Properties of Icladium-X

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Properties of Icladium-X

Post by Montyjack » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:40 am

This element may play a big role in future events. One of my characters, Half-Face is powered by it. As a result I thought I'd post something about it's known properties.

Icladium – X is an element not from our universe. It has stability in its own universe and has been used to construct space going craft. In our universe, however, it is not so stable. Should it be exposed to extreme heat or cold, it begins to destabilise and may explode. + or – 1000 °C / (1832°F)

Should it be exposed to Flashpoint temperatures it has its own sense of self-preservation and may try and ‘hibernate’ in organic tissue to keep stable. So for example, if it is blasted with heat at a temperature of 1100°C, it would look to bring down its core temperature and invade living tissue to do so. In these instances, it will target the coolest organic matter within 10m and invade it.
When it comes into contact with cosmic radiation it begins to change its molecular density and fuses with any material that it is touching. If it comes into contact with living tissue it will fuse with it adapting the molecular structure of the tissue making it stronger. If the tissue is particularly compatible with Icladium-X it may give the fused being the ability to fly and enhance their muscles. The Icladium-X does not conform to gravity in this universe, and neither does it obey the laws of physics.

In particularly susceptible beings, the user may be able to create energy blasts and constructs.

However, most humans cannot withstand this change and die. At the very least they are left terribly disfigured.

Icladium-X has a counter element, Icladium-Y. Should the two connect in our universe they will react together similar to Matter and Anti-Matter cancelling each out. Should the two elements come within 10ms of each other, they will cancel each other’s affects on any affected beings, rendering them powerless.
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