Michael "Samhain Sentinel" Mahoney

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Michael "Samhain Sentinel" Mahoney

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HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Samhain Sentinel

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero


AGE : 25

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Michael Mahoney has always been on the outskirts of what is considered normal society. He is mainly a drifter doing odd jobs such as working as a bouncer, or undercover security, bartender with a seldom used private investigator's license that may or may not have expired. Most of his powers are more training than anything but he did get into a drinking contest with a minor lady villain who specializes in toxins, poisons and mutagens who goes by the name of Arachne which sharpened his senses somewhat but outside of being able to see in the dark and predict an enemy's actions to some degree of accuracy he is just a guy in a mask looking to do some good even it winds up killing him.

1. Night Vision
2. Intuition (Danger Sense limited to what is immediately around him.
3. Master Brawler

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):
Normal human; he's just some punk in a mask and a semi fancy costume trying to make a name for himself and do good at the same time. And even then he is more out to dispense some street justice than any sort of name recognition.

Day Job:
Private Investigator
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