This section is for non powered characters, notable non player characters, and anything else that doesn't fit the other sections
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Hello everyone here is a bit about me :)

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name):
Pergatore Ravenheart (Dante Ravenheart)

The Technivarist

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?):
not a hero not a villain, he will follow his own path wherever it leads him.


? dus not know when he was created

He does not much of his past life (if he even had one) but is determent to find out his past.
One day he woke up, feeling that he was different, everything seemed normal except he had a little floating robot next to him he could talk to, and no one else could hear what they spoke about, other then his strange affinity with mechanized and electronic items nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
After a while he resumed a normal life, setting up shop in town where he spends his days fixing and selling tech items.
On his travel to get a supply of iron he found an elderly woman trapped under a car at an ignored roadsigns, he rushed to help out and figure that he could lift the car with ease.
Upon further investigation and pondering he notest allot of things seemed less normal then it should be, he hardly feels tired and things that seem heavy are light as a feather to him.
When returning home and after doing some tests he found out that he was not human at all but bionic. now even more determined to find out who or what he was, he remains in town hoping to find more information.

he is very heavily tattooed to hide any marks showing that he might be bionic

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