Anthony Gato meeting with Evie

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Anthony Gato meeting with Evie

Post by Chyleste » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:44 pm

[12:55] Evie tells the recetionist, "I'm here to see Co-mayor Gato."

[12:57] Anthony Gato reaches over to the intercom as the receptionist buzzes. He smiles and slips some files into the desk drawer. The young executive's voice sounds back into the lobby area. "Wonderful. Please send her in." Anthony stands with a smile as he waits for the woman.

[12:59] Evie clears her throat and follows the woman, idly combing her fingers through her wig to make sure they were in place, as if they ever were. "Hi, Mister Gato," says Evie. "I thought it was just a good idea that we talked. I hope it isn't too inconvenient."

[13:00] Anthony Gato extends his hand to shake. He smiles as he motions toward the chair in front of his desk. "Hello, Evie. Not at all. My door is always open for you. Please make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink or anything?"

[13:03] Evie: "A Coke or water would be great. Whatever you have." Evie sits down and says, "That's an amazing you view you have right outside the door there."

[13:06] Anthony Gato steps back to the mini-bar behind his desk. He pours a Coke into a frosted glass and then pours himself a drink. He moves back closer and hands the drink to her before sitting down himself. The young man looks over with that charming smile. "Isn't it? You can see the whole city. I am going to miss that view when the new City Hall is built." He pauses to take a sip of his drink. "I have to tell you, I am very impressed with how much initiative you have shown since joining the Protectorate. I think Hell Guard was right in her recommendations."

[13:08] Evie smiles brightly, clearly pleased by the compliment. It was much better than hearing as she often did that she was overworking herself, or not experienced enough yet, or simply not suited. "Thank you," she says with a light blush, almost taken aback. "I couldn't help wondering though why you don't have any windows in here."

[13:12] Anthony Gato blinks and slowly looks around as if he had never thought about it. "I..I really don't know. I did not design the building. I took over FireFly from a woman named Abby Vestea. I think she took the position after the first CEO being thrown out a window." He nods slowly. "Maybe that is why? It does make things feel a little safer in here."

[13:18] Evie: "Hmm... I guess. I was also a little surprised, but not that surprised, you wanted me to meet you here and not in your co-mayoral office. Lady Hope said I would probably meet with you there."

[13:20] Anthony Gato leans back in his chair. "The temporary city offices are pretty cramped and I just don't feel comfortable there. I am still working on all the paperwork to appoint a new CEO of FireFly so this still feels like home." He tilts his head curiously. "Lady Hope? Did Lady Nightmare rename herself?"

[13:23] Evie blinks. "Yes, well... it might not be official yet. I hope I'm not ruffling any feathers by mentioning it, but I believe the plan was for it to be announced at some future time when Lady Hope gives a speech about the future of the city. It's actually going back to her former name. Well, a former name. She was once called Hope before."
[13:25] Evie: "I believe she was convinced by several other people that Lady Nightmare just wasn't a name that would... inspire the people and make them feel ... well, hopeful about things. For myself, I thought instead of Nightmare, she should change her name to Mayor Night." Evie smirks a bit.

[13:28] Anthony Gato chuckles. "Don't worry. I won't leak it to the press. I actually mentioned that she should use a different name when she announced she was running for mayor. Lady Nightmare is not someone who sounds like a benevolent leader type." He shifts in the chair a bit and smiles. "Mayor Night would be a great name too. I get what she is trying with Lady Hope but it may come off as a PR stunt kinda like in the old world when they would name a plan to bomb other countries Operation Freedom or something." He laughs softly. "How are you holding up with all the increased responsibility thrust on you since Hell Guard left? Is there anything I can do to take some pressure off you?"

[13:35] Evie smirks and says, "Well you'd be the expert on PR stunts, wouldn't you." Evie flinches a bit as she realizes how that probably sounded. "I dond't mean any disrespect or insult by that." She hesitates a bit, trying to ignore what she hoped wasn't a huge faux-pas. "I've been doing pretty well. It isn't just me, of course. I have Lodestar too and I think we make a great team. And having the extra man power available in the Protectorate now gives many more options for people I can delegate too. About the only regret I have, other than not having Hell Guard around, of course, is I have very little time left to work in the Ex-ex-excelsior anymore."

[13:40] Anthony Gato smirks a bit and moves on from the little jab. He nods as he listens, his piercing green eyes focused on the woman's face. "Oh yes. Lodestar is amazing, isn't she? Hell Guard and I had planned on making her the public spokeswoman for the Protectorate. She is really great at inspiring speeches." He leans forward with that smile. "Yes. The lack of free time is really the worst part of being a public servant for the city. I have not really had any time to spend with Eira since the election. I miss her a lot. But sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the good citizens if we want to give them a better life." He takes a slow breath. "Maybe we can work on a vacation package for Protectorate members so no one gets burned out."

[13:42] Evie: "I'm all for that. It would help with recruiting, morale, and retention, as well as possibly helping officers perform better because they'd not feel so completely overworked."

[13:46] Anthony Gato nods and makes a little note on a piece of paper. "Alright. I will see how much of the budget we can allot to vacation time." He looks up. "What else do you think the Protectorate needs? As you know, I have been the biggest supporter of the organization from the moment they have been created. I want to do all we can to help them do their job and take care of everyone."

