B.A. DASS INC Technology

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B.A. DASS INC Technology

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This thread lists the various gadgets created by B.A.DASS INC for sell, and a few other things as well.

Products for sell:

Immobilizer Discs: Discs that create a Force Field around an individual that restrains their movement to a degree. These can withstand up to 5 tons of Force, in the terms of the Force Field, before it deactivates. These are made to sell to law enforcement, and he doesn't use them in his villain identity. Yet he does have a means of deactivating said discs, should he ever be hit by one.

- Stun Ray Blasters: Pistol like devices that can shoot rays of energy that can stun some metas. These are completely ineffectual against Cyberlord.

- Neutralizer Gas: A gas that releases nanobots that cause a person to have symptoms similar to Poison Ivy. The gas is also a tear gas, so likely could immobilize weaker crooks. It will not work on Cyberlord, because he's taken precautions.

- Personal Shield Arm Bands: Arm bands that produce a small personal shield capable of taking small caliber bullets used by criminals and law enforcement a like, and protecting against them. These can be upgraded to do more, but it's more expensive, anyway.

- Power Granter Formula: A formula that uses molecules of dark matter, nanotechnology and other exotic energies to grant temporary superpowers that last a week. The powers vary. This can come in either pill, or liquid form. Yet for some reason, Cyberlord is incapable of using it.

- Construction Mechas: Unarmed Mechas that are made for construction purposes. They are unable to be weaponized, and will self destruct if anyone tries. Biometric scanners prevent unauthorized use. These do have AI that prevent innocents from being hurt, or any damage from being done with them, as part of a program Cyberlord put in.

- Construction/Demolition Nanobombs: These bombs release clouds of nanites that can either repair buildings, or eat them, in order to demolish them. They are a much cleaner alternative to conventional explosives, and recycle all the material, leaving no debris behind.

- Cyberlink: A next generation version of the Smart Phone. This appears to be a set of contact lenses. It allows a person to watch TV, communicate over long distances, play video games, and do a lot of other things. It's something Cyberlord built for the public market. But it holds a secret, namely that it studies the individual and their powers and reports the information to Cyberlord.

- Butler Bot: A bot that is programmed to serve as the butler or maid of any individual who has one. These are programmed with an extensive knowledge of cooking, cleaning, cooking skills, and massage techniques. They also have a limited knowledge of fighting, but chances are will never use it. They cannot fight against Cyberlord.

Prototype Inventions:

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