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Support your City

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:41 pm

~*A shorter blonde woman in business casual appears as the video begins. Albino blue eyes only making her seem paler than she actually is.*~

"Good evening. Most of you do not know me. I am Celeste Angier of AES, Angier Engineering Solutions, a company that likely many of you have asked 'what do they do?' Fear not. We are not an evil organization, and this is not a sales advertisement. Given the mayoral change I have decided to offer a unique value. I have prepared my design department for a heavy load with extra help just for you. Celestial City. I am aiding the city by offering my design services free to the city government for construction means, and also to any developers. We are here to help you. To help this city. Contact us with your proposals that will aid the city, and my team will work to make your dream a reality. If we feel it benefits this city, we will mark the design services down, or even free if it is warranted. Thank you for all you do, we look forward to your ideas."

~*The cameras fade to an email address, phone number, and a physical address the company can be reached at.*~
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