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::sits in her office, writing in a journal.::

Mom and Dad:

It's finally happened! The metas are to be registered. Something called the Protectorate is going to run the metas or something like that. I'm hearing so many rumors but I'm afraid to ask.

I'm torn. I'm a meta, but I don't want to tell people, especially the cops about what I can do. To be honest, I'm enjoying being a Mundane. I work, hang out and don't have to worry about carrying my uniform around all the time.

But I'm breaking the law, I think. But if I don't use my powers, I'm ok, right? I'm so scared of them. I remember what I did to that poor meta. I swear I didn't know he was a cyborg. Not till he was dying! Now, I see his face in my dreams. What if I do that again? What if I hurt a kid or burn half the city down? I can do that and it terrifies me! I thought these powers would help me make a better world. Now I'm scared to use them or tell anyone that I have them. I hate lying to people when they ask. But if I tell them and I don't register, then that makes them accessories. And I don't want to force someone into turning me in.

I hate my life! All I want to do is help people. Now I have to conceal and lie to those I care about!
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