Bounty on Pitfall, alive

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Bounty on Pitfall, alive

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:04 pm

[16:58:28] Cassandra Sinclair: is a pretty shiny mylar-covered princess...
[16:58:51] Raigeki kicks open the door to the throwaway's bar crading a woman in her arms. She pauses just long enough to shout "One million to the person who drags pittfall to PAE in chains. "
[16:58:58] Anna-Kate Harper smiles" please continue " as she heads downstairs
[16:59:23] Raigeki: One she tosses out the annoucnement of the bount She starts back downthe street.
[17:00:13] Anna-Kate Harper steps, poking her head out" Ill pass it on to thsoe who come here." holding back any comments about doorknobs
[17:00:34] Raigeki s rage has surpassed the need for doorknobs.

Bounty on Pitfall. Value: one million. Claim with: PAE Status of catch: Alive, bound with chain
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