((City Council Only)) Private Recording of Incident Night of 5-26

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((City Council Only)) Private Recording of Incident Night of 5-26

Post by Talista Glas » Thu May 25, 2017 10:37 pm

[17:54] Nikolous Mikael Conar walked in and stood at parade rest. "Orders ma'am."

[17:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Present and accounted for.

[17:55] Katy grumbles more "Rendezvous at Tony's pub ... i'm not sure what that whole mess is about, but i would appreciate more security for that deal."

[17:56] Katy adds "That Max guy is involved. is about buying some Android parts of suspicious origin ... "

[17:59] Takamachi Mikoto: Someone offered to sell us android parts. The parts description sounds very much like Jessica's, aka Sybil. Sybil is one of us, even if she primarally works for protectorate now. This is going to be a recon mission. I'm not going to be much good in the fight since I'm going as a civilian. Katy knows the contact so she'll be going as my guard. you two are going to acompany us in stealth. If we give the signal I want you to move in and help apprehend the contact. It's vital we take him alive.

[17:59] Solene get out of the elevator, look at Zeph' and close her fist.

[17:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: So I'll be the bodyguard who isn't a bodyguard again? Lovely.

[18:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR waves off any retort. "No, I understand my duties, MIss. Better Katy is there as point of contact."

[18:00] Katy turns towards Mikoto "What is our stance during this operation. Are we PAE or Protectorate ?" she asks.

[18:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR gives Solene a simple inclination of her head in acknowledgement, and little more.

[18:02] Nikolous Mikael Conar listens to the mission briefing, speaking up. "Non-lethal force, understood ma'am. What are the parameters on collateral damage?" he ask

[18:04] Solene tilt her head, fidgeting on her mechanical boot.

[18:04] Takamachi Mikoto: Do whatever it takes to to capture Max alive if Katy or i give the signal. Keep in mind that the life of one of our people might hang in the balance.

[18:05] Eva tilts her head a bit thinking. "Hmm.."

[18:05] Katy grumbles louder "I know that Max asshole ... i want to talk with him in before we launch the nukes ... Eva, you are familiar with Max too, right ?"

[18:06] Takamachi Mikoto: Katy. Signal your contact that we're coming. you four go and get into position. Do your best not to be seen.

[18:06] Eva "Well yeah..if it's the same Max..why would he have parts though.." She tilts her head.

[18:06] Katy points towards Eva "I would prefer to have Eva at my side while we enter the pub."

[18:06] Solene "And.. where.. do we go ?"

[18:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: If we're going non-lethal I suppose all I'll bring is my pistol and rely primarily on my hand to hand expertise.

[18:06] Katy gestures into the city "Tony's pub, Sol."

[18:07] Takamachi Mikoto: The pub is the meeting location. ... Are you sure Katy? the more people we bring the more nervous he might get. "

[18:07] Solene ".. okay.." As she continue to fidget on her boots.

[18:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I'll be right outside the door, MIss. I can listen in through the walls of that place and if it sounds like trouble, I'll move in.

[18:08] Katy grumbles and gestures with her hands "Two operators for the parley, two operators outside of the pub to secure the area, one spotter on a roof."

[18:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR jerks her chin at Solene. "Perhaps our resident fox girl can cover the back exit? This max chap sounds slippery."

[18:08] Eva stretches a bit. "If you want me to..thats fine.." She looks over. "I will go as a non-combatant if possible.." She looks over. "I uh.." She sighs. "Issues...again.."

[18:09] Takamachi Mikoto: allright.. Well. lets go.

[18:09] Mikoto: you three head first. then we'll head to the site.

[18:09] Takamachi Mikoto: you three head first. then we'll head to the site.

[18:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR nods to Mikoto.

[18:09] Katy points towards the WU guy "Hey marksman, you offer some spotting and cover ..."

[18:09] Nikolous Mikael Conar listened and stood aside, not knowing where the operational theater was himself

[18:10] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Just follow me, Centurion.

[18:11] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: THis is the pub.

