Country club seeks staff.

If you want goods, services, willing and unwilling volunteers, post your requirements here. You never know you might get lucky...
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Country club seeks staff.

Post by J.Trimble » Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:46 pm

The Very Important Person entertainment and recreation Society is hiring staff.

The VIPer Society is seeking staff to help with the running of the society.

We are currently recruiting

Household staff ((Pool boys, Butlers, Maids, Chaffers, Bartenders.))

All house staff are expected to be dressed smartly or have a role appropriate uniform

We understand security may wish to protect their civilian identities. Bandit or Venetian Masks may be worn in combination with a smart outfit or appropriate uniform.

The society caters to citizens of high standing.

((While there is an equal opportunities statement in the society charter, one MUST be able to pass as a regular human to gain employment))

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