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Hellers Failsafe pt 3

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:50 pm
by doddseman3
Madiline Would find herself in her apartment her boyfrined out for the night as she washed the dishes. Shed look over to the news as she watched the destruction of the asylum frowning. She couldnt understand how the heroes could have failed agsint that kind of scum. She shook her head before turning off the sink only to jump in horor as her hands were covored in blood. The sink filled with it. Leaping back shed bump into someone behind her causing her to jump. Turning shed face heller as heller chuckled and spoke. "Mymymy...what troubling know..its quite a day when heroes start loosing more than they are winning." hed tisk. "At this rate the whole city will be gone." hed chuckle Madilen reached for a kitchen knife as she scrambled backwards pointing it at him. Heller chuckled as he walked forward. Madiline would attempt to scream but she would find she was unable to. As she reached for her mouth shed notice it was missing. Dropping her knife in horror shed look back to herller. "Oh my didnt think you were really home did you?" hed chuckle. Madiline closed her eyes tight before opening them again finding herself tied to the chair in the dark room, blood vomit and tears stained her shirt and the floor around her. She began to sob as she shook her head. Looking about she would feel hands at her shoulders as heller spoke. "My dear im starting to think you are looseing your mind." hed chuckle. Madiline squirmed abit before spotting heller infront of her though hellers hands were still on her shoulder. The heller infront of her would chuckle along with the heller behind her. The laugher got louder and louder as more and more heller began to appear out of the darkness of the room. Madiline squeezed against her bindings as the heller behind her cut her loose from the chair. "Were going to have som fun with you beautiful. As soon as madiline was freed the heller infront of her would pull her off the chair and pull her in close. "Youre in for some fun babe." hed chuckle before pushing her into the heller with the knife. Madilines eyes widened as she began to see red. Soon enough shed bite into the hellers throat tearing it out. The heller gargled as she ripped the knife from his hand as he fell to the floor. SHouting Madiline would rush the other heller stabbing him in the chest thirty times as the others backed up and tried to make there way to the door only to find it locked. Looking to madiline as she began to make her way towards them her face covored in fresh coats of blood shed begine to chuckle then laugh dementedly as she rushed them. Meanwhile the real heller would be watching the feed through his monitor at his desk. his feet up as he ate popcorn. The feed would show four random thugs he picked up off the street lieing dead on the floor. Madiline sobbing and crying on her knees as she looked to her bloodied hands. SHe didnt seem to know what was going on. The door to the room swung open as hellers armed men stormed in knocking her out with the butt of his rifle before putting her back to the chair and retying her. Heller chuckled as he leaned back. "Goign along perfectly." With that hed change the channel as he began to watch a tv show he had just gotten into and picked up, an amaerican horror spoke to him and he loved every bit of it.