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Free Runners

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Your character receives an anonymous email in there mailbox.. normally you dont open those since everyone knows they usually have virus but the subject of the messages peaks your interest " Free Runners Membership Offer" You heard of the free runners.. hell everyone did even if its just from the small reports on the news or rumours in the underground.. there a group of freelance operatives who pull all kinds of jobs for money. Whenever your interested in that kind of like or money is just tight right now you click the email and a message follows.

"Hey chummer are you looking for work? Im not talking as a busboy or store clerk I meant he kind of job that may not be so legal but can lend you a pile of cash assuming you got the talent...iv done some digging about you.. ill be honest you look like the kind of person who would fit for those kinds of jobs assuming your willing to put a little faith in a total stranger that is.. if your interested in hearing more get your ass to Celestial City at this address ill even pay upfront for whatever transportation your gonna need to get here.. then we can meet and discuss about it in person"

signed Sly Shadow.

You heard that name before.. and also a bunch of rumours about it.. word is he was part of some organisation called " The Guild" who was this group of internation spies and thieves who traded info and stolen goods.. they were this close to be the real life equivalent of the Illuminati.. however according to rumours there now out of service after the collapse of the World Government.

Now whenever or not you take the offer is all up to you. So whats it gonna be chummer are you gonna try and go run the shadows?.

OOC: this is an IC invitation to the Free Runners Faction I just made at Celestial City lemme know if your interested

Faction/Team/Organization Name: Free Runners

Faction/Team/Organization Leader:Lucas Varne/ Sly Shadow.

Alignment: Neutral

Public Status: Rumored

Purpose: Free Runners is a group of freelance mercenary/metas who sell there skills for money and other compensations. They do both villain,heroes or civic work if the pay is good enough. They usually receive Job offers from an annonymous 3rd party after wich they set up a meeting discuss the job and payment then perform the job under the employer's time frame. This group is aimed for people with flexible morals will do do good or bad and be professional about it. The team itself is always looking for hires however few make it as permanent team members.. more often then not some members will stick around for a few jobs then go about to there regular buisness.
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