Fight in the sewers

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Fight in the sewers

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[14:44] Limly Sivitri (Limly Yoshiro): 911 call: strangly dressed person selling some kind of modified weapons in the street of the lower city, subject wearing black with some kind of red armor last spotted on the lower street between the diner, the Marques and the Sivitri media building.
[14:48] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): the man in question continued to make his way down the street passing the wolf man who seemed to just stare, so far it seems he may get away without havin to fight, but he knew it was never that easy, he kept his guard up as he was nearing his exit point.

[14:49] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry runs through the streets having a general description as she looks around.
[14:51] The Red Scope made his way to the sewer before lifting the grate with ease. Hed listen to his own comms as his goons spoke to him, hed simply responded. "Good, stay out of sight, i have a feeling im going to have some visitors....relax it was a matter of time, our operation is much larger now than in the old city, couldnt stay hidden forever, now shut up and get my money sorted." He hasnt jumped into the sewer as of yet.
[14:52] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry sees someone matching the description."Freeze!"
[14:53] Vishalya flew overhead and seemed to really pay no mind to what was going on in the lower city, until she saw a strange man in full armor roaming about, not really up to date on any ongoings in the city she could care less, but the fact a guy was roaming around in full armor made her brow raise, she landed gracefully and glanced to him. "Making a statement on looking like a can of sardines..?" She then glanced to the woman who spoke up. "What is going on?"
[14:54] The Red Scope did just that for a moment. As soon as he heard the shout he coulnt help but think. "what took you so long?" With a single motion hed grip the manhole covor tight before throwing it like a freezbee with 10 tonnes of force behind it in cherrys direction. Whether or not it hit her he would attempt to leap into the sewer itself.
[14:55] NS Alicia Frakture in a moment she caught the manhole cover and flung it back at the being about to leap."That is not freezing. that is the opposite of freezing."
[14:57] Lykan would approach and stop, keeping a distance for now.
[14:57] The Red Scope just before he was about to leap would find the manhole covor bounsing off his shoulder plate. The force did cause him to stumble abit however he wasnt going to simply wait around. Hed grimice as he simply lept inside, the steet was too open for his liking for sure. the impact of the manhole covor did leave a decent dent and crack in the plating.
[14:59] Durian growls getting out of he car not caring hat they lookedliek as she goes to the back of th ecar and gears up
[14:59] NS Alicia Frakture sees the car approach as she follows the man down into the sewers, seeing him sprinting she doesn't land and decides to follow him by air, as it were
[15:00] Vishalya didn't know or care what was going on at this point, she would lift off into the air and dived down into the sewers, with a giggle. "Don't care who started it or what its about, but a fight is a fight!"
[15:01] NS Alicia Frakture calls at the sprinting individual "Freeze: Verb Hold at a fixed level or in a fixed state for a period of time."
[15:02] The Red Scope moved really quick even in his armor, he is as fast as Usain bolt and the hydraulics made him move abit faster with more agility than one would in such thick gear. Hed look over his shoulder and notice he was being followed. His H.U.D Zoomd in on his peruser as he reached over his back and pulled out his modified shotgun. The weapon was massive and it looked like it would shatter the arm of any human who fired it. Hed turn before firing what appeared to be a warning shot in her direction. The bullets were massive and they hit hard. Hard enough to put a hole in a tank. the sound verbeated loudly in the sewer as steam burst out of the pipes that have been hit.
[15:06] NS Alicia Frakture blinks as the steam blasted her, the sudden explosion hitting her face. She landed, hard as the eruption of steam blasted half her face off. She looks at the man."That... was your last warning."the mechanical aspects of her face can now be seen."
[15:08] Durian joins up racking their gun eady for a fght
[15:08] The Red Scope pumped the shotgun as the massive shells flew of to the side. His H.U.D zoomed in on her face once more. "Useless machine..." Hed say in a calm manor as he began to turn and run again. However he kept his six in check he knew she was going to attack as his back is turned, he was counting on it.
[15:09] Vishalya grinned like a madwoman and flew after the male, still easily navigating the tight corridors with her wingspan. The rounds of the shotgun grazed her skin and seemed to mar her usually flawless features, she grinned wider and would overtake the man, her flight speed just as fast as any human's top speed. She would barrel into the armored figure with enough force to stumble him if he was not paying attention. However the punch she delivered to his shoulder plate next was not, she hit it for a good 15 tons of force, unsure really how much his armor could take. She honestly didn't care for whatever it was he was being chased for, she was just bored.
[15:13] NS Alicia Frakture was about to charge full force into the armored being when the winged woman came past her. She watched the attempted collision, her hands reaching out to unleash electricity but she paused."I.. I forgot i no longer have that power."