[18:11] Natasha Ainnez shrugs with her smirk still in place, leaning back and taking her glass with her. she takes a sip, humming contentedly "fair enough, youd need the strength in this place. but oh well"

[18:11] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR taps her temple, looking at Nikolous.

[18:13] Solene jump on the roof of the laundromat, then to the hospital.

[18:13] Katy kicks the pubs door open and stomps into the place, glaring around for any suspicious assholes until she spots Max, offering him a little nod "Evenin ... "

[18:13] Eva shrugs a bit and walks in behind her with a yawn. "One way to make an entrance.."

[18:14] Takamachi Mikoto walks in with katy, letting her make intrroductions.

[18:15] Maximilian Cromwell looks to the door and he sighs and shakes his head " For fucks sake ... you are paying for the door " he said calm as he looks to those walking in. Tho a brow rises when he actually sees Eva. " I expected a bit more decency of you Nyx "

[18:16] Natasha Ainnez turns her head as the doors kicked open, a brow raising as she examines the new crowd. her eyes bounce between each one, getting a feel as best she can. she takes another sip of her drink as she tenses slightly in her seat, warily readying herself

[18:17] Katy does one of her infamous calming gestures while she moves towards the bar "Relax, that door is used to my boots ... and i'm just here for a little chat. How's goin' Max ? Ah well, lets skip the pleasantries and get to business ... what do you offer and what will it cost, eh ?" she grumbles.

[18:19] Eva snorts a bit. "Wouldn't be the first time someone I know breaks that door.." She looks over. "Moms done it several times..now.." She sighs walking over but letting Katy do the talking, she actually knows what they are here for.

[18:20] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR stands on the street corner, reaching into her back pocket and pulling out a cigarette. Lighting it she puts it in her mouth and leans against the wall, waiting for a John or perhaps an open-minded jane to spend the night with.

[18:25] Maximilian Cromwell stretches a little and he chuckles, shaking his head. He looks over the three that came in and he taps his chin " Well seeing that the interest even got little miss Mikoto out of her den at PAE ... i assume whatever it is, is quiet worth a lot to you " he smirks " Which is good for me ... i assume we will start of low ... and see how far you are willing to go into the deal " he licks his lips some. " so why don't we start of ... at a million ?" he asks calm. He then looks past Katy to Eva and he offers her a small smile " Sorry if i act a bit out of the normal ... but thats one of the things paying the rent " he chuckles.

[18:28] Natasha Ainnez hums suspiciously, continuing to keep to herself while trying to observe the other group, apparently from PAE. she nurses her drink, listening to this 'deal' they're talking about, a selling price of a million doing alot to catch her attention.

[18:28] Takamachi Mikoto: "Android parts are a dime a dozen. For them to be worth that much must mean that you think that these parts have some significance to us. you're going to have to provide some proof that they are authentic. "

[18:32] Katy leans forward on the counter and groans "Seriously ? A million for some broken pieces of scrap ? Bloody hell, Max ... in before we invest into that stuff, lets inspect your promised 'parts' ... ya got the shit here ?" she ponders.

[18:33] Eva sighs just resting waving to Max but keeping quiet. She wasn't comfortable with this situation but she had conflicted feelings.

[18:36] Maximilian Cromwell rubs his chin and he shakes his head " Not quiet " he said as he looks the three in front of him over. " Well, let me tell you how i see things " he said smiling, blowing out some more smoke. " Apparently i got something you really, really desperately want ... otherwise you would not have made such a effort. You'd of come alone ... and neither would you of asked for consultation with the higher ups " he chuckles at Katy. " And with that, you lots can't even afford to let even the slightest chance pass by, that it could be what you are searching ... which means i do have even quiet some wiggle room upwards " he said calculating " guess we just reached two mil ... i am more then sure PAE can spend so little ... probably not even the years pay of a employee huh ?"

