Cooperation with the Mayor's Office

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Cooperation with the Mayor's Office

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To: All Staff
From: Sir Jerry

In view of the approaching meteor I have struck a deal with Dr Joule which will enable us to complete Satellite Dass ahead of schedule. The good doctor has lent us some of her staff to helps us complete the project faster. Please extend every courtesy to them as they are here to help. That said, Joule's people are not to be told about the laser or the firing chamber. If you are asked anything 'awkward' please direct the person to me personally.

Thank and you keep up the good work.
Sir Jerry

((Basically we have around 50 more people, 20 of them specialists to work on Satellite Dass. They do not know of the laser or the firing system IC))
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Re: Cooperation with the Mayor's Office

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Consultant Byrne (formerly Saxon):

I have included all data collected on the ark to the doctors office for full clarity. I will work with her staff in regards to this satellite, per prior agreement. I may have found some locations outside the city worth investigating.
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