My Symbiote, Rita

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Narelle Leia
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My Symbiote, Rita

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It's been a week since Emily Kabal gave me my symbiote. It feels weird to have this voice in my head. I named it Rita, who was my oncology nurse back on my homeworld. She was amazing and kind and strong. In the darkest times of chemo, she was my rock.

This Rita, however. Is different. For the first day, she talked constantly, asking questions about my body. No, you won't hear me talking to myself...well, sometimes if she does or says something extraordinary.

And this Rita enables me to shoot webbing! I'm going to give myself a full scan of my lymphatic system to see what she did to make that work. How much I, or we, to be more accurate, isn't known. But it's alot. And to answer your question, I use the same hand motion Peter Parker does. It really does make it easy.

I know I'm being overly geeky here, but I am a doctor and some biological changes have been made. Like how much does my metabolism use to make webbing. Where is it stored, (No, not there, I measured my bust and it's the same)

But wherever it's stored, it's quite a bit. Two nights ago, I guess we got cold because when I woke up, I found myself cocooned from neck to feet in white silk. It was nice and warm, but getting out of it was a challenge. Silk has a high tensile strength so it took quite a bit to break out of it.

Needless to say, Rita and I had a long mental conversation.

And I need to figure out how to get rid of so much silk.
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