[18:36] Natasha Ainnez nearly stiffens before trying to relax, realizing exactly what they were looking to buy, she glances up at max, reassured by how calm he seemed to be handling the situation

[18:40] Takamachi Mikoto raises her brow. " Seems you're really banking on us wanting what you have. But like I said. You've given us no proof that what you have is actually something you want. Anyone with a pair of binoculars could identify one of my more unique employees and then start describing them. I don't by vaporware. you can show the parts or we can leave. "

[18:46] Katy pinches the bridge of her nose and nods towards Max " ... sadly you can afford your smug and arrogant smile tonight, Max .. because we are horribly interested to acquire those 'parts'. Be assured, that PAE will not forget about how 'cooperative'and 'diplomatic' you acted during this little show. I suppose we want to establish a satisfactory business relationship in the future, mh ?" she blinks her eyes "So, grant us a little token, please .."

[18:48] Maximilian Cromwell shakes his head some " Of course i don't have any parts here ... this is a bar, not a workshop now is it ?" he asks before he looks to Natasha. He taps his chin and reaches into a drawer, scooting a earpiece to her. " If you'd be so kind to go and fetch some of it ... someone follows you, the deal is off the table " he said calm before smiling at Mikoto " You ... need to learn to relax ... being so stuck up does not aid you in such deals, look at dear Katy, even tho i know she is lying through her teeth, it sounded so much more nicer didn't it ?" he then looks to Natasha again " something ... that could identify who the android was, would be good as well "

[18:49] Eva glances over and tilts her head before looking back. She sighs crossing her arms as she listened just listening and doing what she said she would do.

[18:50] Natasha Ainnez nods and accepts the ear piece, putting it in as she gets to her feet. she starts walking out of the bar, ready to fetch a piece

[18:52] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR smiles coquettishly at Natasha as she walks out. "Hey baby. Small world, huh? Lookin' for a good evening?"

[18:53] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Notice: battery level at 50%.

[18:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR frowns as she's ignored. "Guess not. I suppose there will be others looking for a good time..."

[18:54] Natasha Ainnez passes a familiar face, chuckling as she does so "perhaps in a bit, some important business to take care of" she walks away to the back of the building, before spitting out sybil's mangled head from her body, wrapping it in her jacket before returning to the meeting. she sets the head on the counter, taking her jacket back. the head looks as if something ripped out from the inside, the casing dented and dinged bet easily recognizable

[18:56] Eva blinks a bit and covers her mouth. "What the hell.."

[19:03] Katy felt horrible to be so close to more brandy, but the situation didn't allow to refill her flask. Eventually the courier returns, decorating the counter with the bizarre trophy "Not much respect for synthetic life, eh ? Gimme a second to scan and verify the characteristic nano surface structures ... " and Katy would try to verify if this head would really originate from Sybil's hardware.

[19:04] Natasha Ainnez takes a bit of grim pride in their shocked looks, doing her best to keep it from her face. the scan would certainly find the grisly head to be the true sybil, having torn it off herself

[19:04] Takamachi Mikoto moves over and picks up the head. Examining it. She takes a deep breath and sighs. As she does so she cloeses her eyes for a few seconds sending out "ping" with he electromagnetic senses

[19:07] Takamachi Mikoto moves over and picks up the head. Examining it. She takes a deep breath and sighs. As she does so she cloeses her eyes for a few seconds sending out "ping" with he electromagnetic senses and verify there are no hidden exits by gauging the density of the walls. When she opens her eyes she says "Secure the building" Then looks max. " Three million. I want a name and a description. of who did this. "

[19:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks up, then, slowly and methodically, takes the half-burned cigarette from her mouth and drops it to the ground, before looking up at the rooflines meaningfully, her hand coming to the holster.

[19:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR crushes the cigarette out underfoot.

[19:12] Eva sighs and crosses her arms impatiently waiting now. Not expecting that this would be the outcome of the search results. She glances over and sighs trying to push her thinking elsewhere to keep herself calm, ever since last nights helmet fiasco with Amy, her emotions cause her pain and she didn't want something to go wrong.

[19:12] Katy nods and stares over to Mikoto "About 99.97% match ... it's really her ..." she states in a slightly surprised tone, returning her attention to Max then "Alright, this evidence is undeniable .. perhaps you can help us out of this mess, Max. Any suggestions ? We can for sure dicuss a compensation for any helpful information."

