Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries& Night Widow Information's (OOC)

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Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries& Night Widow Information's (OOC)

Post by Sakara » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:24 am

◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣ OOC Background Informations ◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣

◥◣ Synopsis: Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries was originally a major arms manufacturer/ dealer of Japan with major connections to different regimes in Africa and south America, being involved more and more in politics in those unstable regions.
Blamed for starting, running and supporting minor conflicts around the world but mostly on the African continent through their black ops teams.
Before the fall of the world the company would run powerful experiments and had technology far beyond anything else on earth, even rumored to have their own secret space program.
Many of their members being recruited from black ops special forces and put into altering programs to create superhumans capable to fight superheroes who more often would get involved in the conflicts around the world, being bad for business.

The corporation was founded around 1902 on the wealth of the secret society Night Widow which dates back as far as into the Kōnin era.

◥◣ Business: The main business of THI and Night Widow are information. That's why the company invest a good amount of their resources in different network technologies, working on advanced computers and housing a large server farm in their arcology.
When it comes to products then it is very hard to pinpoint THI to one sector as they produce anything from cellphones to large construction machines.

◥◣ Public Status: Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries Financial News (IC)

◥◣ Purpose: The main purpose of THI is to create profit and dominate the market wherever it is possible.
Even as the hidden Night Widow is a secret society of villains, that does not mean that the goals of THI can be described as evil. They are just ruthless.

◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣ Ranking up ◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣

◥◣ Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries: There are many different positions in the huge THI corporation.
None of them has any knowledge of the hidden Night Widow. There are no rumors or anything.

◥◣ Shadow Operatives: These are the lowest members of Night Widow without knowing anything of its existence yet.

◥◣ Shinobi: As soon as a Shadow Operative is able to wrap his mind around the concept of the Night Widow and realizes that he represents the lowest of the leg pairs of the spider he can raise up to a shinobi.
There he will recieve his sword as a rather traditional gesture and gain knowledge about the secret organisation.

◥◣ Oni: The leading secret members of Night Widow and shareholders of Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries (most of them over a dozen fake companies, names and corners to keep themself in the shadow).
The lead the Night Widow and are the only members who know almost everything about the organisation.

◥◣ ???: Everyone who understands the concept of the Night Widow will sooner or later realzize that the Oni are not the last of the four leg pairs (even if some say they are).
It is not known who is represented by those, if they exist and what their purpose might be.
Some say there is a single leader, some say it is a forgotten rank and some even say that the ranks of the Night Widow are not based on the legs of a spider and that this is nothing but a ruse.

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Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries& Night Widow Roster (OOC)

Post by Sakara » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:33 am

Sakara (sakara.anatine) | THI CEO and Night Widow Oni

Alicia Malveaux (nicole.portola) | THI Head of Security and Night Widow Shadow Operative

Xena (akilamawarii) | THI Engineer
Karen "All-Star" King (cassandra.nymphea) | THI Commercial Starlet
Red Rocket (Notchy) | THI R&D Worker
Katsumi Kitten (KatsumiKitten) | THI Office Worker

DownTurn (TheFlashHero) | Night Widow Shadow Operative
Hivemind (AngelikaFerrera) | Night Widow Shadow Operative

(October 10th, 2015)

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