seeking converts for S.L.U.T

If you want goods, services, willing and unwilling volunteers, post your requirements here. You never know you might get lucky...
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seeking converts for S.L.U.T

Post by allock » Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:50 pm

Dear citizens , have you ever wondered if there was more to this existence then our daily struggle , if there weren't some power some force at work guiding our lives...if you have look no further then

Sins Liberated Under Transubstantiation, we are a friendly..... very friendly organization bent on spreading joy and peace where ever we can .

we believe the true path to happiness is through pleasure and the expression of personal enjoyment and desire

converts will be taught the joys of there body and pleasure and that the true path to Holiness is the discarding of there inhibitions

come spend just a little time with us in our consultation room and im sure you'll agree you just cant wait to be a S.L.U.T

salvation's just a touch away

((( occly im looking for people who are looking for a simi long term rp where people are converted some times forcibly into a sexual religon, which has some rather unwholsome plans for the city and its future , the rp will include brain washing , sex , the encouragement of erotica and vulgar activity when ever where ever , as well as bdsm ))

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