[19:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR opens the door and slides in, making no acnowledgement of the group inside but going to stand by the jukebox, watching the door.

[19:14] Maximilian Cromwell just laughs as Mikoto made her request. He shakes his head. " Honestly, with all due respect ... you are not made for negotiations. Right now you gave me a very solid reason to simply drop the deal " he said calm before he puts her aside, looking at Katy " Guess its worth more talking to you then. " he smiles happily " With her being ready to easily pay three ... i will raise to five ... no names or descriptions ... i am merely a middle man who tries to make a living of it ... if you don't accept ... i will die, my assistant as well and a lot of you folks ... which results in you not getting what you want ... " he said dry, now getting a bit more serious as he had played long enough " Five ... no names, no descriptions. I did put quiet a bit of effort into my reputation ... and i won't let it be ruined over such pennies. Take the offer and get what i got, or leave "

[19:15] Solene would jump on the roof of the bar, walking toward the back of it.

[19:15] Natasha Ainnez tenses slightly at the group now starting to ready themselves as they try and secure the
building. she glances to max, deciding to put a bit of faith in his skills as a negotiator

[19:15] Takamachi Mikoto: " two. And you get to live. "

[19:20] Katy grumbles for a longer while until facing Mikoto "Max is for sure a egoistic ass, but he has some principles. And if he tells us that this will escalate into a bloody mess, it's no bullshit. My advice is to pay the shitty 5 millions and go for the deal ...i cannot imagine they want to risk an all out war with PAE, boss."

[19:23] Maximilian Cromwell just shakes his head " your negotiation was over as the result confirmed who it was " he said calm towards Mikoto before he nods in agreement with Katy " Well, glad you learned something from coming here to drink ... " he said calm. " As said, offer stands with 5 .... i mean if you rather ... " he reaches in his drawer and pulls out a small remote, already pressing down on the button as he lifts it up. " Dead mans trigger ... if you wish to start a mess in here, i can ensure most in this room are dead " he said caln, yet his voice serious.

[19:25] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR speaks up form the back. "Flash-warp coordinates marked, MIss. If he so much as glances at that button we'll be back at the HQ with a front row seat to seeing Tony's Bar hit orbit."

[19:25] Z3PH-YR: ((IGnore last post, didn't mean to press enter))

[19:26] Solene tap on her visor, ears twitching.

[19:32] Takamachi Mikoto: Oh it won't be war with Pae. The person they murdered isn't just one of our family. They were also a member of the protectorate. " She leans on the counter eying Max. " See. I am not sure that you understand the situation you are in. Normally I operate by a very strict set of rules. Little things like avoiding collateral damage " She looks at the remote and raises an eyebrow. " Wow. Someone has -not- done their research. You are aware that I have in my employee not just one, but three individuals capable of controlling the electromagnetic spectrum to varying degrees?. Clearly you've got a way out, DO you -really- think I don't?

[19:35] Katy shakes her head slowly towards Max, opening her flask and takes a sip "Time to put that remote down, Max ... no point to ruin the evening for everybody. Seems your clients fucked you too this time ... just don't make it worse than it already is." she would gulp down some more booze then.

[19:37] Eva was keeping calm as she listened to this. Ignoring that tiny ping of rage tugging at the back of her neck. She sighs a bit. Not exactly scared of dieing but not sure why this is even a problem anymore.

[19:38] Maximilian Cromwell laughs a little " Oh dear ... the problem here is, the thing is transmitting continually ... you start messing with it, the place will be gone " he said calm before he stretches " Now ... as well, don't put us in a basket with whoever did this, as i said, i am merely a middle man " he said calm. He looks to Katy and smiles calm " As said, dead mans trigger, i let go of that thing, we are dead ... even tho its merely there to hammer home the point. Now ... lets get back to business ... i will be fair ... 4.5 no names, no description ... last offer i am getting bored with this right now "

[19:39] Natasha Ainnez closes her eyes, readying herself for if she finally needs to step in. she listens to their back and forth carefully, not willing to miss a single beat in the chance it could be all over

[19:41] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR turns, watching Natasha across the room. She was the odd one out here, and from the way she tensed, she was getting ready for a fight...and could be an issue.Her hand rested on her holster, now not hiding her gaze to the woman at all, probably on purpose to make it clear eyes were on her and ready.

