Mais guide for a heist or how to make some money

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Mais guide for a heist or how to make some money

Post by Mai » Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:38 am

I am working on it for more then a two weeks but it was worth it. Perfect target, perfect plan and you have less to worry.

Step One - Dress like a slut
Do not forget to disguise as there will be cameras and people with memories so a wig, contacts a latex mask and tons of makeup help a lot. then get yourself a dress that presents your body without looking to cheap and apply for the job interview. Flirt with the staff manager and promise him that you would owe him a favor and BINGO the job is yours.
The hard part is to keep the manager from collecting the favor within the first 2 weeks, believe me thats really tough.

Step Two - Be a maid
Yeah, yeah i know what you think, thats not gonna be a job for life but hey you will be get payed well after those 2 weeks. you have now what you needed access. One by one you will see every apartment and every room and even better they ignore your there. Unbelievable but the upper class tends to see their employee as furniture seen but not perceived. So all you do is cleaning and dusting and occasionally serve them a coffee or get them a beer. No big deal tho but you have all the time you need to find where the safes are hidden and find out their serial numbers and the name of it's maker. The good thing is most use the same safe the one the architect picked. Thumb scanner, and pin number. Thats the easy ones. Expect at least one apartment with a paranoid safe, retina scan, keycard, voice check … forget about it, your here for quantity not for quality. Note the specifics of that safe for an other day.

Step Three – be social and have sticky fingers
Be social, get your coworkers a coffee and muffins, talk to them your surprised what they have to tell you. the guys from the security may show of with their knowledge about the security, the nannys talk about when you expect people to be home or on vacation. The concierge and your fellow maids will help you to find out when someone is usually at home. Make yourself friends, let them get used to you and your presence.
Look for the keycards you find them lying in the apartments your cleaning, in the possession of your friend the concierge or your other friends the security guys. A bit of fingerwork and those are now yours, make a copy quickly and get them back before it is even noticed that they were gone. Now your having real access.

Step Four – www and the deepweb

Look for the alarm system first, get the handbook and read it and then again till you know it better then your own body. This is your bible and you have to figure out how to turn it off without causing an alarm.
Check the safes you have found, the maker, the serial numbers and get schematics of the safes. Invest a bit and buy one of those. Take your time to learn the schematics, learn how it works, learn about all the move able parts in it and then take the sample you bought and train.
When you can open it with closed eyes and you know the alarm system, then your ready.

Step Five:– do it
You found the perfect time when in most apartments shall be no one? Be prepared for the unexpected but get started.
Visit your buddies from the security. As always you have cookies, muffins and coffee for them and you have not forgotten frank he prefers his Tantrum energy drink. Chat a bit with them, watch them drink and wait for them to fall asleep
Get your stuff for your regular cleaning tour and off you go. Start on the highest floor and work your way down, you know where the things of value are go right for them do not waste your time.
The fitness freak in 5b is there unexpected? Thats why you have a syringe full of dreams with you. Make sure he will be out for a while. Ignore the paranoid secure safe in 3a and work your way down to your final stop.
The handsome girl in 2b is there? Yeah, yeah i admit it, that was not unexpected (you could call it planned) and it is the last room for the day. Soak the rag with chloroform, walk behind her place the rag on mouth and nose and dance the 'go to sleep' dance with her. Ok it might be unprofessional to use the chloroform when you still have a syringe ready but believe me it is way more fun and also this way you can accidentally check if her breasts are natural or not while she is half away in dreamland.
When she is sleeping tie her up, take her panties and gag her with them , sadly the chloroform does not last as long as the syringe but the hogtie will keep her in place and damn she looks good that way. Make a few pictures of her, I suggest exposing her breasts for that and if you feel kinky and plan to blackmail her later place a vibrator inside her heat before you take those pictures.
Ok enough time wasted, open the last safe, kiss her goodbye on her gag (I suggest ballgags just for the look) and back to the elevator.
Check your time. All fine? Perfect! Return to the locker room get all the stuff you found in those safes into you backpack and your begs. And leave through the employee entrance and say good bye to the lakeside condos.

Step 6- find the fence
Lets talk about that the next time...

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