Cassandra Quarse Sinclair

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Cassandra Quarse Sinclair

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Asrya Amaterasu

HERO/VILLAIN NAME: None as of yet

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Citizen

CIVILIAN/ALTER EGO NAME: Cassandra Quarse Sinclair

AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 21

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Cassie's family was one of those saved by "God". Her mother and brother were given positions teaching, while her father was given the same position he held before the world's end designing technology.
Cassie herself has an aptitude for mechanics, aided by her technopathy and so was assigned in the mechanics shop where her abilities excelled.
During the transition to the new world, the radiation destroyed her vocal chords, rendering the girl utterly mute. With her metahuman state being hidden from the rest of the world she and her father worked tirelessly to restore her ability to communicate and eventually created a choker with a speaker embedded in it that could be controlled by her technopathy, allowing her to speak, albeit with a twist

POWERS: List your character's powers, and describe the limits of the powers (i.e. Super strength: hits with 10 tons maximum blunt force). If you need ideas, go to the following website: ... _Abilities

1. Technopathy - the ability to sense, control, and activate electronic devices. (Limited to touch and willing/non sentient machines)
2. Electronic sense - Sensing active electronic signatures within fifty feet of herself
3. Mechanical diagnosis- The sense of how a machine works, and where flaws in the flow of electrical charge (must be touching the machine to diagnose it)

WEAKNESSES : all human weaknesses as well as totally mute unless wearing the specialized choker with the small cell phone-like speaker in it)
In electronic-free areas or electro shielded areas (such as a farrady cage) She will get dizzy and disoriented

Day Job (Optional):
Mechanic and receptionist at Hollis' garage
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