writing in his journal

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writing in his journal

Post by Timberwulff » Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:53 pm

Timber sat in the bowling alley just needing to get his thoughts down on paper.

"It has been a hell of a 24 hours. I had a meeting with.. Well I wont say who in case this is ever taken from me, but I learned a lot and need to look into the goings on of the city using Shiva tech... and they found a Shiva?! Jesus Fuck if this is supposedly the being that obliterated the multiverse how about we don't get her attention. And Cult of Shiva? For fucks sake didn't anyone tell you not to stir the hornets nest?"

He shakes his head and continues.

"But all of that hits the back burner, because FATIMA IS ALIVE!!!! I know, I thought she was dead. I couldn't bear to part with her stuff, but she is alive and well, it turns out she was homeless and dealing with stuff, but she is getting taken care of and I am visiting her every day until she gets out and then bringing her home when she is better. I am ecstatic and I look forward to our future.. if she'll still have me and my perverted ass."

Timber smiled as he put his journal away, he wasn't sure why he wrote it but he felt a need.

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