[15:13] The Red Scope ran and as stated earlier he kept his guard up on his six, he counted on the other to attack him from behind however he didnt expect te other one to show up, still he saw her coming and he figured hed punish her mistake of doing a blatant attack without a backup plan. As she was jst about to barrel into him he would turn his body to avoid getting hit in the shoulder and use his free hand to grip her, useing 10 tonnes of force and her own motion hed attempt to redirect her into the nearby wall. If sucessful hed then follow up with a direct shot with the high powered tank busting shotgun. Whether or not it was successful he was left open for the others to retort.
[15:17] Vishalya was grabbed by the male but he forgot one clear feature of her, her tail, she would slam it into his side with about the same amount of force as her punch was going to be if it would have landed, she still was slammed into the wall however but tore one of the steam pipes from the wall obscuring everyone's vision, the heat and scalding water did little to harm her skin however as she was used to dealing with much hotter temperatures. "This how you treat all the ladies? I could get to like you." She teased.
[15:18] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry calculated a response. As he focused on the winged woman she ran up to grab him, instead of using super strength if she grabs him she instead uses the nanites in her body to try and consume his armor to repair her damaged face."If you will not freeze I will freeze you."
[15:23] The Red Scope grunted as he was racked by her tail. His armor held but showed visible damage to it a decent dent. Due to getting hit and the steam rushing to blind his vision the point blank shot would be off by inches sparing the winged women from a direct hit. Hed feel hismelf getting grabbed and his H.U.D would put up warning about the nanite intruders. The villains Hardlight interfaces would dissapear as he reverted power to the teslacoils. A huge electrical surge would dance over his armor most likely overloading and destroying any mechanical or small organic matter that was on him and surge through anyone touching him. It would last for atleast five seconds before he used the hydraulics in his legs to attempt to slam cherry into the wall with 10 tonnes of force with in an attempt to disorient her, meanwhile hed keep his shotgun trained in the winged womens direction incase she decided to attack.
[15:27] NS Alicia Frakture finds herself electrocuted her body twitching slightly as she kept her grip."I shall con... consume the mm,m,m metal of your armor to repair myself then decide what to do with whatever meat is in this can... anything else about to be said is drowned as she impacted the wall. her grip not lessening.
[15:29] Vishalya was hit with the shock though it did the opposite to her, she seemed to absorb most of the defensive measure, and even in the steamy, dimly light tunnel the glow from her own electricity picked up, even the short duration of the shock seemed to power her up some. The stench of the sewer was slowly replaced with the ionization of the air around her as the electricity with in her body came to the surface. The once rosey color of her eyes was changed to a golden color as her mouth opened and a ball of electricity was starting to form.
[15:34] The Red Scope waised a brow as the women spoke, she gave him information about her. "Youre a fool to give that out about yourself kid." Shed find that his armor nor his weapons were made of metal of any kind, if she consumed metal to repair herself she was getting absolutely none of it. The tesla coils would shut down as he moved power to the hardlight instead. Hed raise his left arm infront of him but he wouldnt activate the hardlish shield yt. Hed then hold his shotgun over his shoulder the H.U.D giving him a view of what his gun was pointed at, he was aiming right for her head. Hed then pull the trigger in an attempt to shoot her point blank with the massive tank busting slugs.
[15:36] NS Alicia Frakture Cherrys eyes open."Your armor is not metal. I can not consume it." as she tries to use her strength to rip it apart with 25 tons of force." her fingers finding any seams they can as she begins trying to remove the armor."If I open him, can you blast him?"
[15:40] NS Alicia Frakture stops speaking as the barrell was pointed at her face. Her hands not stopping as she was blasted, her body not letting go as a large hole appeared in her head.
[15:45] Vishalya would fire off the beam of electricity at the male's gun knocking it a bit off target, though she wasn't fast enough and the robotic woman still took some of the blast, glancing at the woman with most of a head missing she grimaced and leapt back some, knowing her hide could take some of the pellets of the shotgun but not a whole shell's worth at point blank. She couldn't fully let go of her powers down here as it would fry the city's power grid as well. She eyed the male and seemed to be trying to figure out what course of action should be done next.
[15:50] The Red Scope after his gun was struck would watch as his H.U.D aleerted him to the new influx of power. The current went from the gun to his gauntlets and into the suit. It was powerful, almost too powerful. The suit wanred he needed to get rid of the excess power or risk a shortout, He knew just how to do it. He diverted the extra power to his hydraulics systems. Now instead of pulling 10 tonnes of force he was able to do tirty, though it would only be for a very short time, the extra poer was already draining and it will dissipate fast. Hed use this to grab at the machines arms. if sucessful hed attempt to yank one of them off with his free hand, as soon as it was gone hed slip out and attempt to smack The winged woman upside the head with it in an attempt to daze her.
