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Shifting Thoughts

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:15 am
by Cade
Cole Stavros lies on one of the simple cots in the upper floor of the gym where he has been crashing ever since he awoke in Celestial City.

"It's been, what.... a couple months since I woke up in the pod? Two months in this city packed with superhumans. And I'm one of them, somehow." He tosses a bit trying to get more comfortable. "What do I have to show for it? A part-time job at a run-down gym, hmmph."

As sleep continues to allude him, he decides to make the most of it. He sheds his sleep clothes to don his makeshift costume, one of a handful of generic looking spandex bodysuits he picked up in one of the city's shops. After securing the mask over his head to conceal his identity, he shifts his density to an intangible state and walks through the back wall of the gym into a small alleyway. With a practiced shift, he launches himself high into the air with an empowered athletic leap. Across the rooftops he bounds calling upon his ability with almost instinct. His thoughts continue to tumble as he makes a path over the city.

"Look! Up there! It's the astounding Shift! Champion of Density...." he mutters before pausing in his self-delusion. He scans the empty streets. "All my adoring fans." He sighs as he resumes his bounding. "My debut has been fairly dismal. Only one real mission so far. I mean, I survived. That Galaxia gal got rescued and all - I even helped! But still..." He wonders idly what happened to the crystal sliver he found. The one he returned with had vanished shortly after. "Did I get duped? That dragon lady was all up in arms about me having it..."

"...and also Lady Nightmare. She was on that mission. Her and that bartender guy from the XXXCelsior Club. My visits there haven't gained me much on them. I can't help but think they're up to something though. Every time I show up, there's been no service. No attempt to push alcohol in a strip club?! Something hinkey..." Cole frowns a moment. He glances across the city toward the club. "Talking with Lady N has given me some insight, at least. And that cute Evie girl was certainly nice."

"I've made very little headway with the other investigation I've undertaken. Still trying to figure out how I overheard those snippets of conversation by some planning villains. It seemed to be coming from the sewer vents but couldn't pinpoint it. And then that busty redheaded woman interrupted me..." He flashes on the gorgeous hotness that had come on to him out of the blue, luring him away with a siren song. The resulting BJ she gave was amazing to be sure, but not a deed of heroism for him to celebrate. 'Well, in *this* city...' he mused. Cole flushed a bit under his mask as he also recalled the shattering impact his power had during his ejaculation. He shakes his head to reset his train of thought.

"I spotted her again. Miss... *the* Artisan - one of the first metas I came in contact with. Quietly observing like last time when we watched that dragon battle in the ruins. I don't know what she was doing at the Lexus talkshow. Should I have spoken to her? Hmm."

The gym came into view once more as Shift completed his pass through the city. Slipping behind the building and powering his form, he stepped through the back wall to the safety of its interior. It was quiet inside as he removed his costume and stored it away in his locker. Cole returned to his cot. 'I wonder what tomorrow will bring?'

Re: Shifting Thoughts

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:16 pm
by Cade
Cole's work at the gym was full of the unexpected... Like the time that demoness had shown up, her nature making him hot, bothered and nervous. Or when the sexy doctor lady with the glowing cyber-eyes read him like a book during that workout session. It really should have come as no surprise when the boss gave the order for the employees to wear the pink 'Fight Like a Girl' shirts to promote to female clientele. He did think the matching pink socks were a bit much but as always he did as he was told.

His body involuntarily shuddered. Somewhere buried deep within his mind, the current desire for those socks struck an ironic note...

He'd been wearing those very items while out on a jog not long after. The bosslady had gotten him to agree to wear them out & about. So that's how he was caught out of costume when the Dollmaker had attacked. In his civilian identity Cole was unable to leap directly into action without giving away his alter ego. That hesitation was all she needed to sway him with her mind-bending gifts. Despite himself and the urging of nearby metas, he fell under her charms. His power was hers to command which she used to defend herself from the others. In the end Cole and another male was taken captive.

In the deep recesses of his mind, he was vaguely aware of his current situation: cold, naked, and held prisoner in some unknown lair. The voice of the goddess played over and over on the headset that had been placed on his head by her own hand. The mental conditioning overpowered any conscious observation or thought of escape.

"I am a Doll. I belong to the goddess. I serve her will. I am a Doll..." he softly intoned, obediently waiting for her return.