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Post by J.Trimble » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:13 pm

This post serves to replace the original rules. Nothing has changed particularly except that clarifications have been made so that both players and admins understand the extent of the rules.

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Post by J.Trimble » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:15 pm

Welcome to Celestial City!

First, let's get to the basics which apply across the board, no matter why you are here:

1. All rules of Second Life apply.

2. This is an adult roleplay sim, with sex and nudity and violence. If you aren't at least 18 years old, or you are offended by these things, go somewhere else. Also, no child avatars, and all characters played must be 18 years of age.

3. Consent rules apply. No means no. Respect the preferences of others. This is especially important because we have two distinct kinds of roleplay happening here (see below).

4. No godmoding or metagaming or power gaming or auto-hitting or no selling attacks etc. Whatever you want to call any of the normal sins of RP

5. Griefing/harassment -Zero tolerance, anyone that intentionally tries to disrupt, harass, stalk others in the sim will be dealt with severely. This of course refers to out of character behavior, but being an ass in character will not be accepted as an excuse to ruin the enjoyment of others. Further you may not do anything that adversely affects the sim and the quality of role play in it.

6. By leaving the landing zone, or by applying to roleplay as a sim/story-based roleplayer (see definition below), you agree to allow Celestial City or any of it's citizens to photograph your avatar, as well as allowing your chat to be copied and reproduced in Second Life or on the internet. This is necessary for sim communication purposes.

7. No furries. Animal-based characters are allowed, but they must be realistic-looking, not cartoon-like.

8. This is an adult themed sim and for those reasons we can not allow existing copyrighted and trademarked characters to exist in our sim. This copyright extends to even mentioning copyrighted and trademarked characters and properties in your application form. Please understand that Digital Millennium Copyright Claims are the biggest villains in second life and while other sims may not take the DMCA act quite so seriously, we do. It won't be the individual player who is held to account for DMCA breaches, but the sim that allows them to happen, so please understand it's a matter of legality and wanting to continue to provide you an adult themed venue to play. DMCA is designed not only to prevent people making a profit on registered trademarks and copyright but also to protect those properties from being "tarnished" or damaged by unauthorized depictions ((especially adult situations)). We want to provide an adult venue for fantasies and role-play involving superheroes, super-heroines, villains and villainesses .

9. Inspiration. Your character may be inspired by existing Intellectual properties that fit the superhero theme so long as there are no direct reference to those properties settings, characters or technologies in your characters background story. All characters must exist on paper as being notably different from existing Intellectual Properties. Original brand new characters are always preferred over tributes. Be sure to be able to point out three MAJOR differences between your character and an existing one when asked by an admin. Note : A slight name change is a "MINOR" difference. The best approach to take with fictional publications when playing in celestial city is to treat the characters of celestial city as "real", whilst treating existing Intellectual properties, trademarked and copyrighted comic book characters as "fictional" ((It's ok to talk about comic book characters as comic book characters))

10. Created characters must be logical within the character's theme. What we mean by this is the powers must reasonably go together. For example, a character with flight and underwater breathing probably won't get approved, unless there is a rationale provided. Now if you have a character named "The Flying Fish" (or his background has something to do with getting his powers while studying radioactive effects on flying fish), then those two powers make a little more sense and might be approved.

11. All sim/story-based role-players must be approved for their roles. They will complete the application, included in the information folder and submit it to Chyleste or an admin.

12. Public v Private scenes.
Sex scenes in progress . Be they vanilla, consensual or forced are considered private scenes. You must always ooc ask permission of all involved to intervene or join in, regardless of where the scene takes place. If any involved say no then respect that. There are always other areas your character can be at that particular time.

Please note that scenes that have not yet gone to the "sexual" phase in public are able to be joined freely.

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Post by J.Trimble » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:17 pm

Q: Can I rent a room to be my home in Celestial City?
A : We are not doing rentals at this time but you can claim a room for your character here in the role play. Due to prim counts we are currently not allowing people to rezz things long term. Let Chyleste know how you would like your home furnished and she will do her best to accommodate. You must be an active long term role player to keep your claim on a room.

Q: Can I play a child avatar?
A: No.

