Jezebel: Let's go home

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Jezebel: Let's go home

Post by Angelina Sinclair » Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:24 am

Hello Celestial City,

My name is Jezebel Oynx Weaver and I have a dream a big dream getting out of this prison we call a city and going back home but to do that we need to first a leader who is capable of getting the ball rolling and get our city back on track of functioning like an actual city. My fellow candidates prefer to take things slow, or keep things as they are with minor tweaks, some don't even have a full plan as what to do. Let me ask you something, Celestial City. How many laws do we have? Do you know? Two laws! Shiva had left us with just.. two laws! No killing, no stealing. We don't even have 10 laws to mimic the 10 commandments!

Unlike my fellow candidates I do have a plan and here it is:

First, establish what I'd like to call a temporary monarchy or a soft monarchy with a city council. A small simple but effective government. We need laws, now. We need money flowing to the right departments now. We need to get things in order, now. Not after a long winded process of electing new officials. Not after long debates about which laws are best for us and then a majority vote being passed. We need them now, and fast.

Let me brush away your first immediate fears of a Monoarchy; it won't last. Not just because I say it'll be short but because the same forces that toppled Shiva's government can easily topple my own. We also have Captain Strong who would knock down City Hall around me if I started to do things that he percieved as "wrong." So if you were wishing for check and balances there you have it. Strong himself and Jerry's forces. They took down Shiva and they'll certainly take me down if my government is corrupt.

So with a monarchy laws can be past fast. Now mind you no law is permanent and are always subject to change as needed but at least we have something that'll take more than a note passed around in school to fill. We'll be able to get money flowing to the right places to encourage businesses and being the process of bringing a sense of normancy to this city.

Secondly, my next goal is to get the heroes organized and establish an Association of sorts. We have many great heroes who wish to better this city and protect it, however many aren't as trained as our police but their heart is in the right places. By creating an Organization for them they can recieve proper training provided by our police department, they can get paid for the good work they do, and they get to keep their secret identities! With our heroes getting proper training and support we will be able to avoid situations where entire buildings are knock down and lives are lost.

Third and not least, Funding our science department. I know this sounds crazy to be throwing a lot of money into one department but right now we have to put our faith in our brightest minds to help us solve a spew of problems. What problems you ask? Let me list them for you:

-A prison that can hold ALL kinds of metas for our most dangerous criminals.
-Equipment for the police so they can properly fight and restrain dangerous metas.
-Better farming equipment and crops. Yes, we'll have to get use to genetically modified crops just so we can feed our growing population.
-Research into dealing with that cosmic radiation in hopes of opening up new lands for us.
-Research into what is needed to survive in space because that same technology will help us survive in our cosmic radition filled planet.

And Finally... research into finding us a way home. I honestly don't think it'll take generations to solve these problems or figure this out. I've spoken to a few in our science department and some come from very advance societies, many generations above our own. They can solve these problems they just need the resources and materials to do so. We can have it done in our life time, that much I'm certain of!

I know as a people there are many uncertainties facing us in the future. We have to deal with invasions and beings come from other worlds yet that is a talltale sign that Shiva was lying and our worlds do exist. If people are still arriving here then she hasn't destoryed every known alternative univese. We can get back we just... need to work as one on this.

So vote for me, so we can pave the way to a brighter future, together.

Mr. Strong
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Re: Jezebel: Let's go home

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