Police Matters ((closed))

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Police Matters ((closed))

Post by J.Trimble » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:24 pm

[18:30] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "I managed to work over Glacier due to her killing of civilians with the Casino, and we are slowly making our way towards more and more potential targets. It is uncertain just where or who the top is. There were a number of powerful mutants cleared out of the sewers last night, and the origin of such a group is unknown. On top of this, if you were not aware, the individual Spider Punisher, who has been well known for attacking Protectorate officers, seems to be in a high position with Banshee. Lastly, there seems to be some public fascination with cheesecake calendars, which is something I wholly do not understand but have been asked about constantly in the past week"
[18:38] Delphine Taggat: "I'm sure the top dog is likely to be elusive, which is fine, so long as we can make them squirm enough to consider their actions in the city, hospital bills can be expensive, If we can't make them pay directly for their crimes, we'll make them pay indirectly until they learn the lesson that crime can be a costly bussiness..." She frowned. "Mutants in the sewers?... they weren't... turtles were they?" she asked.. "We'll need to investigate that, mutants in the bad lands is bad enough, but in the sewers...." She shook her head. "That's mainly P.A.E's problem...." she sucked her teeth. "Spider Punisher...." she rolled her eyes..."Does he punish spiders? " she asked "Yes, another point in venom squads favors, our wardens won't have stupid names....but I note your concern, if he becomes too problematic, take him to the bad lands.... the law does not apply there...that is -always- an option for -difficult- situations..." She blinked. "Cheesecake" she nodded. "It's like beefcake, but female version, over
[18:38] Delphine Taggat: sexualized scantily clad women..... which is hilarious, considering the measures we've gone to in order to get people in costumes in the first place..."
[18:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks "given the very nature of the protectorate, why would anyone want us in skimpy costumes in a calendar?" she asks, shaking her head "oh, I shouldn't overthink it. I will give PAE some encouragement regarding the mutants and support as necessary. If they're attacking the infrastructure, this could be an alarming moment. They...weren't turtles, one was a dog that had impenetrably skin while the rest were big humanoid looking creatures that regenerated themselves asexually and quite rapidly" she explains
[18:44] Delphine Taggat: "I'm thinking we will need to see if there is any mutagen being flushed down there, it is entirely possible, were any corpses recovered by the hospital, we need autopsies and a science team to go down there looking for any potential contagion, then we need to locate its source and shut it down. While we don't have legislature about flushing toxins we do have laws against mutating people against their will...."
[18:46] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "I don't know if PAE grabbed bodies, I expect they did. They have the best analysis, so it is better to let them run it for now regardless of my feelings about their operational forces. I'll put out the word on my people to try and find the source of this issue"
[18:49] Delphine Taggat: "It's always best for scientific purposes to have more than one group working on something, I do have a geneticist I can look up. besides... we do have to consider the possibility of the source being P.A.E, not saying it is, but we have to suspect all scientific based enterprises in this matter. It most likely isn't , but if it was, we shouldn't let people investigate things of this magnitude alone."
[18:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "agreed. One note is that there were homeless in the sewers using what Railgun stated was stolen PAE security tech. Nothing really game changing, mostly just small arms and body armor, but it was a little alarming they had it"
[18:53] Delphine Taggat: nodded "That is a concern, however that is something Pae will have to investigate in house, unless of course they want a criminal investigation launched, its got to come in house.. nothing wrong with dealing weapons or armor, however if it's stolen goods.... then its a crime... however it is a crime against Pae, so don't worry about investigating it unless asked to."
[18:54] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "understood" she states calmly "I will follow up with them on the issue of the mutants and see if I can get some samples transferred to our HQ in order to run our own research on it" she states calmly
[19:00] Delphine Taggat: nods "I will have my geneticist take a stroll down the sewers and see if they can find any samples on the site. " She sipped the remainder of her tea, then stood and smoothed out her robe, moving to the kitchen counter and placing her cup in the sink. "Well it has been a pleasure " she said, opening a kitchen cupboard and pulling out a tin box with a plastic seal still intact, walking over to hell guard with it. "It's from my dealer " She said of the tea tin. "It's rather expensive and one of the perks of being chief of the protectorate...I can tell you liked it , it's rather hard to get it, but there are pockets of the old worlds scattered all around this globe, the occasional trader drops by and brings something like this.... don't drink it all at once, maybe consider recycling the leaves.."

[19:02] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "alright, yes, thank you" she says, having finished both the offerings. She brings her dishes to the sink and then accepts the tea tin, looking it over "it was quite delightful, and thank you for having me over. I will begin seeing who we can send over to join your squad" she says with a smile, offering you her hand to shake
[19:05] Delphine Taggat: took the hand and shook it as she bowed her head. "Anytime " she said, "And yes, Viper look forward to continuing to do business with you. " She paused. "Keep an eye on banshee and build an offense database, they break the law of three, or they use excessive force, keep building the charges, then we'll bring the whole house down on them with the full weight of the law."
[19:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and shakes the hand, bowing as well and then she picks up her spear, moving to head out "I will. and it has been a pleasure as always she states, bowing once more since that seemed to be the custom
[19:07] Delphine Taggat: looked out of the window. "Spectacular views from here." She said, "Almost worth the loss of the casino" She glanced out of the window. "Be vigiliant, and be safe" She said as the door opened, the guard stationed saluting.
[19:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods to the guard "at ease" she states, heading to the elevator and rolling out of the building

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