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It's 8:49 AM. The fires are out, the patients are stable and the coroner has the tragic duty of autopsying a 4 year old boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Little Matthias Kencal, who Railgun found trapped in debris after the Atlantean flood on Jan. 15.

He was a sweet little boy, he loved scrambled eggs. He was funny and despite the mounting evidence, he never gave up on the belief that his father would be found.

But now that dream is over. His precious little body shredded by broken glass and bullets. No one knows what he would have become now. He'll never again be hugged. He'll never grow up, never fall in love. He'll never know the joy of his first kiss. I could go on but It's hard to type and cry.

The 5 injured are stable now. The hospital will be out of commission for several days. The staff performed heroically, some are just now leaving to get some well earned rest. But all of them will carry emotional scars for a long time to come.

The news said mercenaries did the attack. They say the leader escaped. To that...creature, I say run and keep running. Do not come back. Because if you do, you will die slowly and as painfully as possible.
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