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Altered Egos

Post by Pilix Nagy » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:03 pm


Tired of the way you look? Breasts too small, or too saggy? Butt not plump and firm enough? Too much body fat, or too skinny? Need more tone in your muscles, or a softer physic? Or maybe you want a complete change, to take a walk on the other side of things?

At Altered Egos, we do all of this and more! Come see us to change your body image and get a boost of confidence in a new you, a better you!

Altered Egos is a bodily makeover service which uses a mix of physical therapies and state of the art technologies to drastically alter the outward appearance of patients. It is essentially plastic surgery, without the surgery! No medications, no recovery time, no waiting! You walk in, receive the treatments, and walk out a whole new you!

Company head: Allison Scath

This is a great way to completely change the look of any of your characters, with an IC explanation for the changes. Want to update an old look? Or maybe your character has made too many enemies and needs a new look to go with a new name. Maybe you just like changing things around and having fresh new looks regularly. Altered Egos provides the opportunity to RP changes for any reason to your character's appearance without worrying about how you would explain them ICly!

Contact: Pilix Nagy


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