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Ongoing experiments

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 6:33 am
by nikkys
The glow of the streetlamps are the only light casting about Nikky's apartment this evening aside from the radiance given off from her computer monitor. A half finished glass of rum and coke sits idly next to the keyboard as she types in the latest series of test results. The look on her face tells the story of her displeasure that has come from the recent trials she has put herself through.

Leaning back in the chair, a sigh escapes her lips, the alcohol helping diminish the throbbing in her head. It's self medication at it's most basic, but she is smart enough to know just how much to use and when it is going too far. At least so far she's been able to maintain the balance. The pharmaceutical aspects have been progressing but slowly. She's been able to mostly control the headaches, except on extra strenuous days, and her telekinesis has began to take a more definite form and her control was expanding. That was the plus side.

The minus side was she was, so far, still unable to fully block out the loud noises that shatter her brain. She can dull them with drugs, enough to get by in a pinch, but the side effects are starting to become...disturbing. Mood shifts, heightened sensitivity to certain stimuli, those were but a couple issues she is working out. There are more but she won't even put those into her computer, they are too embarrassing, but part of which makes her periodically have to adjust the fit of her clothing. She needs to wrangle that under control and soon.

Her teleportation has made small progress. She can go a little further now and with better accuracy. It isn't easy, sometimes it makes her dizzy or light headed, and she doesn't know why. Experimentation with this ability have met with mixed results, nothing conclusive due to the inconsistency of the tests. With no firm foundation, it is exceedingly difficult to formulate a plan. When one thing works once, it doesn't the next time and vice versa. It seems that the side effects are more random than predictable and that is a problem to a scientist like herself. She does keep trying though.

She tap tap taps in the final numbers from today's round of tests. It was a rough ordeal, she pushed herself more than she should have but did make some progress, and the rum was helping take the edge off. There was more to what would really help and that was what she knew she must do, embarrassing as it was. Shutting the computer down, gulping the rest of her drink and coughing because she's not a prodigious drinker, she goes to her beanbag chair and sits in the dark.