Celestial City Bank Insurance

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Celestial City Bank Insurance

Post by yuritakashi » Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:22 pm

Celestial City Bank offers four levels of insurance in a few varieties as follows

First the option of Full Coverage or Partial Coverage, The key difference between the two being full coverage will cover all expenses for damage caused, Partial will only cover half of the damage done, leaving the other half of the costs to be paid by the individual.

Second the option of Self, Other, or Both, Self means only damages the insured cause are covered, either too structures or too the individuals they are attacking, Other means only damages done by others are covered, be it harm to the holders body or to there property.. Both covers both the Insurance Holder and any thing done to them or there property.

The first level of coverage is very basic and has a maximum limit of 10,000$ Paid for damages. Meaning any thing past 10,000$ will have to be paid by the insured.

Bronze Level Insurance

Self 400$ a week
Other 600$ a week
Both 1,000$ a week.

The Second Level of coverage is a step up covering up too 100,000$ in damages

Silver Level insurance

Self 800 a week
Other 1,200 a week
Both 2,000 a week

The third tier is suitable for most company level insurance packages and is likely what most corporations supply their meta employees and normal employees with. It will cover damages up to 1,000,000$

Gold Level Insurance

Self 2,000 a week
Other 3,000 a week
Both 5,000 a week

The Fourth Level is Mainly held by the super rich or Corporate CEO's, It is called Extinction Level Insurance. There is no limit to the amount of damages covered, And also comes with an all access pass to private super hardened bunkers for just in case things go belly up.

Platinum Level Insurance

Flat Rate Fee 50,000$ a Month

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