"We cant stay here, its still out there." Elizabeth pulled away as she looked to her gun then to Daniel."

"What happened to Thomas? How did.." Xaviers Words were cut off as a loud squeal would be heard as Adams arm leaped at him. Hed catch the arm just before it mataged to latch to his face. The palm split open exposing its teeth made from shards of bone. It snapped at his face as Xavier screamed.

"Holy Shit get this fucking thing off of me!" As he Shouted Bony Spiderlike legs would rip out of the arm and began to flail one of the arms impaling Xavier through the forearm. Hed scream in agony as Elizabeth and Daniel rushed and grabbed the arm.

With enough force they managed to pull the severed arm from Xavier its spiderlike talon ripped away from Xaviers Arm. Elizabeth and Daniel tossed the arm before pointing there guns and firing everything they got into it. The creature squealed and hissed as it threshed, chunks began to blow off and animate the arm still thrashing with no sign of slowing down. Xavier Daniel and Elizabeth began to stomp the bits and the arm profusely. Sickly crunches would be heard as the creature continued to squeal.

"Fucking DIE!" Daniel would shout in anger and hatred. The arm would smack at on of there boots freeing itself and moving back with broken spider limbs. It hissed before skittering away with a limp the little pieces that were blown off continued to move forward but at a very very slow pace.

"Holy fuck...thats how it did it.."

Elizabeth looked to the others. "Did you see what it was doing? It was injecting blood into Adam..."

"So fucking what?" Exclaimed Daniel

"Thomas." Xavier Kept pressure on his wound as he looked to the two as they looked to him.

"Remember? Braxton..the creature, it spat on him, right in his eye..Thomas was dead for some time while we were in this sewer, or before..i dont know, that may explain why he was so adamant about going after it without backup.." hed grit his teeth as Elizabeth took off her belt and began to use it as a makeshift turnkit Daniel would take off his shirt before wrapping it around his arm.

"It didnt bleed on you did it?" Elizabeth began to look him over.

"No..I, i dont think, i think im fine." Hed look to his arm. "We need to get backup, maybe send one of us topside grab a radio...theres one in my car." Hed Look to Elizabeth and Daniel. "It was right aout one thing, if we loose track of it it could easily escape and be anyone or anything, ANd im sure well be dead before we get a chance to warn the PAE, that or whatever it wants, i dont know."

Daniel Sniffled as he wiped a tear from his eye.

"Its worth a shot..but our guns are fucking useless." Daniel would throw his gun off to the side out of anger. "Even if we do radio in it still has time to kill us and get out."

Elizabeth pondered as she looked about.
"Well if bullets dont work then...what about fire?"

Xavier raised a brow as Daniel spoke up. "What ABOUT fire?"

Elizabeth Pointed to the gas line that ran along the side of the wall. "If the thing infects others, and can survive being blown apart." shed motion to the chunks and blood slowly slithering in there direction. The it means we need to burn it, destroy every last cell."

Xavier looked to the gas line then to Daniel. "If we puncture that this place is going to fill up with that shit, if we do that and lure it here...we can light the gas and burn that fucker to hell."
Xavier smiled happy that there was an actual plan this time.

Daniel nods. "One problem...whoever lights it will either get caught up and burn to death with the damn thing....i volunteer."

Xavier shook his head. "No, this was my idea..i took this shit in my own hands and dragged you guys in here, i should do it.

Elizabeth shook her head. "No! you were right about Braxton, while the others waited and sat on there ass waiting for lab results you went and did something about it, besides you have a fiance and a baby on the way, ill do it."

Daniel Grunted but was cut off by Elizabeth. "I said ill do it, its not up for discussion...we need to lure it over here and you both are the Xavier..hand me that lighter of yours."

Xavier blinked a few times before looking to his pocket only to feel nothing. His eyes would go wide as he looked Daniel and Elizabeth pale faced. "The party...i gave it to Thomas.

Daniel would curs in anger as he kicked the animated chunk of flesh off into the distance before looking to the other two. 'Thats just fucking great! what do we do now?!"

Xavier looked to his gun. "We can set it off with these cant we? all we need is a out what about you two?"

Daniel shook his head. "I used my last clip on that creature..." Hed look to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth opened her magazine revealing she had a single bullet.
Closing the magazine shed nod.