[15:55] NS Alicia Frakture as he grabs a small chime noise can be heard."Power acquired." as electricity coursed through Cherrys hands. her neck spoke."My processing core is not in my head human... It is time to see if it is yours." Her powers flowing through even with the arm being almost ripped out.
[16:04] Vishalya glanced to the robotic woman and clicked her tongue. "Christ, just how much abuse can one bitch take?" She noticed her electricity wasn't doing much of anything on either of the two either so she leapt forward and was about to send a punch to the male, lined with electricity, even if he'd absorb the energy the added force of the hit was reaching well over her 35 ton limit, if the blow lands on someone its going to hit with 50 tons with the added force of the electricity suddenly bursting out.
[16:09] The Red Scope 's h.U.Dwould light up as the new serge of energy began to power his sut up. Hed notice the winged women making a charge at him, he acted rather quickly, Hed use the extra power in an attempt to peel her from his armor all the while hed use the new strength to turn her in the direction of the winged women in an attempt to allow cherry to take the hit instead, if all goes to plan he would have a window to start making his way off again.
[16:09] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): ((you missed the orgy man)
[16:11] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry does indeed take the hit causing her to release the armor, with a loud noise and a shower of sparks from her neck. Her body laying on the ground, her hand laying on some damaged metal pipe.
[16:14] Vishalya was too late to hold back the hit and damn did she hit the robotic woman on accident, the force would send the two tumbling some, she stood there growling lowly as her short burst of power ebbed away. Her eyes returning their rosy hue, yet still glowed in the dim light. Pissed at the quick wit of the man in the armor.
[16:16] Durian would keep her rifle at th eready rushing to cherry "you ok?"
[16:17] The Red Scope as he ran looked to his shotgun as it sparked. The winged women did a number on it, this was going to be a pain to fix, but given the weapons deal went off without a hitch he was able to affored it and still have cash left over. Hed holster the weapon as he ran but not before tossing a canister ahead where the sewer splits four ways. The canister went off as plumes of highly toxic smoke began to fill the area ,any organic that was foolish enough to walk into it would start to suffer form nerve damage, blindness, blistering skin and burning lungs, the effects of which would end as soon as you step out, he used this to mask which direction he got off to.
[16:19] NS Alicia Frakture points to her non existent head."If this fails tell Mikoto.. thanks." comes from a speaker in her neck as she makes one last dash effort and uses her flight to fly directly at the armored man. her body not organic, hoping to slam into either his spine or a wall. with about 30 tons of force no matter what she collapses to the ground, not moving
[16:22] Durian would rush after her but stops seeing the gas not able to getto cherry "shit! no!
[16:25] Vishalya was going to tear after the male but due to the toxic smoke she would stop in her tracks, she flapped her wings to help dissipate the cloud away from herself and Durian, as it cleared she snarled and slammed her fist into the side of the wall, cracking it under the force of the blow. Due to the man being long gone Cherry ended up slamming into her instead sending the two flying down the way and running into the wall at the cross section, she rose and tossed the robotic woman off her, though her wings hung limb and drug along the ground, obviously broken. She glared down to the woman and let off a roar that seemed impossible for a human like being to do, it echoed through the corridors, filling the sewers with the all too familiar sound of her rage.
[16:25] The Red Scope wouldnt have ran straight in the smoke cloud down the tunnel he would have taken either a left or a right. she would find herself sliding down the tunnel with the man nowhere in sight. At this point he would have gon to ground, he needed to repair his things and set up new deals, he will review the footage of his fight and see what he can learn and see how he can adapt for next time.
[16:27] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry lays on the ground. her body motionless."Please return me to PAE... I *BZZZZZZZT appear to be... broken." The word broken fading out
[16:29] RaptorDragon Dragonash: 4 would take a few deep breths ad rush into the gas grabbing cherry to pull her out
[16:29] Durian would take a few deep breths ad rush into the gas grabbing cherry to pull her out
[16:31] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry is pulled out of the gas area.
[16:32] Vishalya glares to the two P.A.E. personnel and began to walk off down the tunnels, not being able to fly for a while till her wings healed, she continued on, looking for the male that ran away. Not so much out of a want for justice as she wanted to continue her fight. She would continue on her way if not stopped.
[16:35] Durian gets on her readio hittig the hailer channel "got persnal down, cherry is down, lower city tunnel entrance" as she begins trying to carry cherry to the ladder
[16:41] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry lay there as a group of employees to collect her body
[16:42] Durian watches her get carried off as she remains here taking gear off

Cherry was taken to the medical area
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