Looking for workers to further company gain

For unaligned villains who still occasionally want to coordinate with other unsavory people or groups.
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Looking for workers to further company gain

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Are you willing to work long hours?
Able to carry out tasks without question, no matter how gruesome or dirty?
Seeking to make a decent income with certain benefits?

The Garthwaite Construction Crew ~ Founded by Richard Garthwaite and now run by Rosie Rivets. They work quickly repairing and maintaining the entire city. Rosie is known for promising to have a project done in record time, much to the frustration of the rest of the crew who swear it's impossible to work so fast.

(( Contact Scarlett Morningside ICly, Hannah Carol DuMont OOCly. The jobs will be for villains who seek to cause some destruction and make some profit ))

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