[13:51] Evie nods, having had thought no such thing about Gato's wants for the Protectorate, but starting to change her mind. "Well, actually Lodestar and I were talking about maybe some little stuff to improve the Protectorate's image. You know, publicity stuff, maybe some posters of some of the people who the people can look up to... like Lodestr herself... also, just you know.. new paint jobs for the Protectorate building and you know.. vehicles and stuff. You know, to really make the people see that we're working for them and proud to do so, and hopefully inspire them to have pride in us and the City."

[13:58] Anthony Gato nods as he pulls out an older memo from a meeting with Hell Guard. "Ah yes. Hell Guard was supposed to send me a list of what she recommended for a new armory and other vehicles for the Protectorate. We both found it shameful that private groups had shinier toys than the premier city defense. I have a nice portion of the budget set aside to equip the Protectorate. I can see about remodeling the headquarters but that will take some time. The build teams are a bit busy with the new city hall and starting work on the prison outside the city." He leans back and smiles. "We already have a PR blitz in the works. I have alloted quite a bit of advertising time on all FireFly's stations. Hell Guard was going to appear on Lexus's show and then have Lodestar doing a lot of the other public relations circuit." He looks at Evie. "You are always welcome to airtime if you would like. Even once I step down here, I will still have enough pull to set things up."

[14:03] Evie nods, suddenly reminded for some reason about the business man who wanted to make action figures of all the PAE employees to send to the moon kids. She says, "Yeah, that would be great, but Lodestar would probably be better for that kind of thing I think. You know, all shiny in her cape and superhero outfit. Say, you haven't heard anything from a guy who supposedly was getting a contract from the city to send action figures to the moon kids, have you? I can't remember now if it was before the election or after that he was trying to set this up."

[14:06] Anthony Gato pauses in thought for a moment. "No. I don't think I have heard anything about that. FireFly used to have a contract with a company to make action figures of the Celestial team we sponsored. I wonder if it is the same company. Either way, we could do merchandise to market the Protectorate the same way, if you all think it is a good idea. The sales might even help offset the budget crisis we are facing."

[14:08] Evie shrugs. "Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me." She gives a smile.

[14:10] Anthony Gato nods and makes another note. "Great. I will set all that in motion. Now if you could take some time to look at what the Protectorate has in stock, maybe discuss with your members, and get me a list of all the equipment that you think you all need, I can get that started. Please remember we want to focus on keeping the city safe, not on displays of power that endanger the citizens."

[14:14] Evie blinks a bit, that last part Gato said sounding particularly odd to her in light of the Bob incident, but she was starting to think maybe Gato had nothing at all to do that... or maybe he was in fact aware of it after the fact and what he had just said was his way of saying he didn't at all agree with what happened and perhaps a promise it wouldn't happen again. She couldn't be sure. She smiles and says, "Of course. I'll get that list for you as soon as possible."

[14:18] Anthony Gato nods and skims down the memo quickly. "Great. Thank you. Oh one other thing, we are going to be needing a good number of officers to protect the convoy when we start moving the dangerous prisoners to the new prison. I am trying to keep any detail of the time and even that we are going to be moving them as secret as possible so we do not put any targets out there. I will let you all know close to the time things are ready."

[14:20] Evie: "Oh, a new prison?" Evie furrows her brow. ((Do we even have a long term prison now, other than I assume the asylum? I don't mean prim-wise, but the current CC Legal Code doesn't even list improsonment as a method of punishment))

[14:25] Anthony Gato nods. "Yes. I mentioned it earlier, I thought. Instead of keeping the dangerous metahumans in the city where they could cause more problems, I have already drafted up the contracts to have some land leveled and built out in the foothills. The hope is that if there is an escape, we will have time to stop them before they reach the city. I have been trying to get the same protocols we used for the Celestials in place for the Protectorate- first priority is to get the threat away from the city and the citizens."

[14:27] Evie nods. "That makes sense. I can definitely provide you with support for the extra security for the convoy, tlathough it would perhaps be worth considering that it might be better to make a few shorter convoys than one big one."

[14:30] Anthony Gato nods. "That is true. It is probably better to have several targets over time instead of one big target that could unleash all the metahumans at once if something did happen. Please do me a favor and only discuss the prisoner transfers with Lodestar and Lady Hopemare. We do not want anything to leak out about this."

[14:33] Evie snorts involuntarily at the name Hopemare. She recovers quickly, but still smirking. "I'll do that. Do you know when((ish)) it will take place?"

[14:36] Anthony Gato leans back with a smile. "Not exactly yet. We have to finish construction on the prison and then test to make sure it will hold up. I would say maybe within the next two months." He swivels slightly in the chair. "Is there anything else I can do to help out? I want you to know I am always available anytime you need anything, day or night."

[14:38] Evie: "No, I think that's it. I guess the biggest think was just to meet you, but the other things we've discussed are just a bonus. Thanks for your time." Evie smiles brightly, starting to stand up.

[14:39] Anthony Gato stands up and offers a handshake with a warm smile. "You are welcome. It has been a pleasure to meet you, Ms Evie. I hope you have a wonderful day."

[14:40] Evie: "Likewise." Evie walks out the door, the world seeming a little more pleasant than when she came in, even the door. It still needed windows.

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