Bounty List for Mercs

Have IC goods and services to sell post here.
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Bounty List for Mercs

Post by Krokodilem » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:55 pm

Is the CCPD not keeping crime in check? Are you not able to entrust your work on the so call heroes? Are you looking to deliver some vengeance, but lack the tool set? Need to give a hero a crack skull or just to mess with your neighbor?

Mercenaries or Freelancers are always waiting on call for a mark as long pay is involved. Just need an description or any information you know of them and leave the information by the ruins of the City Hall. Why do you want them harmed? Why you want them to be turned in by force? Why isn't the answer we ask, it is a matter of who and how much are you spending.

(Note: please leave information you know IC wise, any ooc information will be disregarded. This is to bring some trouble for both heroes and villians and have plot, not some vendetta hit list for grievers.)

Merc lists:
Jane Doe
(more to come)

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