Watt Science?

If you want goods, services, willing and unwilling volunteers, post your requirements here. You never know you might get lucky...
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Watt Science?

Post by J.Trimble » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:41 pm

The greatest genius ever to walk ... roll, hover... move upon the hallowed ground has arrived and seeks minons and henchpersons.

We offer an excellent dental plan with free cyanide capsule teeth and an excellent health care plan. Wage is negotiable, name is not. You will be known henceforth as Steve!

Dr Watt, the inventor of meta science is looking for volunteers for revolutionary meta science projects.
The inventor of the flip top head, the monkey thought translators, the telescopic leg and the brain ejector seat is looking to enhance you!...

Contact me.

Dr Watt.

((Jo Trimble))

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