[19:43] Katy takes another swig and sniffs "Frankly there is some way to disarm your device, Max ... but lets return to business. I suppose you are still a business man first of all ? How about we sweaten the deal and offer you 6 millions for ... some names ..?" she suggests with a calm smile.

[19:46] Nikolous Mikael Conar looks to the droid beside him. "Get down to the subway. Scan for any trace of a bomb." he orders, weapon going hot as he waits

[19:47] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 looks over to Centurion. " I am not sure I can maintain a teleportaion lock on Mikoto-sama if I do that. Make sure they are aware. . " She then headed down beolw the bar to search.

[19:47] Maximilian Cromwell then sighs a little " Hmm i actually wanted to push the price up to ten ... but i guess given that i could be doing more lucrative things right now ... seven and you get what i know about your little employee " he said calm and then shrugs " its slowly getting boring ... and.. well call yourselves lucky that a certain someone is here, otherwise i probably would of continue haggling about the price "

[19:48] Nikolous Mikael Conar growl audible, stopping the machine. "Remain up here with the team. I'll scan for a device. No matter what, get them out safely." he says

[19:50] Takamachi Mikoto: See. the problem isn't the money. you understand that, right? If I walk out of here empty handed, Every jack booted thug wanting to make a quick buck will try the same tactic. now Lets assume you are just a middleman. Whoever has the balls to outright kill a member of the protectorate, Well They must be pretty scary. Scary enough that you are willing to die rather than give them up. That's fair. Now. you know as well as i do that blowing up this bar is about half pointless. I've already made arangements for all of us to get out of here alive. But I'm in a bargaining mood. Ten million for the parts and a name.

[19:52] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 wet down into the subway. Setting her scanners to maximum, she began trying to locate the explosives by monitoring the transmitter and detecting devices capable of receiving that wavelength

[19:53] Katy continues to gulp down more brandy, leaning onto the all too familiar counter. Katy would totally hate to lose this wonderful, filthy pub because it was her favorite place in town "Look Max, thats not a bad offer at all ... and if you're worried about protection, we can arrange something like that too. A fair deal after all ... " she raises her flask, smiling.

[19:56] Natasha Ainnez frowns as she sees the deal going south, attempting to keep calm but still feeling more than a small bit of rage at how quickly this has devolved. she glances around once more, getting a feel for where everyone and everything is located, catching eyes with the woman she had her conversation with the day previously

[19:57] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR maintains eye contact with Natasha, not saying or doing anything but making it clear that any sudden move would evoke a response, one that might not be ideal for the woman.

[20:01] Maximilian Cromwell then nods some. " Fine, i will tell you as much as i know, ten flat " he chuckles and stretches " Someone called, number did not show up. They offered me a opportunity to make a quick buck. " he chuckles " At first i thought it would of been some scrap, but turns out it was the jackpot. Picked her up in the ruins ... already dismantled. " he said calm and then shrugs. " So as said, can't give you the name .... seems to have been some prepaid phone, could not call back to ask what they meant. " he shrugs again. "Now ... i am very sure you lots won't break your word ... i expect the money by tomorrow evening on my bank account, after all i have to pay an assistant as well, cute young girl over there, wanting to study art and making a buck on the fly " he chuckles.

[20:01] Nikolous Mikael Conar remains outside, covering the entry. A EMP would end this quickly, but also take out most of the unit in the process.

