The Nightwatch!

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Marie Dominica
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The Nightwatch!

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Do you feel that the criminals are running to much of the town?

Do you feel like they are getting off to easy from the so called heroes?

Do you feel like the law enforcement around here needs a bit of a boost?

Do you feel that the cops and law enforcers cant be trusted to do their job properly?

THE NIGHTWATCH feels the same way! You want to do something about these things? You want to spread some fear back into the lawless scum of the night?


If so.. then we just might have the right job for you.

Contact Marie Dominica aka Pussycat, for any further info or IC meetings. Official group will be established if we attain enough members.

This will be an ADULT targeted group for people who enjoy such RP, and hope to run ADULT themed events as well.
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Butterfly of Doom
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Re: The Nightwatch!

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Tauros, my anti hero will be in
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Re: The Nightwatch!

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Dr. Malevolent is intrigued by your motto and wonders if his skills would interest you.
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