Q: Where are all the children?
A: On the nursery moon. Children are taken when they are boon to an artificial moon for their protection. There they are cared for and educated until the age of 18 by sentient machines.

Q: Can I use super-powered HUDs and effects in Celestial City?
A: Yes. Please do not use laggy effects such as smoke clouds or huge effects. Do not use any powers that throw other avatars around without that person's permission. If you have questions about if an effect is too much contact an admin and test it with them in a safe area.

Q: Can I play a monster or alien type of character?
A: Yes. Please do not expect a warm welcome in character. One should expect to be discriminated against, distrusted or even attacked in character.

Q:What are my options for monster or openly alien?
A: The Hive is always welcoming of these types of character. The Hive is evilly aligned and has a sanctuary on the hive section space station and several teleport nodes in the city.

Q: But what if I'm not an evil alien or monster?
A: Disguise yourself as a human and try to blend in. Or use secluded locations such as sewers , park, subway. While there might be a belle who sees the prince in your beast, don't expect that to the average reaction. Please also note, that using alien or monster mind altering/ influencing powers on citizens to try to get your "good" point of view across, is likely to be seen as "brainwashing" and not strengthen human/ alien ((monster)) relations.

Q: Can I rezz objects here to use in scenes?
A: Yes you are welcome to rezz objects within reason to use during the course of any scenes while you are playing. These objects will be returned when you are not on sim using the objects. NOTE; DO NOT REZZ ANYTHING ON THE ROAD ITSELF. For some reason the roads do not seem to allow anything rezzed on it. You can rezz on the sidewalks and then move it into place.

Q: Can I suggest or run events in Celestial City?
A: As long as it is role play within the setting / story of Celestial City. We do not allow OOC on the sim play areas. If you would like to run an event contact Chyleste or another member of the admin team

Q: Can I create a super team / criminal organization / etc in Celestial City?
A: Yes. We encourage teams, criminal empires and all the other things that help bring this place to life.

Q: Can I have a store / office or other business for my secret identity in Celestial City?
A: Yes! This is a full immersion sim and playing the day to day civilian secret identities helps add depth to the world. Contact Chyleste if you need a specific store or building.

Q. Where are we in the timeline since the 'awakening' of the city?
A. At the opening of the sim, we are at day 1.

Q. How much of humanity was saved? Enough to start again? Or was the whole of humanity saved?
A. A hypothetical million people were saved, although most of those are npc's (non-player characters).

Q. How will other creatures arrive into the city?
A. Now everybody awakens on the Ark. The space station in celestial city orbit. The aliens that created the station rescued people from death and put them into cryo freeze. The Ark traveled all dimensions and all time before the multi verses and universe as a whole was destroyed. The ARK holds hundreds and thousands of cryo pods. There are enough people in deep freeze to keep us going indefinitely

Q. Who or what tends the farms outside of the mountains' protection?
A. Picture this: There are mountains surrounding the city, then farmlands, then more mountains which protect the farmlands. The farmlands are run by npc's, or possibly even player characters, although no "farming actions" will be taking place in the city.

Q. Will some characters have chapters already written in the "history of things"?
A. People or heroes whose background was prior to the end of the world might be known, although they would have to have it in their app's background. For example, someone could have been a celebrity before the end of the world, and that would carry over. Same for heroes and villains who were famous/infamous.

Q: Can I keep my role play history from other sims / adventures I have had?
A: Yes it is a fairly simple way to integrate into Celestial City. Most characters can have survived the end event and this is the next chapter in their story. Some may come from an alternate multiverse, brought here as that multiverse was effected as well.

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Post by J.Trimble » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:19 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name):


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?):


AGE (all characters must be at least 18):


POWERS: List your character's powers, and describe the limits of the powers (i.e. Super strength: hits with 10 tons maximum blunt force). If you need ideas, go to the following website: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List ... _Abilities


WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

Day Job (Optional):
You may want to give your character a day job as this will help you integrate and become part of the Celestial City RP community. For a list of jobs check out our forums. BIG LINK IN LANDING ZONE.

Applications with references to copy-written material will not be accepted. No copy-written or trademarked characters may be used in celestial city. Original content only.

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