Apache; Old West Cowboy

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Apache; Old West Cowboy

Post by vhamelin » Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:24 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Veregas Hamelin


CIVILIAN NAME: Hakan; Jericho Simmons

AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 37


Confused, lost, and stark naked, the man known as Apache was a legend in the old west. Traveling across the old territories in the 1870s trading raw goods from the east coast and far out to the California settlements. During his time, he has helped handle the likes of outlaws, acted as a symbol of peace for the various Native American tribes, and aied in some of the most historical moments in the US history.

Originally born in the Adirondacks on February of 1833, Hakan, or Jericho had a bit of a short fuse at times when provoked. His father, a half breed of both Scottish and Cherokee descent, Apache's father dealt with the cruelties harbored by others due to his taint but others. It's difficult to say what his father, Jack Simmons dealt with and where he was from originally. The family retreated to the Adirondacks to hide away from societies and try to live in peace. Yet, growing up even in the smaller societies was not easy for the young cowboy. His bloodline being someone known forced him to survive on his own and harden as a fighter. As a boy he had to fight off bullies, deal with discrimination and racism from the general public. His short temper tend to get him into a great deal of trouble as well. Over time, he learned to harness that and utilize it.

By the age of 27, the young redhead having surviving his youth and graduating from school, found himself a part of the American Civil War. Standing on the side of the Union Army, During that time he acted as a scout tracking down where the lines were of the confederate forces. He's seen some action during his time, but most of it was tracking and watching for the Confederate army.

By war's end, he returned to the Adirondacks and resorted to trading and trapping, seeking out the American Frontier like all the others before him to build a better future for himself. For a time, he settled at a small town in Wyoming acting as the Town's Sheriff before moving on to Kansas becoming one of the Marshals needed to clean up the territory. During that time, he was able to track down Outlaws, and utilize his skills as a former soldier to uphold the law and keep the peace between the natives and the Settlers. Not an easy task.

However, in the fall of 1870, while on his way back to the Adirondacks to check on his traps, he found himself involved in a brutal fight between Wyoming and New York. It as hard to determine who they were, but he found himself backed in a corner ready to accept his fate when the world around him began to shatter. A blinding flashing light grabbed him and he found himself on some plain of existence. Stark naked and no means to defend himself, he later finds himself on some strange location where everything was different compared to what he knew. The change was to be the greatest challenge for him, and he also needed answers as well.

POWERS: (List powers from the suggested power list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=4 )
(NOTE: If you want a power NOT on the approved powers list, make sure to give an adequate description of the power below.)

1. Expert Tracker: having experience as a Scout for the Union Army and a trapper/trader on the side, Apache is very exceptional as a tracker when searching for clues or even looking for missing people.

2. Skilled Marksman: It is said, that Apache's eyes are like that of a hawks when it comes to using firearms or other ranged weapons, having the capability of hitting his mark from approximately 100 yards; partially due to his knowledge on his weapons capabilities and weaknesses/flaws.

3. Native Tongue: During his travels, Apache has grown to be fluent in different Native American Languages. This includes, Algonquin, Iroquois, Cherokee, Navajo, Black Foot, Apache, Mohican, and Cheyenne.

4. Toughness: Having it rough as a youth, and living in the wilderness, Apache has developed a toughness to physical damage. Some say he is capable of taking down a bear without the help of a rifle.

5. Indomitable Will: The harsh lifestyle of the west has harden his willpower. Especially when it comes to survival.

6. Gunslinger: Apache has a fast hand when it comes to a side arm. Especially if its a revolver.

7. Cat like Reflexes: Although not a super human by any means, Apache is light on his feet. Primarily due to the number of brawls and gunfights he's been in.

WEAKNESSES (Note these do not go away. They cannot be removed with training. Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

Human. He isn't super by an means. He can be killed very quickly.

Computer Illiterate: Due to how advance things are in CC, he has a very hard time understanding Computers and how they work. He's lucky if he can turn one on.

This also includes advance technology as well. Cars, phones, anything of that nature he has a very hard time understanding, let alone can he be a bit jumpy with it. Hope to god he doesn't have a gun and shoot your TV on instinct.

Stubborn: This is a flaw of his. When he sets his mind on something, he won't rest until its done.

Rulebender: Like Spartan One, Apache is also one to bend the rules. In his case, the harsh lifestyle the Wild West had to offer is a part of that influence. He won't hesitate to kill a man if he absolutely has to.

One major thing he has a rough time with is trusting others. This is due to the discrimination, and racism he dealt with growing up. Although it improved after the War, it never fully faded. He still dealt with it somewhat.

Short temper: Say the wrong thing and you may wind up in a brawl.

SAMPLE POST: (Please provide one example post of how you would role play the character. Any scenario is fine).

The sun was baking at this hour; the harsh desert absorbing the heat and making the air dry and heavy while he traveled through. His Horse moving along through the desert while his hat protected his sensitive skin from the harms of the suns rays against his skin. The trail seemed like it was almost running cold at this point. He spent about three days tracking down the Outlaw responsible for the stage coach robbery. Marshal Andrews called on him to help track the culprit down. He was hoping to find the man. As he paused for a second to take a drink from his canteen, he looked about seeing if there was a spot that the Outlaw could have ran off to. In the distance he could hear the Hawk searching for food. On the hunt like he was. Only difference was, Apache was after a man, the Hawk was after a meal.

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