Xavier nodded as well. "Then its decided then, guess fate wanted you to be the one to do it."

the three went to work tugging at the gas line as hard as they could the three working together, after a few heave hos they managed to rip the pope open the vapors began to waft into the enclosed space. They coughed and stood back.

"Ill stay here, you know what to yell to alert me." The three nodded as they went to there positions.

Come on out you fucking bitch! you killed my brother! Weve got a score to settle!" Daniel walked extra heavy to make as much noise as he could.

"Bring it on asshole! Ive figured you out once, im going to do it again! You are no match for the PAE security"

Splashing would be heard off in the distance. The two looked ahead at another junction. The splashing sounded like it came from multiple targets and in both tunnels.
There eyes widened as two creatures appeared one from each tunnel, one appeared to have Thomas and Adam fused together into some monstrosity held up by bony spiderlike appendages, The other appeared to have Braxton and the meta fused together at once looking quite similar. The two creatures roared as they began to skitter towards them.

Xavier and Daniel screamed as they booked it as fast as they could. The creatures appeared to be slightly faster, it was gaining ground and fast! Just before the creatures impaled the two they would turn a corner the creatures slamming into the wall at full force. The creatures stumbled upon eachother impaling each other in the process. The creatures growled as they pulled there talons out of eachother the blood absorbing back into there bodies as to not loose any precious biomass before charging.

"DURIANS TOWELESS! DURIANS TOWELESS!" The two would shout as the creature nearly caught up once more though they turned another corner causing the two to slam into another wall yet again.

Elizabeth readied her gun as she sneakingly exhaled and shook abit. "Come on you peice of shit..come to mommy." Shed mutter to herself as she heard the roars and the footsteps.

Daniel And Xavier Turned there final corner seeing Elizabeth ahead the vapor becoming more clear, Elizabeth held her breath as she began to walk into the cloud as the two ran.

The sounds of Daniel Screaming would be heard as an extra long talon impailed him from around the corner, the creature grew tired of playing with the three.

Blood poured out of Daniels mouth as he gritted his teeth his dark features reddening. Elizabeth's eyes would widen as the creature had appeared to have fused with the other making a grotesque abomination. Xavier stopped and turned to face Daniel as Daniel began to get lifted into the Air.

"Oh no.." Xaviers face grew pale

Elizabeth began to shake in sorrow as a tear began to roll down her cheek, however something would catch her eye, Thomases arm would appear to be dangling center of the creatures mass, on it the tatters of the leather jacket he wore as well as the pocket, The lighter!" She thought. Shed begin to sprint out of the vapor cloud pushing passed Xavier as he called out. "No What are you doing!"

Elizabeth would Fire a round at the talon that held up Daniel blowing it apart Severing it from the creature. Daniel fell as the talon began to twitch as small bone like appendages began to rip out of it. Daniel took the opportunity to rip the talon out of him and toss it before the transformation was completed.

Hed take a few steps back as he watched Elizabeth leap at the creature clinging onto the arm. Flesh began to open where her foot sat creating a new outh as it clamped onto her leg, her blood spewed everywhere as she screamed in agony. Shed continued to hold as she dug into the tattered pocket. Shed pull out the gold plated lighter from the pocket before throwing it over to Daniel who promptly caught it.

A new mouth would open up at her arms before clamping down onto them. Elizabeth screamed yet again as blood began to pour out of her mouth. The creature appeared to be just torturing her just to torture her, it could have easily ended her right there. A tendril would slowly slide out of its main jaw and slither up to her face now coated in blood snot and tears, The tendril forced its way down her throat causing her to gag. Shed bite down as hard as she could only to have some of her teeth break in the process as it pushed its way down to her stomach. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she began to fall out of consciousness. Her eyes suddenly opened as Spikes jet out all along the tendril all the way down her throat. Her body twitched as well as both of her eyes.

Oh fuck! oh you sick fuck!" Daniel began to back up as it ripped the tendril out of her mouth pulling out her guts from her mouth in the process. As Daniel began to run the creature would slam her corpse into him knocking him over. "Ahh Fuck!!"