[20:04] Natasha Ainnez sends a glare towards max, pouting as she crosses her arms. she sighs, the tenseness not leaving her body, but her face showing irritation of this whole situation

[20:06] Takamachi Mikoto: I was born during the night, But it wasn't last night. You called Katy because she knows me, and because she won't go to the protectorate, But the thing is sooner or later I -will- Find them weather you tell me or not. You don't honestly expect me to be so nieave that I'd believe you went into this without having something to offer that will keep your ass out of jail. If you tell me, They won't know you had anything to do with it. If you -don't- tell me. First, a recording of this transaction will go straight to the protectorate. then I'll make sure they there is evidence that you gave them up, So if it's your own ass you're trying to cover, you're better off taking the deal.

[20:09] Solene keep her claw on her visor, walking on the roof, waiting.

[20:09] Katy stares over at Mikoto "Max is a business guy, not a murderer, boss." slowly stowing away her flask, without any movements that might indicate her alertness of the situation. Katy would now turn around and fix her stare on the nearby courier, which seemed to be unusal tense about the turn of events.

[20:12] Maximilian Cromwell chuckles a little and he shakes his head " darling ... as i already said, i can't give you a name without knowing ... i am a business man, i don't ask unnecessary questions. That aside, i called Katy cause i knew she was keen on tech ... i wasn't sure myself it was your employee till you did your little scan " his voice calm, yet strict and rather honest. " Now .. on to the business. Katy, you have my bank data from the time i payed you for the tail ... please do see it through that the money will be transfered and the next time you get around, brandy is on me" he chuckles then looks to Mikoto " Honestly, its been long enough. I can't give you a name ... now, are we done? then i will send my .. still assistant who after that will probably quit ... due to you ... thanks for that ... recover the rest "

[20:13] Takamachi Mikoto: mm. unfortunately, I'm a little of both. " She pulls out a pad " What is your account?"

[20:14] Katy offers Mikoto the account data of Max "Here you go, boss."

[20:15] Takamachi Mikoto transfers 1/3 of the ammount into Max's account. " you get another third once I have all of the parts, and the final third after we've withdrawn.

[20:15] Natasha Ainnez frowns once more, glancing back at max, speaking to him directly "your damn right. i'll live longer without your mess."

[20:17] Maximilian Cromwell scratches his neck and offers Natasha a apologetic smile " well ... guess i will pay for the art study ... to make up ... shouldn't be too much huh?" he said calm before he looks to Mikoto. " Sure thing, please tell your reinforcements outside to withdraw first, i don't want my employee getting shot or kidnapped yes ?"

[20:19] Katy grumbles something towards Max "Never intermix private affairs with business matters, Max ... out of my experience, it never works out." she sniffs and mutters something into her intercom, still staring towards the 'assistant'.

[20:21] Solene mumble. "Mais qu'est-ce qu'ils branlent .." She growl, and run on the roof, before jumping away.

[20:21] Takamachi Mikoto sighs and murmurs into her hand.

[20:23] Maximilian Cromwell then nods a little. " thank you very much ... " he said before he looks to Natasha " Would you be so kind to get them everything else we got ?" he asked her calm before he looks back to Katy and Mikoto " i hope you do not take it wrong ... its all just business ... "

[20:23] Natasha Ainnez nods her head, grumbling as she does and starts heading out, stopping as she walks past the woman from yesterday "this is why i dont trust people. nothing good ever comes of it" before continuing on out the door to fetch the rest, looking around and watching carefully for followers

[20:24] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks out, after her buts stops, looking at Natasha. "Well, I didn't ever say it was bad not to trust people."

[20:26] Natasha Ainnez pushes a cart back into the building, a tarp covering a robotic body, the hand distinctly crumpled while the rest of the body also bears the distinct appearance of something shredding it from the inside out

[20:33] JupiterShadow struggles with the washing machine, kicking it in frustration when it eats one of her quarters

[20:48] Katy grumbles and nods to Mikoto "Sure thing. boss." soon turning her attention to the cart, inspecting the remains for a moment until she prepares herself for departure with the acquired parts "Such a nice evening ... it's been a pleasure doing business with you Max, as always ... " she winks an eye and would slowly move towards the entrance.

[20:49] Natasha Ainnez steps off to the side, letting them all walk passed with the cart. she tries to stay out of the way as you all are on your way out
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