The History of Celestial City!

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The History of Celestial City!

Post by Chyleste » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:16 pm

At the beginning of the 21st century, the end of the world came. History doesn't record the name of the man who foresaw it: Some call Him God, some call Him an evil genius. But when the multiverses collided, He was the one who preserved humanity in a place called Celestial City.

Although He did everything He could to avoid saving metahumans, some managed to slip through and make it into His lifepods, where they made it to Celestial City. But even the normal humans who survived were bombarded with significant amounts of cosmic radiation. For the normals, some lived, some died, and some...changed, becoming metahumans themselves, although the overwhelming majority of survivors were "normals". Some metahumans made it to Celestial City themselves, making the long and dangerous trek through Earth's unforgiving cosmic radiation, using various means, from technology to even healing powers.

On Day 1, everyone was surprised to awaken in their new city, with jobs and schools and homes, all arranged by Him. The city came with all the basic needs arranged for the citizens, including farms on the other side of the mountains to provide food, as well as a nuclear power plant for energy. The rest of the Earth is there, but the lingering cosmic radiation makes it uninhabitable for the next century, although people can travel in it for up to a day without any lasting effects. The mountains surrounding Celestial City keep out most of the cosmic radiation.

But even a year after Day 1, people continue to arrive. Some will be other survivors of the end, including survivors from other universes. Some will be aliens from other worlds, who also managed to survive the end in their own ways. And there is always procreation between our citizens, encouraged by Him.

However, people have noticed that metahumans of all kinds, heroes and villains, have started appearing in the city, almost like ghosts from the past, but very real, and dangerous in some cases. They appear for a few minutes, or even a day or two, but then they always disappear again. There are lots of rumors: They return where they came from, or He turns them into food, or He simply kills them for reasons only He knows. But nobody knows for sure.

Speaking of Him, He is still out there... somewhere...

PART 1 - The Beginning

In the beginning, the Disciples of Him ran Celestial City with an iron fist. The CCPD enforced His laws, although His laws were limited, with mostly "no killing" and "no stealing". Life was peaceful under the Disciples. Although there were no laws against being metahuman, there were rumors that metahumans had been captured and taken away, brainwashed to work for the Disciples, or permanently imprisoned if they couldn't be brainwashed. It was also rumored the villainous metahumans seemed to be more agreeable with the police who captured them, and were even out on the street within a day, sometimes with police badges. On the anniversary of Celestial City's founding, all metahumans were outlawed by the Disciples, meaning they could no longer display their powers in public (strangely, the penalty for being metahuman was up to the police officer who made the arrest). Regardless, many metahumans, superheros and villains alike, continued to act publicly during this period.

PART 2 - Shiva's Reign

"Him" revealed himself: He was a she, and she was Shiva. She created a court system that followed American jurisprudence and procedural rules, but still retained the right to overrule the courts. Shiva also declared all metahumans criminals, threatening to eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

PART 3 - Revolution

When Shiva declared genocide against all metahumans, several of them banded together under the guidance of Sir Jerry. Hamilton-Smith. After several intense battles, Sir Jerry's forces won when they destroyed Shiva and her forces. Sir Jerry took over as "interim leader," repealing the anti-metahuman laws and promising to hold elections for a permanent government, while also establishing the Guardians as the city's authorized heroes.

PART 4 - The First Mayor

After a month long election process, the citizens elected Jezebel Weaver as their new mayor. Weaver initiated a superhero school (a program to train heroes into licensed ones authorized to protect the populace), formed a secret service called DAGGER, passed a Bill of Rights into law, and promised to create a code of criminal laws to bolster the very slim list of statutes left after Shiva's demise. However, she all but disappeared after, with all messages from City Hall coming from Dr. Joule Maxwell instead.

PART 5 - The Horseman

A small group of people calling themselves The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse terrorized the city for several weeks, ruining crops, spreading a plague, destroying the hospital and wrecking City Hall, causing hundreds, maybe even thousands of deaths, but those responsible claimed to be under mind control, possessed by spirits under the command of a self-proclaimed goddess, Hel, who had been corrupted by the dark god Chernabog, splitting into a separate malevolent personality who declared war on the city. Each time, the heroes of the city rose up to stop them, minimizing the damage, and finally putting an end to Hel and the Horseman, restoring the city to peace.

PART 6 - The Sky is Falling

Following several reports, it's confirmed that an extinction level asteroid is headed for Celestial City, having been somehow pulled off of its normal course.

The metahumans learned the meteor was a partially living organism similar to a fungus. The meteor held a large group of alien refugees who are now in the City.
The large meteor was shattered into smaller pieces due to the efforts of the metahumans but large chunks still rained down destroying a lot of the city.

Part 7 - Crawling from the Wreckage.

With the city in ruins, various groups and other ambitions personalities are all vying to take parts of the city. Gang wars are stirring as the different forces struggle to take control and rebuild the city.

Part 8 - The Third Mayor.

Delphine Taggat became the mayor of Celestial City and formed the constitution of celestial city. The city now favors businesses and property. The system of law favors restitution. Many heroes can find themselves on the wrong side of the law by carelessness. The law also explicitly forces heroes to be responsible to property and person, making being a hero very difficult.

Part 9 - The ARK arrives.

The ARK a space station appears in orbit around celestial city. It is carrying frozen survivors from all across time and space. This is how new blood enters the city. The ARK is also carrying an infection. "The Hive", an alien parasite that seeks out to control and consume everything.

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