Need a Hero? Hire a Hero.

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Need a Hero? Hire a Hero.

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Tired of heroes and heroines being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Ever feel like you hear about how crime is going down, but you're still getting your house robbed with no hero in sight? Simply looking for a little extra security for a home or business? If you are tired of waiting on a meta-human's services, why not hire a meta-human?

My name is Adamant Sovereign, I am an ex-Shock Trooper with the military, and I am your go-to girl for whatever you need. I have super strength, skin as resilient as Kevlar, and extensive knowledge of use and operation of weapons ranging from the most basic bolt rifles and pistols to highly advanced energy weapons and anti-material cannons. I'm Adamant Sovereign, and I want to be your Hero.

Competitive rates apply, I reserve the right to refuse any job for any reason (but especially if you want me to be part of a heist). I am up for milk runs or intensive duties, but at the end of the day I will not commit crimes.

Call ((SL Name: Talista Glas)) for more information.

Adamant Sovereign, Hero for Hire.
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