Housing in Celestial City

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Housing in Celestial City

Post by Chyleste » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:57 pm

Yes we do offer a home for your characters here in the city.
No I do not charge lindens for rent.

How do you get a home for your characters?
We have a lot of apartments all over the city. The apartments that are occupied will have someone's name over the main door.
If you want to claim an apartment, look around for an apartment that doesn't have a name. Send a message (notecard is best ) to Chyleste with who you are and where the apartment is.
Chy will put your name on the door and furnish and customize the apartment asap.

Requirements for the apartment.
You must be active in the RP around the city. If you have not been active in RP in Celestial City for over 30 days the apartment can be claimed by another player.
Your character needs to have an in-character method to pay rent. This can be a job, a wealthy benefactor, some kind of deal with another character or a life of crime.
The apartments on the east side of town are the cheapest rent with the ones on the west side being more expensive.
Due to prim limits, we cannot allow you to leave things rezzed when you are not on SIM. You can rezz items to use while in scenes, but please clean up before you go.
Chyleste will be happy to furnish and decorate the apartment to suit your character. Chy has many things and can find something to satisfy any kinks while keeping the theme of the city.

For special characters that need to hide either due to being nonhuman or maybe a highly wanted criminal, talk with Chyleste about special accommodations.

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