((Council Members Only)) Official Complaint by Max against Takamachi Mikoto

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((Council Members Only)) Official Complaint by Max against Takamachi Mikoto

Post by Talista Glas » Sat May 27, 2017 10:24 pm

Max, who was under investigation for the loss of a Protectorate agent (who is now alive and well), is filing an official complaint against Takamachi Mikoto. His complaint is as follows:

[21:52] Maximilian Cromwell shakes his head " No you will do just fine " he stretches. " you heard the recording ... otherwise you would not be here. " he said with a nod " I wish to make a report about a threat to my life, as well as a raid on my place of work with a entirely assembled squad, which should push this offense into the realm of organized crime " he said calm " from the recording its apparent that she did the organization on a clear state of mind and with consequences in her head. " he started " In the part
[22:08] Maxi46 Resident: where negotiations take place, she also threatened my life as well as the life of my assistant ... who i could not reach lately. Evidence therefor is the sentence and i quote ' Two. And you get to live ' " he said calm. " Furthermore, i do request to consider my wish to not punish any of her employees, after all these people are only doing as they are told, i as an employer would have to take responsibility for my employees as well. On a last note, i do defend my bluff about a bomb threat as a mere reaction to her
[21:52] Maximilian Cromwell threat to my life, a necessity. "

Evidence is the recording in this document: (( http://www.celestialcity.org/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2828 ))

I will be bringing this to the attention of the council, both documents again.

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