Dragon INC Doors reopened

Have IC goods and services to sell post here.
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Jessica Kiffer
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Dragon INC Doors reopened

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Welcome to Dragon INC, a soon to be household name in Non-Lethal Security Technologies and cybernetic prosthetics for what ever ails you.

If you ever need a replacement for that leaky heart valve or bum knee, think Dragon INC.

(Please Note: As this company has recently came under new management, there are numerous job opportunities for Civilians and Meta-humans alike. Upon being selected for consideration, each potential new Employee will be scanned and categorized for security purposes only. This information will not be shared outside of Dragon INC.

Current Openings:
Lead Cybernetics Researcher
Lead Cybernetics Researcher's Assistant
Cybernetics Researcher
Head of Acquisitions
Head of Public Relations
Head of Security
Security Agent

Any further inquiries about the career hiring process, please inquire from within. Thank you and have a splendid day.)
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Re: Dragon INC Doors reopened

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I forgot to mention this in my notecard, but it is located in that tall jade colored building in the south side of town. And It is I (In-World Name: Pixis Mode) That is the primary point of contact regarding matters of this company.

Thank you and have a great day....again.
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