Daniel yelled in pain. Hed attempt to pull himself from under her onyl to get pinned as her body began to convulse spiderlike legs made from flesh and bone erupted from her spine, Shed begin to laugh maniacally as she spoke blood pouring out of her mouth and all over Daniel. "How about a kiss big boy!" Elizabeth's corps would press its hollowed out mouth over his face causing Daniel to gag as the blood was forced down his throat. The spiderlike legs began to impale his torso as he screamed into the forced kiss. His eyes rolling to the back of his head hed use everything he had to toss the lighter over to Xavier. It slid along the wet floor Xavier trembling in shock as he watched Elizabeth tear Daniel apart, Hed watch as Daniel began to fuse into Elizabeth. Hed quickly pick up his luckly lighter as he began to ran towards the vapor cloud. Hed feel a sharp pain in his legs as he fell over. Looking over his shoulder hed see that both of his legs were cut clean off by the new abomination. Xavier screamed as he began to bleed profusely. His body already paling as he was starting to go into shock. His life began to flash before his eyes as he continued to bleed out, the image of his pregnant fiance would linger longer than most. The creature began to fuse with the other abominations as it slowly crawled its way towards Xavier. "Poor little Xavier....couldnt get the girl.."

Xavier began to look towards the vapor cloud as he took great effort to crawl as he trembled his strength fading fast.

"Couldnt get the Promotion." The creature taunted as it moved slow behind him as if it was mocking him.
Couldnt keep your friend Baxton alive..." It hissed as Xavier continued to crawl, each movement was agony as his blood pooled the floor.

"Not only did Braxton got killed...youve killed the rest of your little friends...they died because of you...and for what? so you can stop me?" The creature chuckled as it ran its tongue along the floor lapping up the blood that was left behind by Xavier. "You cannot stop me let alone the master...youve failed."

Hed growl as he went from 1mph to 6 in an instant skittering over Xavier before impailing his hsoulder. Xavier was too weak to scream as he was lifted closer to the gaping maw of the monstrosity. The rows of teeth began to Extend as its tongue ran along Xaviers face. Xaviers eyes glossed over as he used every last bit of his strength to press the button on the lighter. The creature noticing this would look to the lighter then about noticing this area was covered in vapor. It let out a roar as the fire was lit. A massive fireball would engulf a large part of the sewer the creature letting out an ear Peirceing screech that could be heard through the entire lower level of the city followed by a loud bang as a few nearby manhole covores were launched into the sky and part of the street caved in. the creature skittered and roared as it slowly became weaker and weaker as its biomass began to burn away, after a few moments it would lie motionless leaving behind a charred body, there were no signs of life from the creature what so ever, all genetic material was burned beyond recognition, only a charred creature laid under the rubble, the only hope of identifying anything would be the teeth and dental records of Xavier.

Upon the loud roaring John Do would look up from his desk as he slowly stood. Hed make his way out of the bar before looking up to the plume of smoke. Hed blink a few times as he spoke to himself. "Hmm....not what i expected." Hed shake his head with disappointment as he made his way back in the bar.

"Sir are we done closeing for the nig.." The waitress's words were cut short as John grabbed her by the throat. Shed gasp as his eyes turned orange. The floor underneath her opened up revealing the pit of hell itself. He was angry and he was taking it out of this waitress by putting her soul back to hell where he pulled her out from to begin with to work the bar.

"No! please! i cant go back there! not again! Please have mercy!"

John Shook his head as he dropped her. As she fell her clothes would burn away her screams echoing the bar as she fell further and further into the pit. The pit Slowly closed as John Adjusted his jacket. "Anyone else want to speak to me tonight? No? Then get back to work or the rest of you will go back to your torment post haste, i have an endless supply of people who would kill to take your place and i wont hesitate to do so." He sounded pissed as he made his way to the office and slammed the door shut hard enough to cause a few classes to fall and shatter. Every staff member in the bar began to work faster and harder keeping there heads down.

Off in the distance near an allyway Several eyes would be seen staring out towards the smoke. The shadowy figure lurked out of the darkness the eyes appearing a two now as spike walked out to the street. His face split open abit revealing the rows upon rows of teeth before they came together once more. Hed look to the direction of the underworld club before bolting it off into the darkness, The master is going to be pissed, there was no way he could show his face to him again, unless he wanted to face punishment. The hellhound ran as fast as he could only looking over his shoulder once or twice as it dawned on him, There was no way in hell he could go back, he got bested by a bunch of mortals...powerless mortals, he was disgraced for sure, however that meant there was nothing around that could or would order him around anymore...perhaps this selfe imposed banishment wouldnt be so bad..right? do as he pleases attack who he pleases eat when he pleases...yeah he could get used to that, but where to start. for the first time in his life he didnt have any real purpose.
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