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Lore of the sim move

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:25 pm
by DeuxBlackthorn
As winter set in, the city started experiencing temperature fluctuations far larger than normal, particularly on the higher end of the scale. N's observation probes on Surtur were the first things to pick up the source of the problem... the time/space fluctuations caused by Fleurdemort had de-stabilized the sun even after her defeat, and now it was on a fast-track towards shifting into a red giant, turning Earth completely uninhabitable, possibly within the year. Coordinating with PAE and declaring a state of emergency, all city resources were immediately redistributed into evacuation preparations, while Galaxia was sent to scout out a list of potentially viable planets throughout the universe. On investigating the Ark to find a way to move it, it was discovered that it had a reality-folding technology integrated, to allow near-instantaneous travel anywhere, which meant that evacuation was simply a matter of gathering the people back onto the station using Vanguard and PAE's shuttles. Two weeks were allowed for preparations, including packing raw materials and survival supplies for the immediate future after arriving, and once Galaxia returned from her scouting mission a planet was selected, one nearly a dozen galaxies away from the Milky Way, a lush and verdant world that, uniquely enough, had a dualistic orbit with, not a moon, but a whole other life-sustaining planet, potentially giving twice the options if something went wrong along the way. Everyone and everything was packed up, and the departure went off as well as could be expected.

On arriving at the new world, build sites were scouted, and at the most promising one was found the ruins of a somewhat recently abandoned civilization, perhaps within the past decade or two. The ruins had a strange aesthetic, with what few pieces were identifiable seeming to be largely powered by steam and simple mechanics. The decision was made to erect platforms over the ruins to make use of the site, while allowing the civilization to be studied later, and construction began quickly. With most of the metahumans, and all the manpower behind the city's corporations, all working together, the initial construction was completed in a staggeringly short time, and as the lower-priority work was begun the more intellectual members of the city began their work on studying the planet in more detail, quickly discovering that while outwardly it seems like a lusher version of pre-Singularity Earth, it's very much an alien world with its own traits and threats... and of course, there's the mystery to unearth of what happened to the previous inhabitants as well...

With the massive efforts undertaken by all the people of the city, and particularly the larger businesses, there was a public sentiment shift towards a more business-oriented government structure. N consented to the demands to an extent, wanting to follow the will of the people, but also seeing the need for some sort of larger leadership in such dangerous and uncertain times, and so she put forth the inter-corporate coalition. This system allowed corporations to secure sections of the city over which they effectively ruled, setting their own laws and punishments, while a council of the heads of the largest businesses would meet to discuss disputes between one another, or matters larger than the dominion of one single organization, such as attacks on the city as a whole. Only a small handful of absolute laws would be set forth by the council that all corporations would be required to adhere to. And of course, someone would have to oversee this council on the occassions when it convened... which is where N promptly placed herself to maintain a measure of oversight and ensure that the people didn't come to regret their demands too greatly.